My Happy Thanksgiving with 700 YouTube Subscribers

My Happy Thanksgiving with 700 YouTube Subscribers
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Hey, everybody! I know I haven’t been as active on YouTube as I should’ve been, mostly because I have been busying myself with making fanart on DeviantArt, which, mind you, I have been enjoying a lot. Additionally, I have also dealt with my fair share of academic priorities like my exams, which I have generally been passing very well, and my application to the American Liberal Arts College, Bard College Berlin, in which I will attend tomorrow’s open day.

However, I just want to express my joy and gratitude of having gained 700 subscribers on YouTube and, in these trying times of juggling lots of activities, I am still very enthusiastic about this and I would love to thank you all for putting up with me for the past seven years I have been on YouTube and even for the past five years I have been an online reviewer.

Since December is rapidly rolling around the corner, I see it absolutely fit to make reviews for the annual Red Ribbon Reviewers’ Month, as currently pioneered by my fellow online reviewer colleague, Eli Stone aka The Cartoon Hero. I have a lot of content I would love to share with all of you, my dear viewers and, as usual, do expect some opera reviews, album reviews, especially the holiday-themed ones, lookbacks and tributes to the animated TV show Christmas specials, maybe a few slams, and possibly some film reviews. Moreover, I will be spending my Christmas break in Cebu for a couple of days and in Hong Kong for the next several days with my family, thus making these review plans interspersed with the time I will spend with them.

Boy, I do have a lot of things to accomplish. In spite of all that, I still want to thank you all for your time, patience, and willingness to put with me in everything I do. I will see you all in the next upload. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, take care, and have a blessed, happy, and awesome Thanksgiving.

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