Enok and Rahan Lifting and Getting More Ripped drawn by me

Enok and Rahan Lifting and Getting More Ripped drawn by me
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My love for Enok/Rahan as a BroTP has been growing stronger and stronger every time.

Speaking of strong, Enok and Rahan demonstrate that they are the type of men who firmly convict that lifting weights is essential for every jungle warrior. Isn’t that right, you guys?

Enok: Indeed it is.

Rahan: Besides, we got a few words to say to the audience.

Me: Okay, fire away.

(Enok and Rahan continue to lift their dumbbells.)

Enok: Hey, you. Yes, you, you lazy fool. What are you doing? Hating on us?

Rahan: Stop hating. Start lifting.

Enok: And as for the rest of you, you like these muscles don’t you?

(Enok then shows how his biceps contract and relax when lifting his dumbbells.)

Rahan: That’s right. Look at them. Look closely at these muscles.

(Rahan also shows how his biceps contract and relax when lifting his dumbbells.)

Enok: We warriors have to lift in order to survive and fight.

Rahan: But if you don’t like seeing us lift. Tough. We don’t even know why you’re here.

Enok and Rahan: Grrrrrrr……

(Enok and Rahan keep lifting their dumbbells.)

Me: Well, folks, there you have it. Is it any reason why these two are such powerhouses and still look phenomenal to this very day? One cannot help but be amazed at just how strong, determined, and fierce Enok and Rahan really are. This has been Antoni Garcia reporting from the Dark Age jungles. So, Enok, Rahan, you guys have any last words to our viewers at home.

(Enok and Rahan put down their dumbbells.)

Enok: Sure.

Rahan: And it’s also dedicated to our awesome wives. The very people who have been very supportive of us and always had our backs.

(Enok flexes his pecs, shows his back muscles, and turns back to show his deltoids.)

Enok: The chief is in session, especially for you my beloved and sweet Tetya.

(Tetya is watching at home from her crystal source and she lets out a high-pitched giggle.)

Tetya: Oh, my brave and proud, Enok.

(Rahan flexes his back muscles, his deltoids, and does some pec bouncing.)

Rahan: Me Rahan. King of the Jungle. You Noama, the queen of Rahan’s jungle. (raises his eyebrows in a suave manner.)

(Noama is also watching from Tetya’s crystal source.)

Noama: Hehehehe. Oh, Rahan.

Enok: And now…

Rahan: The big finale.

(Enok and Rahan gradually raise their arms and flex their biceps first at each other and then they face to the front.)

Enok and Rahan: ROAAAARRR!!!!

Me: Well, there you have it, two awesome, brave, and totally ripped jungle warriors who have shown their work. It was really nice talking to you, guys.

Enok: The pleasure is ours, my friend.

Rahan: No problem, brother.

Enok, Rahan, and Me: See you later.

Enok and Rahan from Rahan: Son of the Dark Age belong to Roger Lecureux, Pascal Morelli, Marc du Pontavice, and Xilam.

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