Flexing and Roaring for a Cause drawn by me

Flexing and Roaring for a Cause drawn by me
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Well, it looks like Enok and Rahan, being the jungle lords that they are, are here to show why one should never trespass nor cause any harm to their jungle.

Me: All right, guys, looks like we’re all ready to listen.

Enok and Rahan: Got it.

Enok: If there is one thing we abhor more than anything else in this world-

Rahan: It’s when someone decides to waltz in our jungle and destroy it for selfish purposes.

Enok: Whether it’s poaching or illegal logging-

Rahan: These atrocious activities make us sick to our stomachs.

Enok: Lest you forget that the jungle is our home. And we will protect it.

Rahan: And if anyone dares to cause harm, well…

(Enok and Rahan raise their arms with fierce looks on their faces as if they are about to attack an enemy. They then flex their biceps and let out a huge, earth-shattering lion’s roar!)

Enok and Rahan: ROOOOOOOAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!

Enok: Just remember this.

Rahan: Destroy our jungle and we will destroy you.

Enok and Rahan: Grrrrr…

Me: Well, that was impressive.

Enok and Rahan: Why thanks, brother.

Me: You’re totally welcome, dudes.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this piece of fanart and until then, I will see you all on the flipside.

Enok and Rahan from Rahan: Son of the Dark Age belong to Roger Lecureux, Pascal Morelli, Marc du Pontavice, and Xilam.

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