Muscles and Toughness: Blossutch drawn by me

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Welcome to the first installment of power couple fan art collections I call “Muscles and Toughness” where I release illustrations of my personal favorite OTPs from my favorite cartoons and anime who exude a great amount of strength, toughness, determination, and look really awesome doing. What better way to start this than with my favorite Rowdyruff/Powerpuff couple ever Butch and Blossom, known in fanon as Blossutch and also known as the Watermelon Couple.
I would love to dedicate this piece of Blossutch fan art to a fellow reviewer and DeviantArtist, Spongey444, who is very well-known for both his video and written reviews and who is also celebrating his birthday today. So, Spongey, I hope you have a most blissful and awesome birthday, may you have a lot of love and joy on your very special day, and keep up the good work with all of your written work. Moreover, I would love to dedicate this to all of my Blossutch shipping comrades-in-arms. I hope you Blossutch shippers enjoy this piece of work.
Ah, the wonders of Blossutch. I can sing this couple’s praises all I want, as it is a holy matrimony of a brawny, animalistic, rough rebel of a Rowdyruff in the form of Butch and a smart, gorgeous, tough, articulate, sexy angel of a Powerpuff in the form of Blossom. Where Team Xtreme is concerned, Butch is essentially the second muscle dude and warlord to Brick’s first muscle dude and team dad and Blossom is essentially the team mom and only sane woman. Plus, combining Butch’s animalistic instincts and muscles with Blossom’s controlled discipline in combat, savviness, and her lusciously gorgeous figure is guaranteed to be a force to be reckoned with. When one encounters this power couple consisting of brawns and brains, one needs to have a prayer when facing them. So, Butch, Bloss, do you have anything to say to our viewers and our birthday celebrant?
Blossom: Certainly.
Butch: We got something to say.
(Butch looks fiercely at the camera. He twitches at first, showing how battle-ready he is. He then raises his powerful arms, flexes his biceps, and lets out a low, mighty lion’s growl.)
(Blossom also looks fiercely at the camera. She raises her right arm, cracks her fingers, and emits a silent growl.)
Blossom: Grrrr…
Butch: Hey, Twinkie! Yeah, you. Look at me and my muscles when I’m talking to you! (As Butch is flexing his biceps, he lets out a low growl.) You see my muscles? You like ’em, huh. (He then flexes his pectoral muscles.) It’s no surprise that you like to see how strong I am and, yeah, I am probably a lot stronger than my bro Brick. (He flexes his left bicep.) Just so you know, if you mess with me, my bros Brick and Boomer (He then flexes his right bicep.), my sisters-in-law BC and Bubs (While he is flexing his right bicep he turns his fist to Blossom’s direction.), and/or my awesome wife Blossom, I will tear you apart with my bare hands. (He immediately hunches and flexes his deltoids and triceps.) GRRRRRAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Blossom (in a cold tone): What my dearest husband said. You will go down like an asteroid if you dare lay a finger on either of us. I would even do far worse if you think you can have your way with either my big brothers-in-law and my sisters. Moreover, if you even dare hurt Butch in any way, either psychologically, physically or mentally, I shall have the privilege of unleashing Hell, destruction, and death upon your head. So, I would be wise to not do anything that you will end up regretting for a long time.
Butch: By the way, if you wanna have a throwdown with us…
Blossom: You have to prove that you have enough determination, valor, and stamina to even think about having the will to engage in battle with us.
Butch: Besides, you also gotta really strong to face us.
Blossom: We’ll be waiting for you.
Butch: If you dare that is.
(Butch and Blossom change from their serious expressions to their jolly ones.)
Blossom: Oh, and Spongey444, we heard it was your birthday today.
Butch: So, on behalf of Team Xtreme, especially from me and my wife…
Butch and Blossom: We wish you a happy birthday and may it be the most pleasant one you’ve celebrated. Take care and keep up the great work with your reviews.
Wow, thanks, you guys. So, I hope you all enjoyed this post and until then, see you on the flipside.
Butch and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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