The Butchubbles Family drawn by me

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This piece of Butchubbles fanart, which is part of an art trade I have been doing with my dearest friend Kaitlyn aka KatyGorl, is dedicated to some fellow DeviantArtists who celebrated their birthdays some days ago. Those are Ben Wagner aka BeeWinter55, Giovanni aka Rasmussen891, AdmiralPit, x-Memoire-x, and Jenna Johnson aka resotii. I hope you guys had amazing birthdays, I wish you all the best and all of my love in everything you have accomplished so far as artists and stay golden in all that you are. Wie wir auf deutsch sagen, ich wünsche euch allen alle das Beste und alle meine Liebe in alles, dass ihr als Künstler und Menschen geschafft habt, und bleib so wunderbar und hervorragend wie ihr seid. Come se dice in italiano, vi auguro ogni bene e tutto il mio amore nelle vostre vite come artisti e persone e stai tutto bene come voi siete.
I will say this and I will say this again. In terms of the Bubbles-related pairings, my undying love for Butch x Bubbles aka Butchubbles has been spreading like the wildest of wildfires to the point where I dub this as my OTP on par with Boomubbles. Moreover, we have quite the lovely family they have made with twenty-six-year-old Butch being the rough and tumble, ruggedly sexy, and really muscular dad that he is, seven-year-old Brea being the adorable, cute toughie that she is, and twenty-four-year-old Bubbles being the jolly, euphoric mom that she is. So, let’s take a gander at how Brea, KatyGorl’s Butchubbles daughter, came to be.
Throughout all of his life growing up, Butch not only fancied Bubbles but he had a huge crush on her. He loved how utterly forgiving, emphatic, creative, jolly, and enthusiastic she was not only as a superheroine but also as a person. However, there were some obstacles that got in the way of him trying to confess his feelings for the sky-blue clad Powerpuff Girl.
First, there was her obvious admiration for Boomer considering how well those two ended up clicking to the point where they had a very long-lasting relationship.
Secondly, there was Bubbles’ attachment to Brick. Though not in the most romantic sense, but more of Brick being the impulsive, smart, tough big brother to Bubbles’ ingenue with an edge little sister, in which their long-lasting friendship almost put them in a relationship with each other. Thankfully, it lasted a week before Brick ended up with Buttercup and Bubbles returned to Boomer.
Thirdly, was his unsuccessful relationship with Buttercup until Grade 10, where they decided to just be friends during the Summer of 2009.
Fourth, was the fact that Blossom was his girlfriend who later ended up as his wife, so breaking up with her would have been uncalled for, as he loved her company and she enjoyed being with a roguish, wild gentleman like Butch.
On Bubbles’ side of the story, even though she had a wonderfully healthy relationship with Boomer and a spectacularly platonic big brother, little sister relationship with Brick, she too had a crush on Butch. It could be his unrelenting athleticism. It could be his unparalleled use of his immense strength both in combat and in daily activities, much to the astonishment of certain civilians. Moreover, it could be Butch’s undying loyalty and protection not only towards his favorite brother Brick, his fraternal frenemy Boomer, his greater equal Blossom, his teammate-in-arms Buttercup but also towards Bubbles considering the rescue missions they all have been through together.
Everything came to a head when Boomer and Blossom told Butch and Bubbles how they truly felt about giving other life partners a chance, to which the latter pair completely got the message. Much like how Boomer consummated his feelings his feelings for Blossom, Butch also consummated his feelings for Bubbles, but at a price.
A week after Blossom’s discovery of her pregnancy, Bubbles also found out she was pregnant, in spite of the fact that she was all but seventeen years old and Butch was nineteen years old. Given the benefit of the doubt, their respective parents Mr. Green, Mrs. Bellum-Green, Professor Utonium, and Mrs. Keane-Utonium were confident that their superpowered offspring will be responsible enough to take on the parental roles. If they can face monsters and other villains, they can surely face parenthood too.
During Bubbles’ pregnancy, her cravings were at an all-time high. She craved for salmon, tuna, sardines, chili sin and con carne, tacos, grapefruit juice, spinach, and many other foods rich in iron, protein, and antioxidants. Moreover, every time the baby was kicking, it would be at intermittent rates. There were some days where the kicks were gentle as feathers and other days where the kicks were harsh and punishing complete with twitching. Butch knew that he was going to have a child who was as sweet and gentle as Bubbles but fierce and rough as him, especially when they found out in the ultrasound that it was to be a girl.
