Townsville’s Finest Power Couples drawn by me

This RRB/PPG fan art is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist, JeanneWu, who celebrated her birthday three days ago. So, Jeanne, I hope you enjoy this piece of work I did and I hope you had a lot of fun on your special day. I wish you a lot of love, joy, prosperity, and peace on not only what was your birthday two days ago but also your endeavors as an artist and as a person. I also dedicate this to all of my fellow Brickercup, Blossutch, and Boomubbles shippers. With that said, sit back, relax, and enjoy.
Here we have Townsville’s finest superhero troupe Team Xtreme having a lovely and cute moment after intense combat training and an equally intense workout, what with the gentlemen Brick, Butch, and Boomer being so romantic to their wives Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles. Basically, Townsville has an awesome set of OTPs in Team Xtreme in the forms of Brickercup (Brick x Buttercup), Blossutch (Butch x Blossom), and Boomubbles (Boomer x Boomubbles).
Seriously, I totally dig these couples and for that, here are their stories on how they came to be.
Brickercup (Brick x Buttercup)
Brick, Butch, and Boomer may have been adopted by Miss Bellum and accepted her as their mother, but even then the Rowdyruff leader was as mouthy as ever. As kindergarteners, Brick and Buttercup used to get on each others’ nerves with their attitudes, what with him and his massive ego and her and her defiance and temper tantrums. These two were nothing compared to the angry shouting matches and beatdowns she and Butch would have and the constant ego-rubbing he and Blossom would usually engage in. Ergo, Brick was essentially Buttercup’s greatest frenemy totally on par with Butch. One moment they would be playing games like dodgeball and catch and the next moment it’s open house to see who can shout the loudest. This left poor Mrs. Keane-Utonium, who ended up being Blossom’s, Buttercup’s, Bubbles’, and Bunny’s mother, to drag Brick, Butch, and Buttercup to time out on a constant basis. Moreover, Brick and Butch had a terrible reputation for being the tyrants of the playground putting even Mitch Mitchelson to shame. Through their timeouts, Brick, Butch, and Buttercup used these opportunities to get to know each other more. Brick and Butch found it fascinating that Buttercup is just as great as spitter as Boomer is and it was actually she that taught Bubbles how to spit and Buttercup found it cool that she was able to have great sparring partners like Brick and Butch to hang out with even though they do annoy her, especially Butch. Sure, their respective parents scolded them for their not so civil behavior with each other, but the moments they had together were in a word priceless, as their bond grew tighter.
From grade school to middle school, the very years when Team Xtreme came to fruition, Buttercup found herself much closer to Butch and Brick found himself much closer to Blossom, as the relationship between her and Brick was still on a platonic level. She and Brick enjoyed their sparring sessions with each other and they enjoyed working together as one team but somehow there was something in them that made them initially think that they were not meant to be together and just be comrades. Moreover, in terms of their powers, Brick’s pyrokinesis, fire breath, and other fire powers were put to great use thanks to having a father in the form of Mr. Green who monitored how his three sons were using their powers and made sure they were using them wisely and Buttercup discovered that she can control the earth that she stands in but she can also make plants grow at an accelerating rate, thus using plants as her weapon. There were still the obligatory shouting matches between Buttercup and Butch and the competitiveness that Brick and Blossom had, but Buttercup’s respect and admiration for Brick as the “team dad” grew and grew.
The first two years of high school were the years where Team Xtreme’s powers matured both individually and as a group and they also had to continuously juggle with school, friends, and their jobs as superheroes. Through all four years of High School, Brick became one of the most popular, handsome, and well-rounded guys in school akin to a Renaissance man who was heavily involved in sports, the arts, the sciences, mathematics, political science, and debates, basically, the guy girls want to date and boys envy so much, and Buttercup became really well-loved in every activity involving sports. Moreover, the tenth grade was the year when Brick decided to date Blossom and Buttercup decided to date Butch. While Brick’s and Blossom’s relationship was relatively stable with the occasional arguments, Butch’s and Buttercup’s was volatile on an on-and-off basis, in spite of enjoying similar activities and having moments where they kissed and made up. On Brick’s and Blossom’s side, they were constantly competing for their spots on the honor roll, thus being the best students in the class, while Butch and Buttercup despite performing well in terms of academics found themselves in trouble due to their aggressive attitudes and constantly blaming each other for stupid and petty things. This came to a head one summer when Butch and Buttercup broke up while they were on a boating trip. They decided then and there that they would stay as friends and allies due to all the hostility they had towards each other and they knew that they could not last in a serious relationship with each other, which was a surprisingly reflective move from the Greens. On the Reds’ side, Brick grew rather tired of Blossom’s sleeplessness, obsession for perfection, and distance from him and Blossom grew fed up with Brick’s over-competitiveness, bloated ego, and tendency to be overprotective, the latter trait which was the problem they shared. Being the team “dad and mom” that they are, they decided to end their relationship on good terms and keep on being good friends and allies, thus ensuring that Team Xtreme does not falter due to relationship problems.
