Love is in the Air in The City of Townsville drawn by me

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This piece of Brickercup, Blossutch, Boomubbles, Bunnitch, and Robike fan art is dedicated to Turqoise aka kuraikitsune13, Areanna aka bubblyshipper, Llamu aka JLpaca, NyanKittyKatMewMew18, Aneta Puzewicz aka Soraya7, Raquel Leite aka pysicho1000, XxGreenNinjaChickxX, Gabriele aka CrazyDragy, Ilyaev, Julia Makurina aka LeGuerrierDeGlace, Isaac Choong aka isaacchoong, the raccoon aka frirro, Alis Weaver aka LunarSpawnSerenata, Alex aka ppgfreak1234, and Cuttleboss who celebrated their birthdays from several days ago all the way up to today. So, I hope you all of you guys had such magnificent, grand, beautiful, thrilling, invigorating, and extraordinary birthdays. I wish you all a lot of love, joy, beauty, serenity, gratitude, abundance, and prosperity in your lives as artists and as people. This is also dedicated to all of the wonderfully phenomenal Brickercup, Blossutch, Boomubbles, Bunnitch, and Robike shippers. So, sit back, relax, and soak in that Brickercup goodness, that Blossutch beauty, that Boomubbles sweetness, that Bunnitch cuteness, and that Robike purity.

It is commonplace that I will never surrender on my main Team Xtreme OTP ships of Brickercup (Brick x Buttercup), Blossutch (Butch x Blossom), Boomubbles (Boomer x Bubbles), Mitch x Bunny (Bunnitch), and Mike x Robin (Robike) even if my life depended on it. This is not just me saying how much I love all five of these pairings, but also how extremely fascinated I am with each of them considering that Brickercup is my most favorite color-clash RuffPuff couple though these days I have wholeheartedly accepted Butchubbles and Blossoomer as my OTPs as well, thus completing the color-clash RuffPuff pairing roster, Blossutch is my most favorite color-crack couple, Boomubbles is my most favorite color-coded couple, Bunnitch is my most favorite NormiePuff couple, and Robike is my most favorite Normie couple of all time.

So, to shed some light on my most personal favorite Powerpuff Girls or, in my headcanon, Team Xtreme couples of all time, I have come up with some headcanons for each pairing. Don’t worry hardcore Brickercup, Blossutch, Boomubbles, Bunnitch, and Robike shippers, the more detailed ones involving how they were as Kindergarteners to young children to pre-teens to teenagers to adults to having their respective families will all follow suit as individual submissions. This will also apply to Butchubbles and Blossoomer since I do have some people in my DA circle to thank from the bottom of my heart for making me love them more as couples. Butchubbles and Blossoomer shippers, you know exactly who you are. So, let us get started.

As a preface to each couple headcanon, all of these OTP ships from Brickercup to Blossutch to Boomubbles to Bunnitch to Robike have started out as childhood sweethearts in Kindergarten and have grown up to be the well-established couples they are as of this year of 2019. Let’s get cracking, folks, as I do my best to elaborate each pairing.

Brick x Buttercup (Brickercup)
As of 2019, 27-year-old Brick and 26-year-old Buttercup have been married with sixteen children and have been together for eight years. They are what I, and probably a lot of people who love to pair Brick with Buttercup and vice versa, would love to call The Hot and Spicy Couple.

Brick is the type of guy who always loves it when girls can kick butt and be very strong and capable while having a feisty, rambunctious streak to them. To him, Buttercup is and will always be the one he would not only admire but be fascinated with because he fits his criteria of someone who can kick butt, take names, and look fine doing all of these without respite. She is not shrill like Princess Morbucks nor a huge know-it-all like Blossom. Buttercup is her own feisty, rambunctious, fun person and that is what makes her attractive, natural, and overall awesome in Brick’s eyes to the point of them clicking so fabulously together.

Buttercup sees Brick as not just another handsome face with a well-toned, muscular body of an Olympian god and gorgeous long hair but she also finds him both book smart and street smart, tough, strong, brave, and exceptionally well-rounded. It also helps that he does have an edge, which fascinates her so much. He is not like Butch where he is completely rough and brutish, which is a relief to Buttercup, as Brick bears a whole lot of balance. Much like how Brick respects and admires Buttercup for her toughness and never-give-up attitude complete with a lot of spice, Buttercup admires how determined, smart, and inwardly and outwardly handsome he is as a person.

