The Brickercup Family drawn by me

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This piece of Brickercup fanart is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist by the name of Sylina aka AmusedDoodler, who celebrated her birthday two days ago. So, Sylina, I hope you had a most blessed, prosperous, and fabulous birthday, may your life as an artist and as a person be full of abundance, and may you live with grace and beauty as an artist. I would also love to dedicate this to all of my soul sisters, soul brothers, and comrades-in-arms in terms of being hardcore Brickercup shippers. I hope you all take the time to enjoy this pic and the post in its entirety.
They say that the apple does not fall too far from the tree. Well, if you ask Townsville’s very own Hot and Spicy Couple from Team Xtreme, Brick Green and his awesome wife Buttercup Utonium-Green, you will realize that their offspring is just as rambunctious as their parents when they were young. So, we have Brick’s and Buttercup’s tykes flying around being the cheeky, mischievous cherubs they are. Donning Buttercup’s old clothing is two-year-old Brooke and donning Brick’s old clothing are eldest son Blaze who is four years old and is giving the rock on sign and middle son Brendan who is three years old and is giving the peace sign along with the dragon’s kick. Let’s get to know how these tykes came to be.
It was an early August of 2013 when Buttercup found out she was pregnant with Brick’s child. When Brick heard the news he was initially shocked, but then he decided that he and Buttercup were always meant to be together, as they ended up getting married with only one more year of college to go. When Buttercup was pregnant with her first son, she started to crave spicy foods like Tom Yum soup, Kung Pao chicken and/or shrimp, habanero peppers, ghost chili, and basically any food that nearly broke the Scoville scale. The pangs in her stomach, as well as the burning sensations she would constantly feel, gave her the drive to name her son Blaze, after finding out from the ultrasound that it was going to be a boy. Brick knew that he had a pyrokinesis heir in the making. Buttercup jokingly stated that she was probably to give birth to a dragon.
This all came to a head on June 3, 2014, when Blaze Christopher Green entered the world. When Blaze emerged from his mother’s womb, it was discovered that he had heterochromia with the left eye being fire engine red and the right eye being lime green. In spite of this, it was said that he was a jolly bundle of joy and he was going to bring love and light to his parents’ lives. Moreover, when he was brought back to Team Xtreme Headquarters with his parents, a spark of flame flickered from his mouth when he was about to blow something. This surprised both Brick and Buttercup, considering that Brick did not realize he was a pyrokinesis user until Mr. Green came to his and his brothers’ lives as their father and Buttercup mostly used friction by vigorously rubbing her hands to produce fire before Brick tapped into her natural talent for pyrokinesis. Blaze also inherited his parents’ usual powers like laser eye beams, super strength, flight, impeccable endurance in combat, and unparalleled athleticism. In turn, these traits would end up being passed down to his younger siblings to the point where all of them mastered the Ballistic Barrage at such an incredibly young age, thus astonishing and astounding Brick and Buttercup. Blaze is very much the split image of his father in terms of inheriting his first hairstyle, not counting the heterochromia and his mother’s hair color, and bearing his impulsiveness, hot-blooded temper, street smarts, book smarts, cunning nature, strong fighting spirit, the tendency to lead with an iron fist, and the constant need to exude confidence everywhere he goes. He even bears his mother’s perseverance and free-spirited thinking, thus making him an independent yet stubborn little boy who does have a lot of growing up to do, but he is getting there. He even learned how to read before he reached the age of two, thus making his speech develop at such an impeccable rate. As Blaze grew, his fire powers matured to the point where he has a fire version of the eye beams burning anything that comes in close contact and can show that he can either manipulate fire at will or use friction to create said element.