The final two years of high school proved to be somewhat smooth sailing for Brick and Buttercup, as they quickly decided then and there that they were clearly made for each other, thus being happier with each other than ever before. Academically, Brick became Buttercup’s tutor in chemistry, physics, and math, the subjects she was having problems in, thus finding herself passing more exceptionally in these subjects. In terms of extracurricular activities, Brick was involved in the men’s basketball, soccer, football, wrestling, weightlifting, and judo teams alongside Butch, Mitch, Boomer, Floyd and Lloyd Floyjodson, and Harry Pitt while Buttercup was involved in the women’s basketball, soccer, football, swimming, and judo teams. Every time there was a game, they would cheer for each other. However, there was trouble in paradise when The Gangreen Gang was stalking Buttercup. Ace tried to make a move on her and Buttercup defended herself, as she gave him a punch on the nose. In retaliation, Ace pulled out his knife and tried to strip her clothes, but who should come to the rescue other than Brick, as he bellowed mightily to the Gangreen Gang to get out of town for good, which Ace, Snake, Grubber, Big Billy, and Lil’ Arturo did without hesitation not wanting to get incinerated by Brick’s pyrokinesis and after fleeing from Brick’s wrath they found themselves caught by the police. Brick being the eldest member of Team Xtreme made a vow to not only protect his girlfriend, Buttercup, but also all of his teammates from harm. As prom came along, he and Buttercup were elected Prom King and Queen but lost to Boomer and Bubbles. At the end of high school, Brick and Blossom ended up becoming Townsville High’s valedictorians, a rare historical moment where two students ended up graduating at the top of their class. While Buttercup ended up graduating as a salutatorian alongside Mike Believe and Robin Snyder.
Brick and Buttercup, as well as the rest of Team Xtreme, attended Townsville University where he had a degree in Engineering and Physics and she had a degree Sports and Fitness and Nutrition. During their third year of college, Brick decided to do the unthinkable and proposed to Buttercup for his hand in marriage. Buttercup without hesitation reciprocated and they married in a church. Moreover, they were even able to finish college with flying colors.
Outside of their duties as superheroes, Brick and Buttercup are the proud parents of Blaze, who is four years old, Brent, who is three years old, and Brooke, who is two years old. Buttercup continues to feel completely blessed that Brick is in her life not only as a fellow superhero but also as her husband. Every time she has one of her temper tantrums or bouts of anger, Brick would always be the roguish charmer that he is and calm her nerves. Every time Brick gets too big for his boots, Buttercup would always be the one to bring him back down to earth for good. Overall, there is never a dull moment when these two are around in times of joy, sadness, anger, doubt or intimacy.
Blossutch (Butch x Blossom)
During their time in Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, Blossom always found Butch to be such a nuisance due to his impulsiveness, gross attitude, bouts of psychosis, anger, and violence, and overall unpredictability. That’s not to say that Brick was any better, as he constantly rubbed it in her face that he loves being the best and vice versa. She basically branded Butch as one of the most impossible boys that she has ever gotten to know and profusely refused to touch him with a five-foot pole. The only Rowdyruff Boy she and her sisters could ever trust was Boomer, as he was the most sympathetic, though Buttercup was slowly warming up to both Brick and Butch. Though she did her very best to be every bit of a model student she was, Butch would be the one to constantly pester her, much to her ire. One time, when she was doing her penmanship exercise, Brick gave Butch the go signal to throw spitballs at Blossom. After a few attempts, Blossom completely lost it with Butch and screamed at the top of her lungs for him to stop. Mrs. Keane-Utonium being the disciplinarian as a teacher as well as being the Powerpuff Girls’ mother put Butch in time-out and admonished Blossom to not raise her voice so loudly. In spite of that one experience, Blossom had to be fearless and professional enough not to let Butch shake her so much. So, her only solution was to ignore Butch and pretend he was not there every time he wanted her attention one way or the other. Blossom essentially played the silent game with Butch, in order for him to stop annoying her. This went on for days and eventually, Butch could not take it anymore and fell to his knees and begged for Blossom’s forgiveness. Blossom, amused at Butch’s action, chortled and sneakily said to him, “That will teach you, Butch. You have to give me your word that you will not annoy me or my sisters anymore or else I will go out of my way and do something much worse to you.” Butch completely shaken by Blossom’s words took it to heart and from there he made sure to never again be on Blossom’s bad side.
