If You Knew drawn by me

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“If you knew how I missed you
You would not stay away today
Don’t you know I need you
Stay here my dear with me
I need you here my darling
Together for a day a day
Together never parting
Just you just me my love
I can’t go on without you
Your love is all I’m living for
I love all things about you
Your heart your soul my love
I need you here beside me
Forever and a day a day
I know whatever betides me
I love you I love you I do”
-If You Knew, Nina Simone, Performed on April 12, 1963, at New York’s Carnegie Hall
This piece of Bunnitch fanart, which is part of Kaitlyn’s aka KatyGorl’s Claim a PPG Pairing Month, is dedicated to Fiore Silver aka Mama-Monstrosity and Pau aka Paula4679fangirl who celebrated their birthday a couple of days ago. So, Fiore, Pau, I hope you two had an amazing birthday and may your lives as artists and as people be full of beauty, abundant blessings, joy, and love.
What is not to love about Mitch and Bunny as a lovely pairing? I think I answered my own question. But, seriously, this pairing is just so infectious for how sweet, healthy yet unconventional it is. When one combines Mitch’s hard nature with Bunny’s brand of adorability, then one gets a couple that is just so lovely to witness.
My song choice for Mitch and Bunny is, of course, Nina Simone’s gentle, melancholy, sweeping song “If You Knew”, which I managed to listen to in one of my most favorite Netflix documentaries “What Happened, Miss Simone?”. Just by listening to this particular song, I almost felt tears rolling down my eyes, as I could definitely put this into use to make Mitch’s and Bunny’s loving relationship all the more palpable. So, I invite you all to take a feels trip with Nina Simone’s “If You Truly Knew”, as you bask and cherish in the sweetness, lovability, and gentility of this piece of Bunnitch fanart. I’m sure your heart will swell thanks to this sweeping melody.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you in the next submission.
Mitch Mitchelson and Bunny Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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