The Blossutch Family drawn by me

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This piece of Blossutch fanart is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist by the name of Jason Tesch aka TheSuperSaiyan10 who celebrated his birthday two days ago. So, Jason, I hope you had an amazing birthday, I wish you abundance, joy, and prosperity in your life not only as an artist but also as a person. Blessed be. I would also love to dedicate this to all of my dear fellow Blossutch shippers, so, I also hope you enjoy this.

Here we have Townsville’s fabulous beastly brawn and brainy beauty couple, Butch and Blossom, being the proud parents to their offspring, three-year-old fraternal twin sons Brendan and Blake and two-year-old daughter Belle. Let’s get to know how these children came to be. By the way, Blossom’s shirt says “Boss Mama in the house” all in capital letters.

Butch and Blossom were the last couple of Team Xtreme to end up being married and have children, as the first one was Boomer and Bubbles and the second one was Brick and Buttercup. One year before graduating college, Butch went out of his way to ask Blossom’s hand in marriage. Blossom was initially hesitant, but she relented as long as both of them finish college. They were then engaged, which was a blessing not only to Butch considering how much Blossom has meant so much to him but also to Blossom considering how Butch went from being a mouthy, annoying six-year-old half-pint to a roguish yet charming muscular gentleman, who is so willing to keep her safe from danger. Their relationship came to a head when one October, Blossom found out that she was pregnant with Butch’s child. In the ultrasound, it was revealed that she was going to give birth to twin boys. It was when Butch and Blossom graduated college that they were immediately married. Then on July 24, 2015, Blossom gave birth to fraternal twin sons Brendan James Green and Blake Francis Green.

Brendan James Green and Blake Francis Green were rather jolly baby boys when they emerged from their mother’s womb though Brendan was a tad bit rougher than Blake. Personality-wise, Brendan is the split image of his father in terms of his first hairstyle with a cowlick and forest green eyes all down to his rambunctiousness, violent streak, wild nature and willingness to pick a fight. Blake, on the other hand, has his father’s second hairstyle but also his mother’s eyes and is the slightly tamer twin compared to Brendan, thus bearing Blossom’s smarts, self-discipline, and willingness to lead, even though he can be a bit wild and bossy at times. There were days when the fraternal twins even read through entire books and listened to classical music, courtesy of Blossom, while they were just a year old. Therefore, their speech patterns were sharpened at an impeccable rate, even though they were still babies. Aside from their prodigious enunciation of speech, Brendan and Blake were even able to demonstrate their equally prodigious powers at such an early age. Both twin boys have super strength, super speed, and laser eye beams, as they managed to effortlessly bench press a bookshelf, their crib, and even the couch much to Butch’s pleasure and delight and Blossom’s horror and shock. They even managed to galvanize a metal pipe with their laser eye beams and fly at such a fast rate, thus surprising their parents. They even inherited their parents’ individual powers. Brendan can create a force field durable enough to absorb any energy attack much like his father, while Blake has ice breath much like his mother. Because Brendan has also inherited a few of Blossom’s powers he can even shoot ice beams straight from his hand. The same thing can be said about Blake who inherited some of Butch’s powers, as he can be able to create a snowball-like force field, which is strong enough to neutralize any heat-related attack. Even at three years old, both Brendan and Blake have one special attack which has become their signature move and that is the Blizzard Punch an amalgamation of Butch’s Tornado Punch and Blossom’s cryokinesis. Bearing concern and slight fear that Brendan and Blake might end up going awry with their powers, Blossom would always see it fit to send them to Mr. Green every weekend for a visit, to which Butch more than gladly consented, as someone who is a supernatural creature like Mr. Green has enough wisdom, experience, and tact to deal with superpowered children. Blake, being his mother’s son, indubitably shows great control of his powers, while Brendan, being his father’s son as he is, has a lot of catching up to do on the control department. Sure, both fraternal twins are still very young, but according to their beloved paternal granddad, Mr. Green, he sees so much potential. Relationship-wise, Brendan and Blake do get along very well, even though their different personalities can often lead to clashes. Regardless, when all is said and done, they manage to be as close as fraternal brothers are, as in they are loyal to each other and are attentive.

