Mitch and Bunny: Citysville’s Vigilantes drawn by me

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My submission for Bunnitch month is dedicated to BrickercupMasterX3 who spearheaded this tradition. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

If it were not already obvious, this is a now grown-up Mitch Mitchelson who is 26 years old and his darling wife and partner in fighting against crime, Bunny Utonium the original fourth Powerpuff Girl who is 24 years old. Given their attire and the overall look of this picture, I made the now adult Mitch an amalgamation of Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Punisher, as he calls himself The Persecutor and his catchphrase is “I will rock you!”, which is a loose reference to Casey’s “Goongala!” and Bunny the Powerpuff Girl version of The Hulk. Specific details will follow for sure.

In my experience of being a Powerpuff Girls fan, it never really crossed my mind to have Mitch paired up with Bunny as a couple, as I mostly paired up Mitch with Princess Morbucks and Bunny with her most likely candidate Elmer Sglue. However, since this is Bunnitch month, this pairing in particular really grew on me. There is something rather fascinating about having a hardass, stubborn, roguish badass like Mitch being paired up with a strong, cute, multilayered all-around good girl like Bunny. These two definitely seem to have a healthy synergy, as they have each others’ backs in everything they do as a couple and as crime fighters on their own accord.

In my headcanon, Mitch and Bunny currently reside in Citysville where they have formed a vigilante duo. Due to their presence, Citysville’s crime rate dropped phenomenally and they even have Team Xtreme as their closest allies. Therefore with the help of Townsville’s six-person superhero team as well as the government funds, Citysville has seen a dramatic improvement in infrastructure, lifestyle, and politics, as the former mayor ended up fired for good and Citysville made way for a new mayor.

Mitch “The Persecutor” Mitchelson has grown up from being a mouthy, obnoxious, mean little Kindergarten twerp to a tough, rough, determined badass who is so willing to open up an entire can of whoop-ass all thanks to his hand-to-hand combat skills through having heated sparring matches with Brick, Butch, Blossom, and Buttercup and even his trusty baseball bat to knock baddies out cold.

Growing up, Mitch has shown little to no interest in academics given his background living in a trailer park. Additionally, he had an on-and-off relationship with Princess Morbucks which was, for the most part, toxic, given her overly demanding attitude, her unrealistically high expectations for her choice of boys, and how she constantly manipulated Mitch to do her bidding every single time. However, with the help of his friends, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles, and to some extent, Brick, Butch, Elmer, and Mike, he was able to have enough willpower to finish high school and be finally ditch Princess Morbucks once and for all.

He eventually got himself interested in crime and justice, given that his close friends are none other than the members of Team Xtreme themselves, and he wanted to have a go at what he can do to contribute to society. After four years of studying Crime and Justice at Townsville University, Mitch had a job with the police force only for a short time, as the men and women of the Townsville police force could not further put up with his hare-trigger temper.

As a result, Mitch moved to Citysville which left Buttercup in tears and left Brick and Butch longing for their favorite sparring partner and closest frenemy to come back. There Mitch met Bunny who was beating up a harasser in her hulking mutated form before transforming back to her regular young woman form. This left Mitch aghast. Bunny immediately recognized Mitch as one of her good friends from school and at that moment his expression went from shock to a pleasant surprise. The two hit it off well to the point where Mitch proposed to her and they were married in a small church with all of their beloved friends as guests. Life in Citysville has changed Mitch’s perspective of the world around him, as he is aware that there is evil everywhere he goes and someone has to put a stop to it. Sure, he is no beacon of morality but he is not one to wallow in his own self-pity or angst, especially since he has a tough and pretty woman to call his own by his side.

Bunny “The Bouncing Mountain” Utonium Mitchelson certainly lived a rather interesting life growing up after her resurrection from the events of Twisted Sister. Coming from someone like her who is blessed with immense strength and stamina, she has found it hellishly challenging to control her own powers, especially when she transforms into her mutated form when she gets furious on an unbridled level.

After what happened in Twisted Sister, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles brought back what remained of Bunny to their father, Professor Utonium. Having realized what transpired from this and fully realizing what his daughters have been through he knew it was up to him to give Bunny a second chance in life. Through tireless research, putting all the pieces together, and finding a way to stabilize Bunny once and for all, he accomplished his goal for the love of his daughters and through the diligence and hard work he bears as a scientist. To Blossom’s, Buttercup’s, and Bubbles’ joy, Bunny has returned in the flesh. She was more articulate than she was when she was first made and her personality was a mixture of rough-and-tumble and jolly. Moreover, she even managed to make some good friends in Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, especially with one Mitch Mitchelson and to some extent the reformed Rowdyruff Boys.

