Reflections on a Boat Ride drawn by me

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This is my submission for the Butchercup Boat Ride Contest hosted by fellow DeviantArtist kuraikitsune13. A lot of time and thought was placed not only in making this drawing come to fruition but also my little scenario behind this, especially correlating to my previous work in which I discussed how my most beloved OTPs Brickercup, Blossutch, and Boomubbles came to be and I mentioned a detail present in the first two of my OTP ships. So, I hope you all enjoy this.
This picture takes place in the summer of 2009 when Butch was 17 and Buttercup was 16 and were about to enter the eleventh grade. Here’s the scenario.
Narrator: The City of Townsville and what a quiet night for our usually loud green fighters of Team Xtreme, Butch and Buttercup, to have a moment with each other on the lake.
(Butch and Buttercup are walking at the docks when they spot a sign that says “Boat Rides $1.50 for two people”.)
Butch: Hmm…A dollar-fifty for two people. What do ya say to that, BC?
Buttercup: You know what, Butcher? Let’s go. Besides, I think we can hop on the one that has the design of a huge duck.
(Butch and Buttercup chuckle. After that, they pay the ticket man and take the huge duck boat, as Butch starts rowing with Buttercup sitting at the opposite side from him.)
Butch: It’s such a pretty night ain’t it?
Buttercup: Yeah. It sure is. It’s not like daytime where we yell at each other for God knows what.
Butch: BC, you know we do it all the time. I guess it’s just our way of showing that we love each other.
Buttercup: Well, in a demented way. After all, we’re just a couple of crazy hotheads in love with each other.
(Buttercup chuckles. Then silence.)
Butch: Buttercup.
Buttercup: Yeah, Butch.
Butch: Are you enjoying yourself?
Buttercup: Yeah, why wouldn’t I? Can you believe that we’re having a moment together without either of us shouting our guts out?
Butch: I guess. Usually, we would always be…um…what’s the word Blossom likes to use in Chemistry and English Literature? It starts with a V.
Buttercup: Volatile?
Butch: Yeah, that’s the word I’m looking for, volatile. We’d usually be volatile towards each other. I mean that’s who we are. No one can change that for us.
(Buttercup sighs with a reflective frown on her face. Butch mans the duck boat back to shore and the Greens get out of that said boat. They then find a place to sit.)
Butch: BC, are you okay?
Buttercup: Butch, I’ve been thinking. I know that we went out with each other for a year.
Butch: Seriously? Has it been a year? Man!
Buttercup: And I know that every time we’re together we always shout at each other, kiss and make up, and finally go back to square one. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous and stupid?
Butch: Butterbabe, come on, that’s who we-
Buttercup: Don’t give me that “that’s who we are” crap, Butch! (sighs) The point is, I think we need to…I just think we need to break up, Butch. That’s what I wanna say, we need to break up.
Butch: Buttercup, what’s making you say this?
Buttercup: I just don’t think we’ll work as an item. But it would be cool if we just stayed friends. That’s what we’ve always been, even back in our brat days, though we were more of frenemies if you know what I mean.
Butch: Yeah. Usually, I’d get angry about it but it’s cool with me.
Buttercup: I wanna tell you something, Butch.
Butch: I’m all ears.
Buttercup: I think I’m more interested in someone else.
Butch: Mitch?
Buttercup: No. As if I would be interested in him. After all, he and Princess called it quits way before summer break started and now it seems like he’s feeling cozy with Bunny.
Butch: Oh, then is it one of my brothers?
Buttercup: For sure.
Butch: Boomer?
Buttercup: Like Hell, I would date him. He’s practically on the verge of getting married to Bubbles for all I care. Fine, it’s Brick.
Butch: Brick?
Buttercup: Don’t get me wrong, Butch, you’re cool and we three have always been the best of frenemies since Kindergarten with Boomer being more of my childhood friend. There was always something about him I really, really like. It could be his charisma. It could be how street-smart and book smart he is. It could be anything and everything about Brick. I’ve always looked up to him. Even when we were fighting each other, I deeply respect the guy. Sometimes I think to myself how wrong it would be for me to say that I love him, but I couldn’t. Then I ended up going out with you and look where we are. Too bad he’s still with Blossom. I don’t know how Cap Dude and Leader Girl Red will last considering how much they compete with each other for who gets to be the top student in the class and I don’t know if it’s gonna end well. Bottom line is, I’m crazy for your “big bro” it’s just that Bloss ended up getting to him first in the relationship department.
