My Filled-Up RRB x PPG Shipping Meme

Credit goes to the fabulous Summer aka SummerWhiteOSMP for this particular RRB x PPG Meme.

Greetings, fellow RRB x PPG shippers, this is your old pal Antoni. I know some of you might feel tired of me preaching about my least to most favorite RRB x PPG pairings to the heavens, but I figured that this would be fun to expound some of my opinions on the other pairings. Moreover, just by seeing this list, you will realize that there is not one pairing I feel either indifferent to or dislike and I could not find any pairing that fits that category, seeing that I do have adamant sentiments when it comes to certain pairings. So, let’s get cracking by getting the negatives out of the way.

The Pairings I absolutely abhor the most

RRBcest (Brick x Butch aka Brickutch, Butch x Boomer aka Butchoomer, and Brick x Boomer aka Brickoomer) and PPGcest (Blossom x Buttercup aka Blossercup, Buttercup x Bubbles aka Butterubbles, and Blossom x Bubbles aka Blossubbles)
On a general level, I cannot stand any pairing where either Brick, Butch, and Boomer or Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles end up as each others’ lovers, as it is just plain sick and wrong.

I know I used to have Brick x Butch or Brickutch as my guilty pleasure pairing, but I suddenly outgrew this pairing, as I strongly decided to keep Brick and Butch as really best friends who stick out for each other through thick and thin and have wonderfully epic moments of bromance. Maybe if they were not brothers I would give this pairing a shot because of their strong chemistry and bond, but as it is, just keep them as bromantic besties and let us call it a day.

Do not even get me started on either Butch x Boomer or Brick x Boomer as lovers because there would be no chemistry between Boomer and either of his brothers as lovers. In Butchoomer’s case, I would prefer it if Butch and Boomer were really competitive friends with benefits who love to test their strength and athletic prowess on each other and see who is the stronger brother of the two. In Brickoomer’s case, I would rather keep it as a similar case to Butch’s and Boomer’s competitive relationship, but with Brick being the one to show tough fraternal love to Boomer and be as competitive with him, thus having Boomer show Brick and Butch how much stronger he can be than them and get their respect in the process.

All in all, I can definitely say that Brick’s and Butch’s relationship is akin to being really great friends, Butch’s and Boomer’s relationship is within the realms of really competitive friends who have moments of sibling rivalry but end up working together rather well, and Brick’s and Boomer’s relationship is competitive in a tough fraternal love kind of way. Therefore, Boomer can respect Brick and Butch for being the strong, tough brothers that they are and Brick and Butch can respect Boomer for proving to them that he can be as strong as a fighter than them.

Now that we have talked about the gentlemen, how about the ladies?

Blossom x Buttercup or Blossercup makes me go through a moment of projectile vomiting! I would rather keep these girls as really close yet really competitive frenemies who may get on each others’ nerves but still give a darn about each other because of how effectively they work together. Their relationship is really akin to Cyborg’s and Robin’s relationship from Teen Titans 2003, in which Robin’s and Blossom’s brand of being the straight person manages to complement Cyborg’s and Buttercup’s muscle rather well, thus making them an unstoppable force. Moreover, it says a lot when both Blossom and Buttercup are the very people who do enjoy testing their strength and combat prowess on each other.

Buttercup x Bubbles or Butterubbles might as well be the classic case of friends with benefits considering how many scuffles these two have in the show. Bubbles, being the romantic that she is, would easily function as the matchmaker and be of high approval of Buttercup and Brick getting together an awesome couple.

Blossom x Bubbles or Blossubbles might as well and should stick to the classic case of Blossom being the only sane woman supporting Bubbles in all of her times of insecurity, fear, and anguish and vice versa.

All in all, PPGcest is yet another set of pairings I cannot stand and I would rather keep the sisterly dynamic between Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles as extremely platonic thank you very much.

Butch x Buttercup aka Butchercup
The Greens as a couple makes me want to throw up! I might as well keep these two as friends who work really well together giving any felon a well-deserved knuckle sandwich. But as a couple? No! Get those two away from each other before something explodes! Moving on.

Brick x Blossom aka Blossick
No! Do not ever get me started on BlossSICK anymore, as it literally and figuratively makes me sick for overrated, overloved, and over-bloated this particular pairing really is. Moreover, do not get me started on how much their egos tend to consume them. These two deserve better and I am pretty sure they know it! I would rather keep them as comrades-in-arms and call it a day.

The Pairing I like
Boomer x Buttercup aka Boomercup
As a cute, innocent pairing, I have been getting behind this for a long time. However, as a legitimate pairing, I cannot see anything beyond this other than the case of it being an innocent crush on Boomer’s side and a sort of fling on Buttercup’s side.

The Pairing I love
Brick x Bubbles aka Brickubbles
This is a cute, innocent pairing I support so much. In another time, this could be my possible OTP considering how Brick would help Bubbles express her tough side more often and Bubbles would be the one who can soften Brick’s hard shell and make him a nicer person. Moreover, I do love the dynamics both Brick and Bubbles have as a sweet pairing. However, I might as well keep this in the realms of a cute schoolgirl crush on Bubbles’ side and decent admiration on Brick’s side.

My OTPs for Life

I do not think I would need any explanation on each of them, but let us get cracking.

Brick x Buttercup aka Brickercup
Hot and Spicy Couple with exciting sexual tension in the house, baby! Plus, they are the best color-clash couple ever!

Butch x Blossom aka Blossutch
Ah, the Watermelon Couple. The great and holy matrimony between a tough, wild brawny dude and a gorgeous, articulate brainy babe. What could be better than the color-crack couple known to man?

Butch x Bubbles aka Butchubbles
The greatest example of a yin and yang couple ever next to Mitch x Bunny or Bunnitch, in my opinion! The Toughie, Cutie Couple, as I would coin it, has found its way to be amazing from my head all the way to my heart all the way to my soul given how these two can be of great help to each other in any given circumstance.

Boomer x Blossom aka Blossoomer
My beloved Cotton Candy Couple. This pairing actually ties with Brickercup as my most favorite color-clash couple of all time, as it is the wonderful matrimony between Boomer the lovable dumb muscle and Blossom the gorgeous brainy beauty.

Boomer x Bubbles aka Boomubbles
Ah, my eternally beloved Beautiful in Blue couple. I have been consistent with my love, admiration, and awe of what I can easily deem as the greatest color-coded couple ever! Screw Butchercup in the butt and have BlosSICK take a hike far, far away to the middle of nowhere. Boomubbles is the real deal when it comes to color-coded pairings given how healthy Boomer’s and Bubbles’ relationship can really be.

I hope you all enjoyed my completed RRB x PPG pairing meme, by courtesy of Summer aka SummerWhiteOSMP, and I will see you all in the next submission. Take care, everybody.

Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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