As a child, her relationship with Mitch mostly came off as platonic, as he would end up annoying her at every opportune time and she would always be the one to call him out on his actions, thus having the both of them argue with each other. The similar case can be said about her initial relationship with the Rowdyruff Boys. Out of the three, she was mostly conversational towards Boomer, as Brick and Butch were not entirely approachable. Moreover, she did not have any interest in boys whatsoever and those same sentiments remained when she was in high school, as she only had short-lived relationships with boys Elmer Sglue who ended up still being good friends with her.

By the time Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles formed the superhero team, Team Xtreme, Bunny was completely euphoric and enthusiastic for her sisters and her new allies. From childhood to teenhood, she was happy to be a member of this team but she wanted more in her life. In spite of her joy of being a member of Team Xtreme, Bunny longed to do more individual work. Her resolve was made when she graduated high school when she said farewell to Team Xtreme in her final mission with them, tracking down a mafia boss who has made illegal deals with China and putting him into justice.

Saying goodbye to Team Xtreme was the most difficult decision Bunny has ever made. Brick and Butch missed those times Bunny transformed into her scary giantess form, as she was more than capable of beating up any scumbag or criminal who dare cross their paths. Boomer kept on yearning for Bunny to come back because of her kindness and her overall down-to-earth personality. And Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles felt depressed inside knowing that their youngest sister was now carving her own path in life and the thought of losing her again killed them inside. In spite of all the sadness, they knew they would see her again.

For Bunny, life in Citysville as a superheroine proved to be easier said than done. It did not help matters that she was living in a rundown apartment which was cramped. Moreover, even though she was in a college course that she enjoyed at Citysville University, which was a major in Liberal Arts and a minor in Crime and Justice, she found her colleagues to be extremely lazy, unmotivated, mean, and complete freeloaders. In order to resolve all that she not only studied intensively getting straight A’s in all of her exams but she also made sure that her body was in peak physical condition by attending mixed martial arts classes, going to the gym, eating healthily, and, for the sake of controlling her urges to go in her beastly form, meditation and lots of it. Bunny has often reminded herself even in her Team Xtreme days that with great power comes great responsibility which has indubitably ended up as her mantra. Every waking morning, Bunny would end up being greeted by the usual mugging when venturing to her college thus giving any mugger the usual beating. Moreover, her after-school job was in a bookshop with her responsibility of taking care that the books are in mint condition and organized and entertaining the customers. Sure, she has to put up with rude ones but she also loves to see children being enlightened by the books they read. By the time Bunny graduated at the top of her class, life seemed more all right for her in spite of all of Citysville general animosity and the crappy politics.

By complete chance, she was reunited with Mitch after having almost been raped by a complete stranger. This caused her to transform into her monstrous form and let the stranger get the beating of his life. Through her reunion with Mitch, the two have decided to be together forever and form a vigilante duo to rid Citysville of crime. Their union was not only of a professional kind but it grew into something deeper when they ended up married.

The former Citysville mayor used to be hot on Mitch’s and Bunny’s tracks all the time. However, through Mitch’s combat prowess and Bunny’s ability to transform into her monstrous form, they scared the former mayor straight to the point of abdicating his position to a more benevolent candidate. Through the new mayor, Citysville has seen much improvement thanks to Mitch and Bunny to the point where they have a new and more spacious apartment through Citysville’s blessings.

In terms of Team Xtreme keeping in touch with their greatest allies, Mitch and Bunny still manage to keep the connection open and contribute handsomely to Team Xtreme’s efforts and vice versa.

Outside their vigilante activities, Mitch and Bunny are the proud parents of two children, two-year-old Ryan and one-year-old Pauline. They continue to make sure that Citysville will end up as a safe place for their and many other people’s children to live in.

Well, this was certainly enjoyable in terms of coming up with a backstory of how Mitch and Bunny ended up as a couple. It may have been grueling but at least I managed to enjoy the ride.

Thanks for taking a gander at this piece of fanart as well as reading my post. Have an awesome summer.

Mitch Mitchelson and Bunny Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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