The day of delivery came on August 10, 2011, when Bubbles gave birth to Brea Susannah Green, who was said to have been a hyperactive yet joyful baby.
Because Butch and Bubbles were going to college, Brea, much like her cousin Bloom, was raised by Professor Utonium and Mrs. Keane-Utonium with Mr. Green and Mrs. Bellum-Green helping out. Every weekend and after school, Butch and Bubbles would always pay Brea a visit and be the parents that they ought to be. As the years passed, Brea grew into an enthusiastic, energetic, tough and rough girl with a soft, adorable, and sweet side. Even when Bubbles ended up going back to Boomer and Butch ended up going to Blossom, she was still happy and proud to call Butch her dad and Bubbles her mom. Plus, she loved her half-siblings on Boomer’s side Bailey, Barley, Brittany, and Birdie and on Blossom’s side Brendan, Blake, and Belle as her own. Aside from that, she even has a sisterly relationship with Bloom akin to how Blossom’s and Buttercup’s relationship was when they were children. Some days, Brea would have fights with Bloom, but when all is said and done, these two cousins were and will always be like sisters with Brea functioning as the rough-and-tumble, impulsive, hyperactive, yet adorable younger sister to Bloom’s proactive, articulate, yet slightly goofy older sister.
Brea’s personality is divided into two akin to Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, as she bears the best of both worlds from her father and mother. Her “Doctor Jekyll” side is emphatic, euphoric, joyful, fun-loving, has a cutesy aura, artistic, and immensely creative. Her “Mister Hyde” side is brutish, impulsive, a bit psychotic, animalistic, and battle-hardened, especially when she starts twitching or acts like an animal like her father. Ergo, on a great day, she can be the nicest person to anyone and everyone she meets and look adorable doing so. However, if ever someone were to hurt her or her massively extensive family, she will waste no time to give that fiend a massive beating.
Power-wise, she bears the best of both worlds. She has her mother’s abilities to make an electric ball, manipulate water, and produce supersonic screams and her father’s abilities to produce his signature Tornado Punch and the power to create an energy-absorbing force field. Moreover, she has Butch’s brute strength and Bubbles’ lightning speed, thus making her a most formidable opponent for someone who is still quite young. Brea’s powers were in such rapid development even when she was still a baby when she created a force field surrounded by lightning, as it also bore the colors of the one made by Butch being green and Bubbles’ electric ball being sky-blue. That was at the time when she was in her crib and this revelation astonished Butch and Bubbles rather significantly. As she came of age, not only did she have that lightning-adorned force field, but she also had the power to create electric balls with a hard outer shell and throw them to give enemies a hard blow as well as a major shock. Aside from that, she even has a variation of her father’s Tornado Punch as she called this the Tsunami Blow. When she focuses her energy on her opponent, her fist ends up being electrified with lightning. Then when she releases the punch, lightning will emerge as well as a heavy gale of wind and rain, thus incapacitating her opponent.
Outside of the superhero work that she does with her father, mother, step-father, step-mother, uncles, aunties, half-siblings, and cousins, Brea loves to play contact sports like soccer, basketball, badminton, swimming, tennis, and track-and-field, practice martial arts like karate, judo, and kung-fu, and learn and speak a multitude of foreign languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Farsi, Portuguese, Korean, Latin, Welsh, and Hindi. Moreover, while Bloom is more into classical music, Brea is a huge fan of jazz, rhythm and blues, rock ‘n roll, soul, heavy metal, and musicals, as in the rock opera type.
And there you have it. This is how Brea came to be and this is who she is. So, Butch, Bubbles, Brea, do you have anything to say to our celebrants?
Butch, Bubbles, and Brea: Sure, we do.
Butch: We wish you a lot of love in everything you do as artists and people. Stay awesome!
Bubbles: I miei migliori auguri con tanto affetto a voi come artisti e persone. Stai tutto bene.
Brea: Wir wünschen euch allen viel Liebe in alles, dass ihr als Künstler und Menschen tut. Bleib toll wie ihr seid.
Thanks, grazie, and danke. I hope you all enjoyed that and see you in the next submission.
Butch and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.
Brea belongs to KatyGorl.

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