During the beginnings of Team Xtreme between grade school and middle school, Blossom functioned as the “Team Mom” alongside Brick’s “Team Dad”. This was also when she familiarized herself with how Butch would always follow Brick, as if though he were a loyal pet. Brick would always have the final say in everything and Butch would usually be the one who agrees with him all the time. Sure, Bubbles managed to help Brick become more sympathetic as a person, but there were some issues that needed to be resolved. In one of their after sparring conversations, she plucked up the courage to talk to the one she used to name as one of the most impossible boys she has ever met. Butch was at first reluctant to have anything to do with her, given their experience in Kindergarten, but he swallowed his pride and decided that a little conversation will not hurt anyone. It was not like they had a crush on each other, as they still saw each other as frenemies. However, Butch decided to express himself a little bit. He stated to Blossom that before he, Brick, and Boomer got adopted by Miss Bellum and had Mr. Green as their father, Brick would always go out of his way to have the final say in everything, as they saw neither HIM nor Mojo Jojo as their parents, but just those two guys who were looking after three crazy, superpowered boys and doing a bad job at it. He even told her that she was lucky that Buttercup, the one who was supposed to be his equal, ended up disagreeing with her when she had a problem with her plans, whereas he never had that luxury to disagree with Brick on anything and just shuts up. Blossom, being the diplomatic listener that she was, empathized with Butch and advised him to stand up for himself more often and be his own fighter not what Brick wants him to be. She was also aware how much Brick and Butch care for each other and she saluted them for their undying support for each other, but she also called them out for bullying Boomer. Butch was utterly surprised by Blossom’s willingness to listen and he even went out of his to say that she’s a lot better than Brick. From there, they decided to bury the hatchet of what happened in Kindergarten and start being very good friends, thus respecting each other, as Butch still had an interest in Buttercup and Blossom was sort of having an interest in Brick.
During their teenage years, there was no doubt that Butch’s powers of producing his signature tornado punches and kicks and his barrier-building continued to grow, so much so that his barrier could hold more than seven people. Blossom not only continued to have her signature ice breath but she gained the power of cryokinesis, thus having the ability to manipulate glacial structures and use ice and snow as part of her arsenal. In terms of their relationships, sure, her time with Brick as his girlfriend from the tenth grade went smoothly, as they were able to iron out certain problems that just came off as petty as effectively as they could, however, the pressures of excellence started to not only affect Blossom but also Brick, thus having the both of them constantly in competition with each other. Butch’s crush on Blossom started to grow, as he was rather jealous that Brick was dating her at the time, however, he still had someone he could call his own through Buttercup, though their relationship was extremely volcanic. There were days they could slightly tolerate each other, even though they were dating, and there were other times they just exploded. Academically, Blossom was heavily involved in student council, the language arts club, debates, the French club, the Spanish club, the Chinese club, the Japanese club, political science, the swimming team, the track-and-field team, the judo team, the math club, the chemistry club, the biology club, and the physics club, as she wanted to get into Townsville University and major in political science and chemistry. Butch, on the other hand, while faring all right in his academics was not as involved as Blossom was in all of those clubs, but he managed to participate in sports like basketball, soccer, football, hockey, weightlifting, wrestling, judo, karate, and track-and-field alongside Brick, Boomer, Mitch, Floyd, Lloyd, and Harry. This was also the time, Butch decided to shed his own skin and become his own person, as there were more heated discussions he had with Brick in terms of not letting him control his life anymore but still being really close as brothers. In terms of his relationship with Buttercup, both of them decided to call it off and just stick to being Team Xtreme comrades, thus acknowledging that they cannot end up together as a couple, even if they tried. Moreover, Blossom affected by the workload she bore by being the model student decided to call it quits with Brick, as they can only function professionally as Team Xtreme’s “Team Mom and Team Dad” and both of them needed more breathing space.
