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This Rowdyruff x Powerpuff Couples Chart belongs to miss pacman aka QuietLullabies. And yes, there are a few additions to this that I put in, which are inspired by the other completed memes. Moreover, I am going to make this a Red Ribbon Reviewers contribution, since I have rarely done any of these contributions in text-based form.
Some things in this world are indubitably true. At best, Christmas is the time of giving, reflecting, and showing comfort, joy, love, and openness to your loved ones. At worst, Christmas can be the time of mass commercialism and consumerism to the point where people forget the true meaning of the season. To deviate from this holiday sentiment, lots opinions change either suddenly or gradually. Such is the case of my sentiments with my Rowdyruff Boys/Powerpuff Girls ships. Now at age twenty-six, I have seen that there are pairings that have held up well and others that sadly did not mostly due to decreasing tolerance of those pairings, as there were opinions from the old meme that have changed as I grew and expanded my horizons. So, for this holiday season, let us get the lumps of coal out of the way, as I talk about my RRB/PPG pairings I cannot stand anymore but actually function on a comrade-to-comrade basis.
Keep in mind that these are all of my opinions, so please do not throw a hissy fit if your ship gets the NOTP treatment from me. With that said, let us get the crap out of the way before we get to the really good stuff.
NOTPs that actually function somewhat better as BroTPs
Brick x Blossom aka Blossick aka The Reds or as the anti-Blossick people love to call it BlossSICK!
Here a Blossick! There a Blossick! Everywhere a Blossick! Everywhere I turn when I search for Rowdyruff x Powerpuff pairings, Brick x Blossom seems to ubiquitously pop up. Why, pray tell, are these two red-clad leaders the poster children of being an awesome RRB/PPG couple or an overall Powerpuff Girls couple? Is it because of the belligerent sexual tension? Is it because these two have the most differences as opposed to Butchercup and Boomubbles? Is it because these two are opposites that attract each other? I guess those can be legitimate reasons as to why anyone would love to ship Blossick, since Brick is fire, Blossom is ice, he is rugged, roguish, rough, and crass, while she is classy, elegant, articulate, and poised, and Brick is street smart, while Blossom is book smart. Fine. I am not going to stop anyone from shipping Blossick.
However, do you really want to know what kills this “pairing” for me? Their egos! My goodness! After rewatching some episodes, I found out the one factor why I kind of abhor Blossick being shipped as a romantic couple and that has to be their huge egos. It is one thing to exude confidence, strong beliefs, and pride in everything one does. It is another thing when that said confidence and pride mutate into a bloated ego on the verge of hubris complete with bragging about what great qualities they think they have. Do not get me wrong. I like both Brick and Blossom as individual characters. However, when paired up as lovers, I get the feeling that their relationship will fall apart due to their egos and their willingness to constantly one-up each other and it will never cease nor desist nor will there be any compromise whatsoever!
Oh, and do not ever get me started on how overloved, overrated, over-bloated, and over-ubiquitous this RRB/PPG pairing is, as there are memes which place Brick as the favorite Ruff, Blossom as the favorite Puff, and Blossick as the favorite RuffPuff pairing. Let us also not forget the constant shipping wars going on between Blossick and DexBloss shippers, which can give the whole Superman vs Goku craze a run for its money.
I still could not believe I used to like Blossick as a teenager, but I guess when you are a teenager you tend to like almost anything without getting into any depths as to why you like it. My feelings for Blossick went from loving it to liking it to feeling indifferent to it to me shouting to the heavens, “PLEASE MAKE THIS BLOSSICK CRAZE STOP!!!!!” Sorry, hardcore Blossick shippers, but that is just how I roll these days.
In spite of all my vehemence against Blossick, I can still ship them platonically as a sort of Team Dad, Team Mom duo in my Team Xtreme headcanon. At least, these two red-clad leaders can work professionally like that. Plus, there are other better pairings for both Brick and Blossom anyway.
So, now that I got my feeling for the Reds out of the way, let’s talk about….ugh…The Greens!
Butch x Buttercup aka Butchercup aka The Greens
Behold, the Greens. The toughest fighters. The muscles of their respective siblings. The very people you do not want to mess with if you get on their bad sides or cross their paths. And God, help you if you do, for Butch and Buttercup will give you the Queen Mother of knuckle sandwiches. On top of that, Butch and Buttercup are absolutely competitive to the point where no one seems to stop them from getting what they want. And yes, when these two green-clad, hot-tempered fighters are together, belligerent sexual tension will occur.