A year later on August 1, 2015, Buttercup then gave birth to another son by the name of Brent Timothy Green. It was said that he was a loud baby when he emerged, probably a lot louder than his older brother, Blaze. When Brent was still a year old, he was able to move pebbles, small stones, and building blocks just by concentrating and using his hands to move them around. Moreover, he even had a go at using pyrokinesis to ignite any pebble. Brick and Buttercup knew that aside from being a pyrokinesis user, Brent was growing to be a geomancer as well, thus combining the best of both of his parents’ unique powers and abilities. Even more shocking was the time when Brent came to his parents’ room asking for a bedtime story by going under their queen-size bed and lifting it much to their astonishment and eventual delight to see how far their son has gone with his Herculean strength. Much like his older brother, he even learned how to read, write, and speak before he reached the age of two, thus showing an impeccable development in his motor and speech skills. Personality-wise Brent is truly his mother’s son but he also bears some of his father’s traits. He is just as impulsive, prone to temper tantrums, anger-prone, and rebellious as his mother but just as cunning and large-and-in-charge as his father. Buttercup even gave Brent her old blanket as a gift for his second birthday. Ever since then, he and his blanket have been inseparable to the point where it has been applicable as his good luck charm.
The following year on July 29, 2016, a daughter was born by the name of Brooke Denise Green, who was said to have been a rambunctious bundle of laughter when she emerged from Buttercup’s womb. Before she even reached a year old, something extraordinary happened. One sunny afternoon, while Brooke was in her baby stroller and taking a walk alongside her father, her mother, and her two big brothers, a superpowered kleptomaniac who had magnetic gloves named Magnemetalo arrived to steal all types of precious metals. Just as he was about to approach Brick’s and Buttercup’s family, Brooke created an energy bolt which was a combination of her mother’s electric one and her father’s pyrokinesis, thus nearly incinerating Magnemetalo and putting him in the hands of justice. Brooke was yet another little superheroine with lots of potential just like her older brothers. Aside from that one energy bolt that Brooke can create, she has also shown a lot of physical, psychological, and mental endurance for someone who is currently two years old, as evidenced when she was in her playpen bending metal bars, using a bean bag as a punching bag, and using her huge teddy bear as a wrestling partner. Brooke is mainly a daddy’s girl given her rambunctious, street-smart nature and her complete admiration for her father. She is just as close to him as her own mother, as she bears a lot of traits from her to the point of wearing Buttercup’s hand-me-downs and even looking like a mini-Buttercup but with red eyes and spiky ends, similar to Brick’s second hairstyle. She continues to grow in a tomboyish manner, choosing to play with her male cousins and her older brothers rather than her female cousins.
Speaking of how the siblings get along, they very much form a fine unit together. One example was when Blaze gave the command Ballistic Barrage, and it was deja-vu when Brick and Buttercup saw them in the children’s training room when they executed that attack as a group. Brick and Buttercup could not be any more proud of their children and the potential that they have. Just like the rest of their cousins, Blaze, Brent, and Brooke would always be sent to Mr. Green to train with him and have control of their powers. The other grandparents also did their part in raising their darling grandchildren. Professor Utonium taught them the sciences. Mrs. Keane-Utonium taught them languages and arts. Mrs. Bellum-Green taught them history and the basic structure of how Townsville and Citysville are run.
In terms of Brick and Buttercup as parents, they take turns in wearing the pants in this relationship showing how synchronized they truly are in their roles. Brick, being the large-and-in-charge father that he is, always loves to make sure that Blaze, Brent, and Brooke stay as strong and healthy as possible by having them do rigorous physical activities from playing catch to sprinting, given their prodigious powers. All three children love to play-wrestle with their father and they also love to play with their mother. Speaking of their mother, Buttercup, may be tough and hard on the outside but she is very caring and supportive of her kids, always making sure that they use their powers well and breaking up any petty fights that the three siblings have. Whenever their parents do pushups, Blaze and Brooke would always love to sit on their Brick’s back and Brent would always love to sit on Buttercup’s back.
So, there you have it, Brick, Buttercup, and their three rambunctious, adorable, cheeky little tykes. By the way, do you have anything to say to Sylina?
Brick and Buttercup: Sure.
Brick: Sylina, we hope you had a great birthday.
Buttercup: We wish you all the best in your life as an artist.
Blaze: You rock and I mean it.
Brent: I wanna be an artist just like you.
Brooke: You’re cool and we hope the best for you.
Thanks so much. And as for the rest of you, my dear Brickercup shippers, see you all on the flipside.
Brick and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.
Blaze, Brent, and Brooke belong to me.

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