Butch: Well, now that you mentioned Blossom, I just wanna say that I always had a major crush on her.
(Buttercup raises her eyebrow in disbelief.)
Buttercup: You like Blossom?! Wouldn’t she be the last person you ever wanna date?
Butch: That was when we were Kindergarten brats, BC. I mean, come on, I’m seventeen and you’re sixteen. Times are different now and we’re a bunch of raging hormones.
Buttercup: True, but Blossom? Seriously? Don’t you think she’s too much of a nag for you?
Butch: That’s just one side of her. Jeez, Butters, I can’t believe you would say that about your own sister.
Buttercup: How do you know? You used to follow Brick around all the time, as if though you were his pet dog!
Butch: Those days of being Brick’s lapdog are long over. Come to think of it, Bloss did inspire me to stand up for myself, be my own person, and not depend on Brick too much. Sure, I love him. He’s my most favorite brother and I’m his most favorite brother. We’re super tight and you know it. But there’s one thing that Blossom does so much better than Brick and that’s listening to me and understanding me. Yeah, I know she can be a nag. I know she can be a know-it-all. But at least she doesn’t always rub it in everyone’s face. She’s not just another pretty face. BC. She’s just as tough and strong as you and probably the only reason why she has to be this way 24/7 is because she’s so scared of what people would think if she failed in something. She’s so afraid of not only failing you, Bubs, Bunny, and the rest of Team Xtreme but also herself. She not only cares for her responsibilities as a model student or an awesome Team Xtreme member, but she cares for all of us and she’s just doing her part. And I know I’m gonna sound weird but I kinda feel for her.
Buttercup: Wow. I never knew you would be this sensitive.
Butch: It’s not just that. I look up to her because of how driven, smart, ambitious, and awesome she is. Plus, she’s a lot nicer, kinder, and more helpful than Brick will ever be. Sometimes I wish I could be as smart, ambitious, and driven as her but I don’t know if I even can. And like you said, she’s still going out with Brick and that makes me jealous. Sometimes, I wish I could’ve gone out with her. No offense, Butters.
Buttercup: No problem, Butcher. I know exactly how you feel. I think we’ll just have to wait until those two break up and BAM! You get Leader Girl Red and I get Cap Dude and let’s hope it’s gonna happily ever after or not.
Butch: Well, that was something, huh Butters.
Buttercup: Yeah. Two green hotheads letting loose with their feelings on their red crushes. That’s such a laugh.
Butch: Say, even if we just broke up and stay friends, we’re still gonna be Team Xtreme’s toughest fighters.
Buttercup: That’s for sure. Our breakup is not gonna shake us. Besides, I think we work so much better as buds.
Butch: You got that, right.
(Butch and Buttercup clasp hands and hug.)
Buttercup: Come on, Butcher, let’s blow this joint.
Butch: Roger that, BC.
(Butch and Buttercup fly back to Team Xtreme Headquarters.)
Narrator: Little do our green fighters know, our red leaders also broke up, as they needed some air between them. Looks like Butch and Buttercup do have a better chance with Blossom and Brick respectively. We’ll just wait and see.
So, there you have it. Combining this little piece of Butchercup fan art is a scenario I came up with from the depths of my crazy mind.
Let me level with you. I fell out of love with Butchercup. I know hardcore Butchercup fans and shippers will end up being pissed at me and start a lynch mob but at this point, I don’t really mind and I say bring it on anyway. I just don’t see them working out as a serious couple at all. They could indubitably work as friends, but having them as a couple is almost like a war that’s about to brew and I’m not exaggerating. However, I will give credit to people who can make this particular ship work. More power to anyone who knows how to make great Butchercup fanart and write good fanfics in which Butch and Buttercup is the main couple. As for me, I would rather be a super aggro staunch Brickercup and Blossutch shipper. I fully believe that Butch and Buttercup deserve better life partners, as Butch can take the liberty of loving the absolute heck out of Blossom and vice versa and Buttercup can feel free to make Brick’s red-clad behind hers and hers to keep.
Thanks so much for enjoying this Boat Ride contest submission and until then, have a great summer everybody.
Butch and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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