A Most Indestructible Bond drawn by me

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Ah, Kohaku and Souta aka Sango’s and Kagome’s little brothers. Well, they are not so little anymore, as in this picture Kohaku is 29 and Souta is 27 and are ripped. Moreover, I ship these two as yet another BroTP for life.
Ever since I was a young teenager of fourteen, I always knew that these two were meant for each other as really good friends and allies. With Kohaku’s withdrawn, quiet, yet lethal nature, he does act as a complement to Souta’s outgoing, vivacious, yet shy personality almost like Yin and Yang. Plus, if they were to meet, they would end up having a friendship and brotherly bond akin to Ryu and Ken Masters from the Street Fighter franchise, hence the gis that these two have, which are reminiscent of Ryu’s and Ken’s gis with Kohaku’s being forest green and Souta’s being cobalt blue because I thought those colors looked appropriate on them.
As these boys come of age, I can envision them getting to know each other and feeling good with each others’ company. Moreover, they would look up to Inuyasha and Ginta as role models, thus establishing a firm bond between these four. Kohaku and Souta would even be trained rigorously in hand-to-hand combat from dodging punches to grappling to incapacitating opponents. Ergo they would even have friendly sparring matches where they would go at it with each other and after every match, they would just chill and hang out like the bros that they are. As they grow older and stronger, they would use the fighting skills they have to take down any monster or demon effortlessly.
Kohaku and Souta from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

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