A year after on July 26, 2016, Blossom gave birth to a daughter who was christened as Belle Marguerite Green. Blossom’s fascination with the French language was what propelled her to name her daughter, as Belle means “beautiful” and Marguerite is the French form of Margaret. Plus, being an avid opera listener, Blossom was even inspired to give Belle the second name Marguerite after the main heroine of Gounod’s Faust and the queen, Marguerite de Valois, from Meyerbeer’s Les Huguenots.

Belle Marguerite Green was said to have been a placid baby when she was delivered and given to Blossom. Her physical trait, much like her cousin Blaze, is that she has heterochromia, in which her left eye is forest green and her right eye is pink. Much like her older brothers, she displayed her impeccable articulation while she was a year old, thanks to all of the books which she has read, as well as the audiobooks Blossom had in store for her progeny. Even at two years old, her speech is clear for someone who is still a toddler. Belle is close to both her father and her mother, thus bearing traits which are the best of both worlds. On one hand, she has Butch’s desire for combat, a tendency to let her actions speak louder than words, his animalistic hyperactivity whenever he gets excited, and a tendency to be very dependent on her big brothers, much like how Butch behaved with Brick when was a little boy. On the other hand, she has Blossom’s intelligence, articulation, admiration for everything beautiful, and a knack for keeping things pretty, neat, and organized. Belle is very much the split image of her mother not counting the heterochromia from inheriting her hair color to wearing Blossom’s hand-me-downs to the signature power that she and her brothers bore from their mother, ice breath. Belle’s usage of ice breath came almost unexpectedly, much like how her mother discovered that she had that power. It was one hot summer day when Butch was feeding Belle her warm baby food when all of the sudden she blew the steam away and her food ended up being frozen. Nonetheless, she ate it. Butch was left in a state of shock after that event, but he was nonetheless proud of his little daughter. Blossom was even surprised to the point where it almost felt deja-vu but passed on to their own daughter. Moreover, she can create an igloo-shaped force field as opposed to the spherical ones her older brothers and her father created, thus giving this particular barrier protection not only against energy attacks but also against heat. It is also indubitable that she inherited her parents’ super strength, super speed, and overall combat prowess. She even demonstrated her prowess in combat logic and strategy when she was playing with her toy soldiers and had certain attacks and defenses memorized when she made them “fight each other”. One should also not forget her chess, board games, and checkers abilities, as she is quite great at these games for someone who is currently two years old. Relationship-wise, she looks up to Brendan and Blake as her role models and she is really playful with them. She even manages to be the pacifist whenever Brendan and Blake find themselves in an argument.

Aside from the close-knit relationship Brendan, Blake, and Belle have as siblings, they are close to all of their uncles, aunties, and cousins.

Brendan is especially close to his favorite uncle and aunt, Brick and Buttercup, as they love to rough him up in an endearing way. Plus, he loves to play fight with Blaze on more than one occasion.

Blake is really close to Boomer and Bubbles, who he considers to be his favorite uncle and aunt, as they are very sympathetic and kind to him. Moreover, he looks up to Barley and Bailey as if though they are his older brothers and he loves to play with Brittany and Birdie.

Belle loves it when Mitch and Bunny visit Team Xtreme Headquarters, as she gets to be their favorite niece because of how cool and tough Mitch is and how caring and supportive Bunny is. She even considers it a pleasure to play with Ryan and Pauline.

As for the parents, Blossom wears the pants in this relationship, which Butch is totally all right with, as she does the disciplining and always makes sure that their children go to bed on time as well as live healthily. Butch being the muscle in this relationship loves to make sure that all three children are active in everything they do. Moreover, Brendan, Blake, and Belle love to sit on top of Butch’s back whenever he does his pushups, which is his morning routine. When all is said and done, Butch and Blossom as parents demonstrate how flexible they can be and how they can able to raise children in a positively healthy environment.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and by the way, Butch, Blossom, Brendan, Blake, Belle, do you have anything to say to our celebrant who had his birthday two days ago?

Butch: Sure. From all of us to you, Jason.

Blossom: We hope you had a prosperous and magnificent birthday.

Brendan: We’re sure you celebrated it well.

Blake: And had lots of fun.

Belle: And may you have a nice and pleasant day.

Butch, Blossom, Brendan, Blake, and Belle: Take care and we wish you well in everything you do.

Thank you so much. As for the rest of you, see you on the flipside.

Butch and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

Brendan, Blake, and Belle belong to me.

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