Strong Muscles and Fierce Beauty drawn by me

Strong Muscles and Fierce Beauty drawn by me
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What happens when you combine two strong, muscular, studly dude bros with two gorgeous, fiery, fierce redhead ladies? Why you get a diverse ragtag quartet of my four favorite fighters from Rumiko Takahashi’s Inuyasha who can kick all types of ass.
From left to right we have Inuyasha, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran and their current respective ages are 35, 34, 32, and 31. As you can tell, they are having a fierce moment where they are ready to take on any opponent who dares to cross their path.
I have always wondered how well these four would work together, as I do believe that Inuyasha truly deserves better and more emphatic comrades. In my mind, there would be healthier and more positive energy, more interesting dynamics bouncing about this quartet, more empathy, more moments where all four can have a laugh and chill, and less stupid soap opera antics. Plus, I have always envisioned Inuyasha to be the large-and-in-charge leader of the group, Ginta to be Inuyasha’s fun-loving and comedic foil complete with having moments where they are playfighting, Ayame to be the second-in-command speed fighter and Inuyasha’s wife, and Shunran to be the cute, feisty, jovial Genki girl and Ginta’s wife.
Being the overall eldest of this group, Inuyasha is the leader and serves as the main muscle. His authority would certainly be unquestioned, in spite of moments of rashness and being prone to anger. At least he has the good company of his best friend, Ginta, his girlfriend and eventual wife, Ayame, and his close friend who is almost like a little sister to him, Shunran, who always remind him that he is never alone and he can trust them. His super strength is reliable when knocking opponents down and even helping his loved ones out of a sticky situation with his earth-shattering punches, lightning kicks, sharp claws, and, of course, his muscles.
Ginta is almost like a younger brother to Inuyasha, as they are equal in strength and is just as jacked as him. He complements Inuyasha being the happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, and more laid-back comedic foil to Inuyasha’s seriousness and driven attitude. Ginta would be the one to joke around with Inuyasha and he would usually be the receiving end of his camel clutches, noogies, and full nelsons. However, when they get serious with sparring or fighting enemies, they certainly would be as determined and focused as possible. Moreover, Ginta would be the one to break the ice from Inuyasha, thus making him drop his defenses and make him feel happier and more comfortable with himself. In terms of abilities, while Inuyasha’s super strength makes him stand out, Ginta has super strength and lightning speed, which he uses to his advantage.
Ayame needs no introduction as a tough, rough, kickass heroine. As teenagers, she and Inuyasha would start off as just friends, yet eventually, find out that they have more in common than they think. After dating each other for quite some time, they finally realize they are meant for each other, get hitched, and start a family with Ginta and Shunran being their children’s godparents. She would usually be the one to calm Inuyasha down when he gets upset, troubled or jumpy, thus serving as the second-in-command in this group. As the second-in-command, she would ensure logic to be present in every attack she and her comrades make to an enemy. She is not only super fast but incredibly strong and agile using her backflips, somersaults, lightning punches, and flying kicks to her advantage. Aside from having a healthy synergy of a relationship with Inuyasha, she has a lovely, brotherly bond with Ginta and a strong sisterly bond with Shunran.
Shunran would serve as the light, laughter, love, and source of optimism and encouragement in the group and she’s also the youngest. She’s also the artistic and creative one of this group, as she loves to make cherry blossom mirages in order to either distract her enemies or calm her groupmates down after a long day. Aside from using her cherry blossom mirages, I envision her doing more hand-to-hand combat akin to capoeira, wushu, kung fu, and mixed martial arts. She has a lot of sweet, lovey-dovey moments with Ginta and they absolutely enjoy their moments of intimacy and solemnity. Moreover, she enjoys having Inuyasha around, as if he were almost like the big, strong, stoic older brother to her flighty, funny, fresh-faced younger sister, and she considers Ayame to be her ultimate gal pal and the awesome, cool big sister she wished she had, which is in no offense to her three older biological siblings, Toran, Shuran, and Karan. She and Ayame would not only enjoy sparring with each other, thus perfecting their punches and kicks, but also practicing meditation, going to the woods, racing with each other to see who’s speedier, and having a lot of girl talk.
So, that’s how I see Inuyasha’s, Ginta’s, Ayame’s, and Shunran’s relationship with each other. It’s one not only based on fighting together as one unit but also on empathy, ensuring a healthy synergy with each other, trust, and making sure that their bond remains indestructible even after marriage and having children. I’m sure you either agree or have different opinions so, I would love to hear from you.
Thanks for taking a gander at this piece of fanart and for reading this post. Enjoy the summer.
Inuyasha, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

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