In terms of them as a couple, they have a lot of things in common. Both Brick and Buttercup love heavy metal, death metal, rock and roll, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, weightlifting, soccer, basketball, football, and track-and-field. They even love to give any criminal a huge knuckle sandwich and end their days with a lot of steamy lovemaking. Sometimes Brick does tease Buttercup for how defensive and stubborn she can be, as she is as much of a Tsundere to this day and there are times that Buttercup teases Brick in terms of his occasional machismo. Moreover, there are times that Brick would call out Buttercup on her stubbornness without being too patronizing and Buttercup would call out Brick for his occasionally huge ego. Nonetheless, there is never a boring moment between these two toughies, as their relationship would start off on the love-hate side but ends up as wonderfully exciting, spicy intimacy.

Butch x Blossom (Blossutch)
As of 2019, 27-year-old Butch and 26-year-old Blossom have been married with eight children, have been together for seven years, and Blossom even has eight children from her previous one-year marriage with Boomer. We Blossutch fans dub them as The Watermelon Couple not only because of the color that this fruit contains but also the fact that Butch’s hard shell is a nice complement to Blossom’s sweet, fruity side, and there are some headcanons that suggest that Blossom has a sweet tooth and Butch loves to keep his muscles toned and hard, therefore being the definition of a Brawny Bad Boy and Brainy Bookworm couple.

Butch may be that person who wants to make it known that he is not one to be messed with. He is tough, strong, wild, fierce, and can bring any foe to his knees either with his glare or by breaking that foe in two with his animalistic combat prowess. However, if one were to look beyond his hard, rough external shell, he can be a huge softie on the inside, especially when he is around Blossom. That is because even though Butch loves, respects, and admires Brick as brother and, therefore, considers him his most favorite brother of all time, he does not have the courage to stand up to him and mostly follows him around like a loyal pit bull. At least when he is Blossom, she can be capable of listening to him and see that there is a lot more to Butch than meets the eye. Therefore, he would love Blossom not only for her external beauty but also for her diplomacy, her compassion, her empathy, her overall savviness, her cool sense of intellect, and the fact that she is a strong, capable, tough, and awesome fighter using her sense of tact and fists to do the work for her. In short, smart and pretty girls like Blossom turn Butch on.

Blossom does find Butch’s brand of ruggedness and roguishness interesting and rather attractive. Being the brave diplomat that she is, she knows she has faced more disgusting monsters in her life as a super-heroine and Butch is nothing compared to any mugger, murderer or monster she has to deal with. Blossom knows what makes Butch tick and she will drop all of her defenses to give time to empathize and reason with him. True, she does see how rough, roguish, and brutish Butch can be, but she also finds a lot of positives in him. Blossom loves Butch for his loyalty, directness, openness, weird sense of humor, strength, toughness, and how much of a roguish gentleman he can be towards her. There are some things Blossom would like to change about Butch but, as he is as a person, she at least finds him charming in a very unorthodox manner. Ergo, Butch has a weird charm that makes him all the more alluring to Blossom.

As a couple, they do have their ups and downs but that is what makes their relationship so interesting and so fascinating. Butch would be the type of guy to treat Blossom to combat sport matches, rock concerts, restaurants where they serve different types of cuisine, and motorcycle rides. Blossom would treat Butch to more cultural activities like seeing an opera or concert or ballet, visiting museums, getting involved in the sciences, and reading classic literature and drama. When they are in combat, they are an indestructible force with Butch’s muscles and animal instincts pairing up wonderfully with Blossom’s tact and skill. Moreover, they can help each other become better people. Whenever Butch has one of his bouts of unfurling anger and psychosis, Blossom would be brave and strong enough to tame him the best way she can and can realize that he is not all that bad but is misunderstood. Whenever Blossom finds herself overworked and over-stressed with her responsibilities as a role model, Butch would see that underneath all that need for perfectionism and pride is someone who is just like any normal person with fears, doubts, and anxieties that are pervasive in any person and would even do wonders for Blossom’s ego to be dialed down a few pegs. They would basically tell each other that in good times and in bad times, the world is not going to end and everything is going to be all right as long as they stick together.

Boomer x Bubbles (Boomubbles)
As of 2019, 27-year-old Boomer and 25-year-old Bubbles have been married with eight children, have been together for seven years, and Bubbles also has eight children in her previous one-year marriage with Butch. Out of all the color-coded pairings, Boomubbles is the one I will always defend from here to eternity, hands down. I basically dub this OTP as the Beautiful in Blue couple because of how sweet, cute, lovely, gorgeous, and wonderful they are when Boomer and Bubbles are paired up together. Moreover, it is lovely seeing a handsome, sympathetic dumb muscle like Boomer pair up with a lovely, sweet ingenue with an edge like Bubbles.

Boomer has always admired Bubbles for as long as he can remember. He really loves how kind, forgiving, compassionate, sociable, loving, emphatic, and understanding Bubbles is and it also helps that he finds her really cute. He even enjoys seeing Bubbles’ hardcore side emerging from her because she can prove herself capable of giving any baddie a well-deserved butt-whooping. All in all, Boomer is extremely appreciative of not only Bubbles’ external beauty but also her internal beauty, which makes everything about her perfect and pure in his eyes. Moreover, Boomer proudly states that Bubbles is his reason for living, given how many times he has saved her from harm and the many times Bubbles awards Boomer with a million hugs and kisses.

