Admiring Butch’s Muscles drawn by me

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This piece of Blossutch fan art is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist, Stephanie aka mehlikescookiesXD, who celebrated her birthday yesterday. So, Stephy, I hope you had an amazing birthday, I wish you a lot of love in terms of your endeavors as an artist and I hope you enjoy this piece of work I did in honor of your birthday. I would also love to dedicate this piece of work to all of my fellow Blossutch shippers, I hope you all sit back, relax, and enjoy this post.
Narrator: The City of Townsville! Team Xtreme Headquarters! It’s after another day of intense training for our Commander and Leader, Blossom, and her beloved husband The Baron of Berserk, Butch. Let’s see how this brains-and-brawn power couple unwinds after such a long day.
(Butch’s and Blossom’s room. Butch is in the bathroom in his dark green boxers, while Blossom has just taken off her shoes. Out of sheer curiosity, she takes a peek at Butch who is flexing his muscles in front of the mirror.)
Butch: Mm. Mm. Butch, you are one awesome slab of beef, man. Yeah, I know what you mean. You wanna see some action, huh.
(Blossom then takes a good look at Butch’s back muscles which he makes them ripple.)
Blossom (thinking): Wow! What definition Butch has on his back muscles: This is amazing. He really does treat his body like a temple. I guess we don’t entitle him as the group’s muscle for nothing.
Blossom: Wow.
(Butch takes notice of Blossom’s presence behind him. He cracks a sneaky smirk and a chuckle and begins to flex his toned muscles in front of her.)
Butch: Hey, Blossy, how’s it going?
(He raises his arms and puts his hands on the back of his head.)
Butch: You like what you see, darling?
Blossom (faintly): Uh-huh.
(Butch then hunches and does the most muscular pose, thus flexing his deltoids and triceps.)
Butch: Nnnngggggghhh…..Ah.
(Blossom stands motionless at his presence, as if though she were staring at a god. After that, Butch stands erect, stretches his right arm and flexes his left bicep.)
Butch: I know you can’t resist this, babe.
(Butch then makes his pectoral muscles bounce.)
Butch: Mesmerizing, ain’t it?
Blossom (with the cartoonish heart popping expression where her pink eyes are replaced by pink hearts): Yeah, for sure.
Butch: And now, the grand finale.
(Butch raises his mighty arms and flexes his biceps.)
Butch: Grrrr…
(Blossom is now wearing a crafty look on her face.)
Butch: You know what my biceps are telling you, Bloss? They’re telling you to come over here and give Butchie some loving.
Blossom: Oh, I’m coming over right now, Butchie.
(Blossom floats over to Butch. Once she lands on the bathroom floor, they look at each other sensually and sneakily.)
Butch: Looks like I got your attention, huh, Blossy babe. (Butch’s pecs bounce) My pecs say they love seeing you here.
Blossom: I know that, Butchie dear. You always manage to do such a grand job hypnotizing me with your muscles.
Butch: Can’t blame a guy for trying. (He flexes his biceps.) What do you say we hit the showers and I’ll let you see more of me? Glutes and all. Would you like that?
Blossom (touching his chest, broad shoulders, and muscular arms): Oh, Butch, you dashing, handsome stud. Of course, I would love that.
(Blossom shuts the bathroom door.)
Narrator (in a sensual manner): Wow. Something steamy is about to come up. Well, let’s just leave this couple to do their business, as it’s intimate shower time for Butch and Blossom. Good night, everybody.
Blossom is surely lucky to have a buff, handsome, and rugged hubby like Butch and Butch, being the group’s big muscle that he is, loves to use his unique charms to beckon his dearest wife to his call. This is indubitably a match made in heaven.
I thank you all for taking the time to enjoy this post and until next time. I also hope you have a most pleasant summer and take care.
Butch and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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