The remaining years of High School were not that easy for both Butch and Blossom, especially for the latter. With more expectations being piled up and her dreams of attending Townsville University on the line, she constantly woke up with fear and skepticism in her eyes. It also did not help that she and her teammates were constantly bombarded by missions. Brick, who decided to still be friends with Blossom, empathized with her position, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny were very concerned for her overall health, Boomer could not help but feel very sorry for her and nearly broke into tears in fear of losing her, considering that Blossom was one of the very first people to be ever friends with him, and Butch was pondering what he had to do in order for Blossom not to lose her mind. It was one night when Blossom was writing her thesis on How Far Chemical Discoveries have gone in shaping Townsville’s Political System that Butch decided to entertain her in his own special way. Butch made funny and weird faces to which Blossom was initially vexed and then he decided to tickle her. Although annoyed she could not help but laugh, as they continued to be playful with each other until both Butch and Blossom let out relieved sighs. In spite of that short moment of relief, there were still doubts clouding Blossom’s mind in terms of if she can really make it to Townsville University and get herself into all of the prestigious Ivy League schools so that she can at least have a backup career if ever the superhero gig fails. Butch retorted by saying that he may not have been the smartest nor the most popular but one thing he knew was that he was much happier and more at peace with Blossom compared to his time with Buttercup. He even admitted that he had a huge crush on her but was too ashamed to admit it because Blossom was still going out with Brick. Blossom even apologized for the times she acted like a nag towards him and stated that this was who she was and she could not let things go wrong. In return, Butch admitted that he always believed in her because she was kind, patient, tough, smart, and everything he hoped to be but he probably would’ve failed if he did so. Through a series of revelations, Butch and Blossom decided to officially date each other, thus having Butch help Blossom out whenever things got too hectic and they even decided then and there to put meditation into their daily regimen, especially after every sparring session. Blossom read it in an article that meditation and yoga help keep the body, mind, and soul in harmony, thus aiding each other to have a oneness in their systems. Butch kept his word, thus becoming more involved in the different activities Blossom was in and not just the ones he enjoyed the most. Eventually, Butch’s academic performance improved dramatically, as he ended up graduating with honors.
College proved to be quite the breeze for both Blossom and Butch. Not only did Blossom fulfill her dream of getting into Townsville University with a major in Chemistry and Political Science, thus graduating with Magna cum Laude, but her relationship with Butch still managed to go strong and healthy all thanks to having meditation and yoga as part of their daily regimen. Speaking of Butch, he ended up having a major in Mechanics and Engineering. After completing college, Butch proposed to Blossom, knowing fully well that she wanted to complete college before getting married. Blossom did not hesitate at all and said yes.
When this brawn-and-brain couple is not doing the superhero work, they are the proud parents of twins Brendan and Blake, who are three years old, and Belle, who is two years old. Blossom wears the pants in this relationship, which Butch does not mind at all, as they do manage to be flexible with their married life. They habitually meditate and do yoga to relieve Blossom’s stress of being a mom, wife, and overall superheroine and Butch’s violent desires and overall anxieties. Through these activities, Butch has become one with himself and continues to protect Blossom from anyone who dares to harm her or their family and Blossom has become more balanced with herself and less high-strung, thus being more in tune with her life and aiding Butch to be more calm by not only giving him alone time when he needs it but also giving him different massages which she has read about in a book about homeopathy, Chi, Feng Shui, and locating pressure points. Ergo, Butch’s and Blossom’s relationship continues to be full of harmony and the neverending quest to search for inner peace.
Boomubbles (Boomer x Bubbles)
Out of their respective siblings, Boomer and Bubbles managed to show the most stability in their friendship and eventually their relationship. On Boomer’s side of the story, it was he who happily suggested that he and his brothers live with Miss Bellum to live better and more substantial lives. Moreover, it was he who was the first to swallow his pride and apologize to Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles for all of the mean, cruel things he did, thus gaining their overall trust. He even went out of his way to be very great friends with their youngest sister Bunny and many other of the Pokey Oaks Kindergarten students like Mitch Mitchelson, who has been considered to be his best friend forever, Mike Believe, Harry Pitt, Floyd and Lloyd Floyjodson, and Elmer Sglue. Bubbles couldn’t be any happier for Boomer to grow in his social life, in spite of having the initial shyness. On Bubbles’ side of the story, she managed to even attempt to be good friends with Brick and Butch, the former protecting her from the taunts of Mitch, Floyd, and Lloyd when they snatched her favorite stuffed octopus, Octi, and the latter helping her to be more engaged in contact games like dodgeball. Sure, Bubbles as the joy and the laughter warmed to them rather effectively and Brick and Butch warmed up to her, in spite of showing initial hesitance, but ultimately her friendship with Boomer kept blooming at such an impeccable rate, as they enjoyed doing things like coloring, role-playing, and even participating in playing catch with their respective siblings. Miss Bellum, Professor Utonium, and Mrs. Keane-Utonium were absolutely pleased and delighted to see how Bubbles managed to hit it off really well not only with Boomer but also with Brick and even Butch.