Bubbles finds Boomer’s sympathetic, lovable dumb muscle nature to be exceptionally charming and really adorable to the point where she admires how her “darling Boomie” makes her gleeful and extremely joyous. Bubbles always loves seeing the sight of Boomer’s well-sculpted, granite-like muscles, considering how he, Butch, and Brick, as well as Mitch and Mike, would always have an awesome workout routine. She even loves watching Boomer lift weights and other heavy things as well as bend metal bars, as she sees him as an awesome Olympian god with the handsomeness of an Apollo, the fierceness of a Theseus, and the strength of a Heracles. To Bubbles, Boomer’s best qualities are his kindness, his lovability, his strength, his natural charm, his hilarity, and his overall loyalty not only as a superhero but also as a complete person.

Boomer and Bubbles are the definitions of a couple who start off as childhood sweethearts and eventually grow up to be unafraid to euphorically express their undying love for each other. Ergo, they are star-crossed lovers, as if the universe brought these two blue-clad darlings together. Both Boomer and Bubbles love theater, art, music, visiting the zoo, jogging as a pair, working out, and singing power ballads with the theme of love that can range from cheesy to sweetly sentimental. Boomer is extremely faithful, loving, and loyal to Bubbles and vice versa. Whenever Bubbles gets badly hurt, he would go out of his way to comfort her and protect her from anyone who would be so brazen to injure his “angel from Heaven”. Whenever Boomer feels down, Bubbles would not only comfort Boomer but would also cheer him up by telling him some light-hearted, feel-good jokes. Therefore, Boomer and Bubbles have this healthy synergy which is a must in maintaining a relationship that is based on trust, empathy, sacrifice, compassion, and true love. When in battle against any foe, they will end up going into hardcore mode, especially when they see some nasty activities that make Boomer and Bubbles sick to their stomachs such as child abuse, animal cruelty, sex trafficking among many other inhumane deeds, seeing how much both Boomer and Bubbles care for humanity, the environment, and life in general.

Mitch x Bunny (Bunnitch)
As of 2019, 27-year-old Mitch and 25-year-old Bunny have been married with eight children and have been together for six years. Bunnitch is definitely a great example of an opposites attract type of couple, given how Mitch’s rough, gruff, tough personality meshes really well with Bunny’s gracious, kind, and loving nature.

Mitch is that type of guy who wants to have something more than just a one-night stand, which he went through when he was a young boy, and who is not always on the straight and narrow. That is until Bunny came to his life where he realizes that maybe he could be a lot better than what he would usually be as a person. As a kid, Mitch was initially weirded out by Bunny, her willingness to socialize with him, and even her ability to transform into something akin to The Hulk. Eventually, he got accustomed to Bunny’s brand of kindness and willingness to give people a chance to get to know each other better. From there, he totally and utterly appreciates everything that Bunny is as a person. He loves how compassionate she is, how easily she can forgive others, her toughness, her rough-and-tumble personality, her sympathy, her infectiously jolly attitude, and even super strength, endurance, and durability when she transforms into her Hulk form. Even though Mitch does not have any superpowers, he would go out of his way to protect Bunny from anyone who hurts her. It also helps that he and Mike have very great friends in Brick, Butch, and Boomer, as they learn how to fight in a strong and tough manner, thus defending themselves and loved ones against any brazen felon. It is even through Mitch that Bunny became a lot more communicative and sociable in everything they do.

Bunny is the girl next door with an edge. Sometimes she can be shy and rather naive but she is kind and is always willing to see the best in others. However, if one were to piss her off, she would gladly turn into something akin to The Hulk and give that brazen fool a well-deserved beating. Bunny would feel initially repulsed by Mitch’s not-so-ideal traits, but with time and patience, she would learn to admire some really good things about Mitch. What Bunny admires so much about Mitch is that he is hilarious in a dark gallows humor type of manner, tough, rough, kind of sociable considering that he is one of Buttercup’s best friends, and is really athletic considering how he enjoys playing football, basketball, soccer, track-and-field, baseball, weightlifting, and does a lot of circuit training. She would even see that Mitch lives alone with his grandmother in a trailer park and would always invite him to do many social things like go to a rock concert, eat out in diners, and just enjoy each others’ company to the fullest.