Unfortunately, the Greens have a seriously messed-up relationship, at least that is how I see it. What makes their relationship messed up is their stubbornness and their harsh, fiery tempers when they are together. Everything they do would feel like a freaking battlefield and that is saying something. Sure, this pairing is not as overrated as BlosSICK is, but it still sucks because of their unhinged animosity, grumbling, whining, complaining, aggression, egos, and constant shouting. These two green-clad hotheads would fail badly in an intimate relationship and you are looking at someone who has read a lot of Butchercup-centered fanfics. Moreover, much like Blossick, I used to like Butchercup, but nowadays, those sentiments of liking Butchercup have turned into sentiments of loathing Butchercup altogether!
As much as I despise shipping Butchercup romantically, I can still have confidence in shipping them platonically as a dynamic duo who can open up a can of whoop-ass, thus giving any criminal a run for his life once he sees these two green toughies prepared for battle.
So, yes, hardcore Blossick and Butchercup or Reds and Greens shippers, I am sorry if I ended up soiling on your precious ships. But something needed to be done in order for my opinions to be heard loudly and clearly. Yes, I can also give laudability to those fan authors and fan artists who know how to make Blossick and Butchercup work as a couple. However, my feelings for The Reds and The Greens as couples have all gone done the drain and they will never resurface and it is going to stay that way.
Now that the negativity is cleared, let us proceed to some positivity found in the platonic pairings that can actually function really well as cute, adorable, innocent pairings even though they are not on the OTP level.
BroTPs that double as Liked or Loved Pairings

Boomer x Buttercup aka Boomercup
What do you know, another cute pairing I like so much. Boomercup is definitely a pairing I have been liking for some time now, as this is my second favorite pairing involving Buttercup and Boomer. I could sing praises for this opposites attract pairing that is so sweet in its own way. What could be better than having a sympathetic dumb muscle like Boomer pair up with a total toughie like Buttercup? I mean, Boomer could help Buttercup not be so harsh, while Buttercup could help Boomer stand up for himself more, thus showing great friendship and allegiance.
While I do think that there is a better pairing for Buttercup and two better pairings for Boomer, Boomercup is definitely a cute pairing I am willing to defend until the ends of the earth.

Brick x Bubbles aka Brickubbles
Oh, good Lord, are my feelings for Brickubbles getting a lot stronger and stronger than I thought, as this is the cutest pairing ever and my second most favorite Brick and Bubbles-centered pairing of all time. All right, I ship these two very platonically in virtue of their massively different personalities. However, I can see it as a sort of schoolgirl crush scenario with Bubbles the jolly, sanguine ingenue admiring the absolute heck out of Brick the rough and tumble, popular, cool guy. Hence, my blissful feelings for Brick and Bubbles as a super adorable couple in a high-school drama scenario.
My main reason for liking this pairing is the fact that Bubbles is that type of person who can see the good in almost anyone and everyone and Brick is this cool, street smart gentleman who exudes pride and confidence. Together, Bubbles can help Brick become a nicer, humbler person and Brick can help Bubbles to overcome any obstacle that she faces in her life as the youngest member of a six-person superhero team. As far as I am concerned, Brickubbles functions as a sweet relationship between Brick the large-and-in-charge big brother-in-law and Bubbles the ingenue with an edge little sister-in-law that feels rather fulfilling.
And now, the moment of high elation, especially in this holiday season. My most beloved RRB/PPG OTPs!!! Yes!!!!
My Most Highly Favored RuffPuff One True Pairings of all Time!
Boomer x Bubbles aka Boomubbles
Heck, yes! This is the only color-coded pairing I am extremely passionate about to this very day! I have been shipping Boomer and Bubbles ever since I was quite young and to this day, I am still pleasantly surprised that this particular color-coded pairing holds up so darn well! The sheer sympathy these two have for each other is not only lovely but also rather touching. These two are pretty much pacifists and the most innocent of their siblings, thus making Boomer and Bubbles click exceptionally as a couple. I see them as star-crossed lovers a la Romeo and Juliet, who are drawn together by fate and have the ability to bring harmony and peace to this six-person superhero group called Team Xtreme, in my headcanon. When you have a pairing that holds up so well with Mike x Robin aka Robike as an OTP that I have been shipping ever since I was a teenager, you succeed with flying colors!
Butch x Blossom aka Blossutch
I have been so invested in this brawny bad boy and beautiful bookworm pairing for quite some time if the amount of Blossutch fan art is not already obvious. I am a huge sucker of this particular pairing because it is not only sexy if both Butch and Blossom were aged up to their ages today, but it is a pairing that is the concrete example of needs more love. One should never underestimate Blossom nor Butch. Blossom may be bigheaded and bossy on some occasions, but she is brave, gutsy, diplomatic, and clever enough to understand Butch as a person. Butch may be brutish and wild, but he is kind of misguided and he, therefore, respects the ground Blossom walks on because she is capable of showing that under Butch’s hard shell is a guy who wants to survive in a dog-eat-dog world. I see Blossutch as a wonderful yin-yang relationship that can be full of bumps, but the ride is worth it in everything they do as a couple.