Come elementary and middle school, where Team Xtreme came to be. While the Reds were the leaders, thus being the Team Dad and Mom and the Greens were the toughest fighters, the Blues and Bunny were the peacekeepers. Every argument their older siblings had was easily resolved by a good talking in courtesy of Boomer, Bubbles, and Bunny. Moreover, after their very first mission of getting rid of a Godzilla/Hydra hybrid by using all of their powers to defeat it, it was Bubbles who thought it was a great idea for them to form a seven-person superhero team. Boomer and Bunny concurred. Butch and Buttercup were rather intrigued with the idea. Brick and Blossom thought it could work, despite showing initial skepticism. So, their journey of ridding Townsville of crime, injustice, corruption, and supernatural malevolence began not only as The Powerpuff Girls or The Rowdyruff Boys but as one troupe of superheroes known as Team Xtreme. Boomer’s electric powers also matured thus conjuring lightning to emerge from his hands without the use of friction and even forming more paraphernalia and not just a baseball bat, but also a lasso, a net, and a chain much to his brothers’ shock. This has gotten to the point where Brick and Butch decided to stop picking on Boomer once and for all, thus gaining his respect and making Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny very proud of not only Boomer for his ever-growing powers and will to stand up for himself but Brick and Butch for respecting their brother. Bubbles also managed to become someone akin to a water bender with her ability to manipulate water when coming into close contact with it, thus having the ability to summon monsoons to come at her every command. She even had her supersonic shrieks and shockwaves to come in handy, which in turn matured at such an amazing rate. Moreover, Boomer and Bubbles have become Team Xtreme’s language experts being fluent in a plethora of languages like Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Chinese, and even Czech, Russian, Sanskrit, Farsi, and Hindi, thus becoming the official translators. Even though Boomer and Bubbles kept on showing signs of a growing relationship, Bubbles continued to have feelings for Brick, though still at a platonic level of an older brother to a younger sister, and Butch, though at a playfully platonic level.
It was indubitable that Boomer’s and Bubbles’ relationship was at its peak as teenagers in High School. In terms of school activities, Boomer and Bubbles were not only part of different sports teams, especially with having Bubbles as a cheerleader and a member of the swim team, the capoeira club, and the gymnastics team, but they also got themselves into the glee club, the drama club, the visual arts club, and the film club, thus having their collective creativity flourish even more. Other members of the aforementioned clubs were Julie Bean, Robin, Mike, Elmer, Bunny, and even Princess Morbucks, who was quite infamous for having diva downs with Bubbles in every confrontation scene they have done in the drama club, what Princess chewing the scenery and Bubbles chewing it along with her. Boomer even got himself to be in a band as a lead vocalist alongside Mitch on the drums, Mike on the keyboard, Floyd and Lloyd on the saxophones, Harry on the bass, and Elmer on the synthesizers. However, now that Brick has become one of the most popular boys in Townsville High with Butch being just as acclaimed in sports as Buttercup, Bubbles started to feel something rather odd inside her. True, she loved being with Boomer as his girlfriend, Brick grew up to be one of her dearest friends after everything they went through from Kindergarten to Middle School to this point in High School to all of their adventures and misadventures as Team Xtreme, and Butch was admirable in her eyes, at least in his own special way, but her feelings for Brick went from platonic to having this crush on him because of how handsome, well-rounded, and brilliant he has become. There was one problem, though, Brick was still dating Blossom and there was no way Bubbles was ever going to interfere with their blossoming relationship at the time. By the time, Brick broke up with Blossom, Bubbles did the unthinkable and hesitantly told Boomer that they might as well stay friends from now on. This revelation left Boomer in an utter state of shock and confusion, as he thought he had something special with her and accused Brick of taking the one person who meant the world to him. Bubbles assured him that it was not Brick’s fault but it just happened because they all grew up together and formed a bond one way or the other. Summer break proved to be a bummer for all six superpowered teens. Butch and Buttercup broke up after a boating trip, Brick and Blossom broke up because of imbalances happening in their relationship, Bubbles broke up with Boomer, as she wanted to have a go at Brick but assured Boomer that they can still be friends, and Boomer was left in a state of isolation, not wanting to come out of his room and only focused on doing calisthenics, circuit training, and boxing with the punching bag in the training room, writing poems, and playing on his guitar all the swansongs he knew by heart and those he composed all in his room. There were even times he invited Mitch, Mike, Harry, Floyd, Lloyd, and Elmer for a jam and they knew how much their lead singer was feeling really disturbed inside. They even advised him to rest his voice lest he damages it due to emotional problems.
