Keep Calm and Love Blossutch drawn by me

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My first Blossutch submission, as part of BrickercupMasterX3’s Blossutch month, is dedicated to a fabulous DeviantArtist by the name of Eurika Gho aka eyugho who is celebrating her birthday today. So, Eurika, I wish you a most pleasant, beautiful, enthralling, and awesome birthday. Keep on being the fabulous artist that you are and may you be filled with abundant blessings. I would also love to dedicate this to all of the fantastic shippers of Brickercup, Blossutch, Bunnitch, and Boomubbles. I hope you all enjoy.
It should be clear that I am an extremely hardcore Butch x Blossom or Blossutch shipper. There is nothing more fascinating and more awesome than having a beastly brawn of a man like Butch be in holy matrimony with a brainy beauty of a woman like Blossom. And who are those couples I see around them? Why they are my other beloved OTPs of all time Brick x Buttercup or Brickercup, Mitch x Bunny or Bunnitch, and Boomer x Bubbles or Boomubbles. Let’s see what they have to say about Butch and Blossom being such an amazing couple.
Brick: My favorite bro in the whole wide world having my partner in leadership as his wife, what could be better? They work awesomely together and Butch is really lucky to have someone as awesome as Blossom in his life. And for that, I give this a huge thumbs up, man. Don’t you agree, Butterbabe?
Buttercup: You got that right, Brickster. All of you who wanna have a go at my big sis and my big bro-in-law better be ready to hang ten and ride the big waves because they are ready to open up a can of kickass!
Butch: Aw, thanks so much Brick and BC. And yeah, I am lucky to have Bloss in my life.
Blossom: And yes, we do work exceptionally together, considering that Butch is the bedrock of my life.
Mitch: Speaking of rocks, this is a rockin’ couple we got here. Ain’t that right, Bunny Rabbit?
Bunny: Yeah, Mitch. Butch and Blossom are just so fabulous together.
Mitch: Wanna know what else rocks? Take a good look at Butch’s muscles. C’mon, man, work with me here.
Butch: Okay.
(Butch flexes his left bicep.)
Butch: Grrrrrr…..
(Mitch puts his hand on Butch’s shoulder and bicep.)
Butch: What did I tell you? Rock-hard muscles coming from Butch certainly make a man more awesome. Especially when Blossom is the brains in this relationship.
Blossom: True. Butch’s muscles are definitely something to admire so much.
Boomer: Butch and Blossom aren’t just super strong and super awesome as a couple…
Bubbles: But they’re also really gorgeously sexy together.
Butch and Blossom: (giggle) Thanks so much.
Blossom: Oh, and guys, there’s someone celebrating her birthday today.
Butch: So, Eurika, on behalf of Team Xtreme, we wish you…
Brick, Butch, Mitch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny: Happy Birthday!!!! Woohoo!!! Yeah!!!!
I hope you all enjoyed it and see you on the flipside. Take care.
Brick, Buttercup, Butch, Blossom, Mitch, Bunny, Boomer, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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