Mitch and Bunny’s lifespan as a couple shows the promise of longevity because of how well their personalities can mesh akin to yin and yang and that they see the best in each other. Moreover, Bunny would even be brave enough to call out Mitch on his mean ways and make him aware that everything he does has a consequence. From there, Mitch would know a lot better than to pick on or hurt anyone for his own amusement. Eventually, he would mellow out and change for the better because of how much Bunny has inspired him to be so much better as a person. Mitch would even help Bunny control her urge to go into her Hulk form by means of meditation, which helps both of them physically, psychologically, and mentally in the long run. Moreover, they would be very protective of each other and would stick together through thick and thin, rain and shine, and in times of sorrow and in times of joy, thus making Mitch become a lot more emphatic, kind, and well-meaning and Bunny become a lot more open, free-spirited, and more extroverted. In the battlefield, they would prove themselves to be extremely dynamic given Mitch’s skills in hand-to-hand combat and Bunny’s extraordinary ability to transform into her Hulk form.

Mike x Robin (Robike)
As of 2019, Mike and Robin have been married with eight children and have been together for six years. Robike is probably the sweetest couple to ever grace the Powerpuff Girls fan world, even though this pairing is far from canon. It is easy to say that this normie couple has a huge following and I am glad to call myself a hardcore Robike shipper, as I have been pairing them up ever since I was fifteen years old. As an adult, I still cannot see them with anyone else but each other. That is just how magnificently Robike holds up alongside Boomubbles to the point where I can consider this the best overall couple because of how lovely, innocent, and sweet this really is because of how Mike’s introverted, imaginative personality can be such a great compliment to Robin’s more extroverted, down-to-earth, girl next door nature.

Mike is the artistic, sympathetic, shy, loving boy next door who could do no wrong and has an insanely creative mind. When it comes to his one true love, Robin, he loves everything and anything about her. He loves how conversational she is, how outgoing and open she is as a person, and how kind, beautiful, upright, adorable, lovely, and gentle she is. As a child, he used to have a problem in admitting his true feelings for Robin but he eventually got over it when Robin once told him how much she enjoys being with him every day. As time went on, Mike plucked up the courage to finally tell Robin that he loves her unconditionally and would do anything to make her happy. This made Robin really happy to the point of embracing him though it did not help that Mike’s face was as red as a tomato when she did that. Nonetheless, Mike always loves seeing the positives in Robin and can easily forgive whatever flaws she may have, as the traits Robin bears make her all the more awesome in Mike’s eyes.

Robin is the sociable, extroverted, kind-hearted girl next door who enjoys making good, genuine friends and is just as creative and artistic as Mike. Speaking of Mike, Robin loves his earnestness, genuineness, altruism, kindness, and overall sense of creativity, thus making him unafraid to question the world and even find solutions that are out of the box. Robin would never be that shy to tell Mike how much she admires him because of how natural and unpretentious he is as a person. Therefore, she would root for him to be a lot more outgoing, use his creative talents for nobler purposes, and generally be a great source of encouragement where it is most needed in his life. It also helps that Mike loves being around animals considering how much Robin’s cat Ginger loves to play with him and they enjoy just being together.

Mike’s and Robin’s relationship is hands down the most stable, the most innocent, and the most genuine out of all of the other pairings. This is not just the classic case of the boy next door having a thing for the girl next door. It is them learning to use the similarities and differences they have to make anything great happen. They are creative souls who can easily thrive in creative writing, languages, child psychology, and philosophy, thus making them gain a great perspective, perception, and awareness of the world around them. In terms of combat prowess, one should be careful not to underestimate either of them for they have received training from their really great friends consisting of Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny with Mitch even joining them to learn a thing or two about proper self-defense. Both Mike and Robin would use tact, muscle, and athletic prowess to take down any criminal even if they do not have any super powers. At the end of the day, everything they do would be smooth sailing without any form of animosity whatsoever.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed these headcanons I have in store for Brickercup, Blossutch, Boomubbles, Bunnitch, and Robike. I would love to thank BrickercupMasterX3, Citsitra-blue, KatyGorl, yosuehere, Smol-Marshmallow, PrincessCallyie, Sweatshirtmaster, toongrowner, xahCHUx, BunnitchRox, katamariluv, TXToonGuy1037, HMontes, MarcosBnPinto, xmysticaldreamsx, PurfectPrincessGirl, and all of the wonderful DeviantArtists for making me extremely invested in and giving me a whole lot of inspiration for loving Brickercup, Blossutch, Boomubbles, Bunnitch, and Robike as my main OTPs in the Powerpuff universe for life! And to all of you who checked this piece of Brickercup, Blossutch, Boomubbles, Bunnitch, and Robike fan art out, thanks so much for taking the time to check this and my general headcanons out and I will see you all next time. Take care and have an awesome spring!

Brick, Buttercup, Butch, Blossom, Boomer, Bubbles, Mitch, Bunny, Mike, and Robin from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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