Things came to a head when Bubbles asked Brick to come with her to the Townsville amusement park by the pier as a date. Brick was taken aback by Bubbles’ request but he went along with it. For a while they had a lot of fun, going on a roller-coaster known as The Sharpshooter, riding bumper cars, Brick winning a prize for Bubbles when he knocked all ten bottles down with a baseball, and even watching the fireworks on the Ferris wheel. After doing all of the activities at the amusement park, they settled down at a fish burger restaurant. It was there that Brick decided to call off their relationship, as they were not meant for being boyfriend and girlfriend material. He even admitted that he had his eyes set on Buttercup, who he felt was a much better match for him after all these years growing up with her as classmates and getting to know her. Bubbles completely understood and Brick assured her that they will still be really great friends and he is thankful that he has a great friend through Bubbles. Brick left by giving Bubbles a peck on the cheek and once again she was left alone. Not wanting to give up on hope, she left a text message on Boomer’s cellphone saying how sorry she was for breaking up with him, as she rushed back to Team Xtreme Headquarters. As she entered Boomer’s room, she saw him, his eyes red from all of the crying and his room scattered with newly-composed song lyrics. It was there that Bubbles embraced Boomer and he hugged her as tightly as he could not wanting to let her go. Therefore, their relationship began anew and the two could not be any happier.
Junior and Senior Years were a breeze for Boomer and Bubbles. The student body was entirely happy that they got back together especially Mitch, Mike, Robin, and Bunny, for they have rooted for them to be back together again. This even got to a point where Boomer and Bubbles won the title of Prom King and Queen for two consecutive years much to the joy of not only the students and the teachers but also to the newly formed couples of Brick and Buttercup and slowly making way were Butch and Blossom. Both Boomer and Bubbles ended up graduating High School with honors.
As for college, Boomer ended up getting a degree in Music Production and Theater and Bubbles ended up getting a degree in Visual Arts and Media and Communication studies. It was even announced in their second year that Bubbles ended up getting pregnant with Boomer as the father. The news came hot on the heels, as they ended up being married. Having children and being focused on studying proved to be easier said than done, but by having supportive parents like Mr. Green, Mrs. Bellum-Green, Professor Utonium, and Mrs. Keane-Utonium was certainly a blessing not only for Boomer and Bubbles, as they were able to visit their first set of children twins Bailey and Barley and daughter Brittany and be the parents they were meant to be. Even after their fourth year, Bubbles gave birth to Birdie, thus making their family complete when they graduated from college.
Boomer and Bubbles continue to be the proud parents of Bailey, Barley, now aged 6, Brittany, now aged 5, and Birdie, now aged 3, as they made sure that they are brought up in an environment full of familial love and joy. They even aspire to be superheroes just like their parents, uncles, and aunties.
Well, that was definitely quite the odyssey writing how these three magnificent power couples came to be. I know it was a major long read for a lot of you viewers, but I hope you took the time to enjoy this. Seriously, writing each of their relationships was easier said than done, as a lot of thought had to be put on how they developed from childhood to teenhood to adulthood. Like I said, it was an odyssey, but it was an enjoyable one at that.
Nonetheless, I hope you from the birthday celebrant from a few days ago, JeanneWu, to all of my brothers and sisters-in-arms in shipping Brickercup, Blossutch, and Boomubbles enjoyed this post. Take care and have an amazing summer.
Brick, Buttercup, Blossom, Butch, Bubbles, and Boomer from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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