Fan Fiction Recommendation: who you gonna call, a Powerpuff Girls fanfic written by caffeine queen

Hey, everybody! Antoni, here, with another fan fiction recommendation. Yes, I know I was supposed to review Rossini’s Semiramide live from the Met. However, because of my upcoming Spanish exam, I decided to postpone that said review until tomorrow evening, as after the exam, I also have to study for my upcoming Chemistry exam with some help from my private tutor. With that said, I will be taking a look at, of course, another Powerpuff Girls fanfic called, who you gonna call written by queen caffeine and published October 9, 2017. It’s rated T. It’s in English. It’s humor/friendship, and the main characters involved are Butch and Blossom, in which they have a platonic relationship as friends. There are also hints of Brick/Blossom, Butch/Buttercup, and Boomer/Bubbles. Aside from Brick, Buttercup, Boomer, and Bubbles being involved in this story, Princess Morbucks and a few extra characters make an appearance on here. The characters are all teenagers between 17 to 19 years old. Let’s get this started shall we?
Aside from me being a fan of Brick’s and Buttercup’s platonic relationship as friends, I also happen to fancy Butch’s and Blossom’s platonic relationship, as all of their dynamics are really interesting, in my opinion. You will find out why, but first my thoughts on the entire story.
Blossom goes about her normal day doing groceries when all of the sudden Butch attempts to call her, as something drastic happened. As she approaches her home, she sees Butch who then blurts out that Brick, Boomer, Buttercup, and Bubbles have been kidnapped. Through this revelation, an unlikely friendship is formed between the articulate, intellectual, usually composed pink Powerpuff girl and the hyperactive, big shot, tough dark green Rowdyruff boy. Thank goodness that not all hope is lost, as tracking devices were placed on Buttercup and Bubbles so that they can find their location via computer. Blossom initially wants to do this rescue mission alone, but Butch charmingly lends his aid to her, making her at first reluctant but she relents. After some expert-level hacking through different systems, Blossom finds out that Brick, Boomer, Buttercup, and Bubbles are on a huge ship in different cells, where they are deprived of their powers, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, and they were kidnapped by none other than Princess Morbucks. So, our two main protagonists suit up, head off to rescue them, and stop Princess. I’m not going to spoil the rest, but let’s just say that the climax has sufficient action and tension to make it interesting and it’s nice to our heroes kicking loads of butt, especially Blossom and Buttercup. Although the ending was satisfying, I would’ve wanted to see what happened after the final battle. Maybe we could’ve seen Boomer waking up and having a moment not only with Bubbles but the rest of the Puff and Ruff gang, that would’ve been sweet. However, as it is, the story has a sufficient amount of humor, charm, action, and enjoyment to make it an interesting and fun ride.
In terms of characters, it should be no surprise that for the most part, Blossom was in character with a few moments, where she kind of swore but not on the sailor-mouth level like Brick, Butch, Buttercup, and Princess. She manages to keep her levelheaded nature to a T and she had her deadpan snarker moments, which made her all the more entertaining as an individual character. Complimenting Blossom’s levelheadedness is Butch’s charmingly lovable idiot jock, big shot personality. Alone, he too is extremely entertaining, being at times the chivalrous pervert to not only Blossom but, of course, to Buttercup. Even more so, he has his sarcasm and hilarity to make him all the more charming. He even blurts out the relationship status for each of their respective siblings, like Boomer and Bubbles officially dating for Lord knows how long, Butch being completely convinced that Buttercup wants him even though she is rather annoyed by him, and Brick and Blossom have a lot of unresolved sexual tension to the point where she is defensive about it. When one puts these two characters together, they are not only entertaining but also pretty good teammates, with Blossom being the savvy, articulate, composed technician and genius bruiser and Butch being the muscle and the impulsive yet lovable idiot big shot jock. These two definitely have some funny moments of dialogue where on the outside they show sass and irony but deep down one can tell that they care for each other as friends. I even enjoy how Butch calls Blossom “Rapunzel”, mostly due to her attractiveness and her long hair. Princess Morbucks and her troupe of guards serve their purpose as the big bads of the story, as she uses her master plan to lure Butch and Blossom to their fellow Ruffs and Puffs almost to perfection. The other characters also serve their purpose very well, like Brick keeping his impulsive and sardonic nature, Buttercup keeping her tsundere and tough girl edge, Bubbles keeping her sweet nature, and Boomer…Well, he passed out for the duration of this story. So, overall the characters were, as always, lovable and interesting with Butch and Blossom stealing the show all thanks to their fun character dynamics.
Now with such praise, I have to give this story in terms of build-up and characters, one would think this is perfect right? Sadly, no. There were definitely some technical issues to be found, most especially in the grammar. First of all, the title’s first letters should have been capitalized, as it is the standard protocol when it comes to writing. Secondly, when dialogues are not involved, the story is written in present tense, when it should have been past tense. For anyone who aspires to write stories, please, use the past tense, as they indicate what the characters did. How this story was written seemed more like a script than a piece of fan fiction or even a book. Third, there were times that lines in parentheses were applied to add information to certain scenarios. Those should’ve been eliminated and just be used as separate sentences. However, in spite of these issues, I still have to say that the language use was brilliant. It is clear that queen caffeine has worked very hard to make this piece of fan fiction come to life, and I still have to commend her. If she can fix up the technical issues, then I am sure this story will be perfect.
Overall, this was an absolutely fun ride I had with Butch and Blossom as partners, friends, and pretty good comrades. They sell this story by complimenting each other in such plausible way, without manipulating the two of them to be together as a couple. With that said, I give this story a grade of B+. The fact that the story was written in the present tense and not in the past tense bogged it down for me. However, if one were to take the flaws away, this fanfic is still good in terms of enjoyable characters and an interesting story, even though the whole rescue someone dear to you theme is rather ubiquitous in many a superhero story. However, it is what it is. I enjoyed it and that’s what is most important.
Well, that’s all for now. Be sure to finally tune in tomorrow for my review of Rossini’s Semiramide live from the Met starring Angela Meade, Elizabeth DeShong, Javier Camarena, and Ildar Abdrazakov. Until then, have a great day, everybody!

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