The Two Merry Pranksters drawn by me

The Two Merry Pranksters drawn by me
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Well, this is certainly a BroTP I feel like has oodles of plausibility and in my mind feel like it could work. I’m of course talking about Hakudoshi and Shippou. Here they are giving each other a high-five and being rather jolly with Hakudoshi having that mischief in his eyes while Shippou is the one that’s purely euphoric. In this piece of fanart, Hakudoshi is 25 and Shippou is 24 going on 25.
If there is one thing I have to admit about the Inuyasha episodes after the Band of Seven or Shichinintai saga, it’s that the episodes after that saga range from indifference to absolute annoyance. There were side characters I never cared for and certain plot lines were more dragged out than I thought. That is until I saw Hakudoshi, as he seemed to have a certain dark charm that made him rather interesting. He was one of the very few characters I still stuck around for to some extent.
With that said, what would happen if one were to combine Hakudoshi’s battle-hardened nature with Shippou’s brand of being adorable? A stable and solid friendship would occur that would beat all odds, as I do think that Shippou kind of deserves a male friend his age. So, enter Hakudoshi who could be the one to build up Shippou’s self-esteem as a fighter using his own brand of tough platonic love. Shippou would even be the one to break the ice within Hakudoshi to reveal a softer side to him, in spite of the occasional defenses. Sure, as children they would be rivals. However, as time goes by, they would respect each other in a way that they would acknowledge each others’ strengths and weaknesses, thus helping each other overcome any obstacle.
Thanks for having a gander at this picture as well reading my post. Have a lovely spring.
Hakudoshi and Shippou from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

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