Butch x Bubbles aka Butchubbles
This went from being a BroTP to a cute, innocent pairing to OTP, thus making this such an interesting turn of events. I have to fully credit KatyGorl for the art trade we have done together in terms of her Butchubbles daughter Brea and even the likes of Betty and Brandon, though I have yet to eventually complete the Butchubbles family, and the many people who ship Butchubbles as an OTP for making me invested in this opposites attract pairing. There are so many things to love about Butchubbles, as they are the essential brutish muscle and lovely ingenue pairing that I am sure is popular in a lot of media. I would even go out of my to compare Butch and Bubbles as a couple to Arashi and Miwako from the anime Paradise Kiss. Both Butch and Arashi are rough-and-tumble, hotheaded dudes who tend to be foul-mouthed while Bubbles and Miwako are lovely ingenues who love cute things and wear their emotions on their sleeves. As someone who is a fan of Paradise Kiss, this did not cross my mind until I started to become completely invested in Butchubbles. Heck, Butchubbles is on par with another favorite opposite attract pairing of mine, Bunnitch. When all is said and done, Butchubbles is totally here to stay with me, as it is tied as number one as my favorite pairing involving Butch and Bubbles. You will eventually find out my feelings about my other number one favorite Butch-centered pairing of all time.
Boomer x Blossom aka Blossoomer
This went from cute, innocent pairing bordering on OTP to full-fledged OTP. Once again, I have to thank KatyGorl and even BrickercupMasterX3 for the art trades, especially with the former, as I was able to implement Katy’s Blossoomer next-gen kids into my Team Xtreme headcanon. As my feelings for Blossick weakened, my feelings for Blossoomer grew with much fortitude not just with the art trades but also the awesome fan art especially done by StretchNSnort among many others and even StarRainerGirl’s aka xahCHUx’s fan-animated Blossoomer video set to Evanescence’s My Immortal, which brought me to tears while viewing it ad nauseum. Even reading the fanfic the fan-animated music video was based on was a harbinger of things to come when shipping Boomer and Blossom as my OTP. So, why do I love Blossoomer so much? The reason is rather simple. Blossom’s brand of diplomacy and articulacy can aid Boomer to overcome any obstacle he faces from his low self-esteem especially due to the bullying he gets from his “big brothers” Brick and Butch and even help him in all of his academic endeavors. Meanwhile, Boomer, being the simple and lovable dumb muscle that he is, can help Blossom realize that there is more to life than just having one’s nose stuck in a book the whole day and can help her calm down from all of the stress and demands of being a model citizen, thus ensuring a sort of normality and healthy synchronicity to occur between The Fleet Athlete and The Commander and The Leader. To say that I love Blossoomer is a mere understatement. I worship the ground Blossoomer walks on from here to eternity because of how much genuineness and sympathy there is. But wait, you say, what color-clash couple could be better than Blossoomer and Butchubbles combined? You are about to find out now.
Brick x Buttercup aka Brickercup
I freaking swear. Out of all the color-clash couples, Butchubbles and Blossoomer have nothing on my most beloved, most esteemed, most exciting Brickercup! Their brand of toughness, roughness, and independence can mesh exceptionally to the point where I salute these two for clicking so effectively. Brickercup is proof that Brick and Buttercup need no introduction as a badass, unrelenting, tough power couple who are so willing to kick loads of butt. Simultaneously, their brand of sexual tension and relationship will be the one that is fun, spicy, exhilarating, and invigorating. There is never a dull moment with them and I will never tire of Brickercup because of how awesomely interesting this particular couple is. It is hands down my most favorite color-clash couple RRB/PPG couple of all time.
So, my dear ladies, gentlemen, and readers of all ages, in conclusion, I have these exclamations to say about these couples from least favorite to most favorite.
Butchercup– NAY! NAY! NAY!
Boomercup– Awwwww….
Brickubbles– Squee!!!!!!!
Boomubbles– WOOHOO! Best color-coded pairing ever, baby!
Blossutch– OH YEAH! OH YEAH! OH YEAH! Best color-crack ever, baby!
The color-clash couples (Butchubbles, Blossoomer, and Brickercup)– OH FREAKING YEAH! I HIT THE JACKPOT!
That is all, ladies and gentlemen. See you all in the next submission. Happy Holidays!
The Rowdyruff Boys and The Powerpuff Girls from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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