Sensually Sinuous Jungle Loving drawn by me

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This piece of Namontack x Basuli or NamonBas and Kocoum x Tarzan or KocoTar fan art is dedicated to YANN-X and itanatsu-chan who celebrated their birthdays a few weeks ago and Jeff Snyder aka twilightsparkle3562 and Ikrines who celebrated their birthdays a few days ago. So, I hope you guys had such magnificent, awesome, and grand birthdays and I wish you a lot of love, prosperity, and abundance in your lives as artists and as people. Comme on dit en francais j’espère vous avez magnifiques, merveilleuses et grandes anniversaires et je vous souhaite beaucoup d’amour, de prosperité et d’abondance dans votres vies comme artistes et personnes. This is also dedicated to all of the NamonBas and KocoTar shippers out there. So, sit back, relax, and soak in that Namontack x Basuli sexiness and that Kocoum x Tarzan hotness.

Ah, how I just love my two most favorite Disney Male Slash OTPs of all time, Namontack x Basuli and Kocoum x Tarzan. I do not just love them because both of these couples are hot, sexy, gorgeous, and fun, though it is really great, cuddly, and cute seeing two sets of muscular and handsome warrior hunks being in a loving relationship, but also because of how many interesting dynamics are present between these two sets of couples. Moreover, I am pretty sure this picture of Namontack and Basuli and Kocoum and Tarzan, being the sinuous couples that they are, is starting to arouse you, dear viewers.

I am sure a lot of you are aware of this, but in my headcanon, Basuli and Tarzan are brothers with Basuli being the older one and Tarzan being the younger brother. Their father, Chief Keewazi, managed to do an exceptional job raising his two most beloved sons in the world to be warrior chiefs of the Waziri tribe.

I also bet you are wondering how Namontack and Kocoum came to be as Basuli’s and Tarzan’s husbands. Basically, these two sets of couples met when they were young, started off as friends, and as they grew, they started to realize they had feelings for each other in their own unique ways, thus making them grow up to be the sexy, hunky couples they are today. It is not only an agreement between the Powhatan and Waziri tribes to make peace and fight against any outsider who does harm to nature but also through how much Namontack and Kocoum care deeply for Basuli and Tarzan respectively.

So, I have some headcanons for Namontack x Basuli and Kocoum x Tarzan which I am gladly going to talk about. Let’s get cracking.

Namontack x Basuli (NamonBas)

As of this year, 50-year-old Namontack and 47-year-old Basuli have been married for twenty years and adopted eight children who also ended up married with children, thus making them grandfathers to several wonderful grandchildren. Therefore, I dub this pairing to be The Imposing Muscle Warrior Couple because both Namontack and Basuli not only have huge, well-shaped muscles of steel but also fighting skills that can make any great warrior envious.

Namontack is a man with a rough, tough, rugged outer shell. With his imposing build, courtesy of his muscles and his skills as a warrior, he could send his foes to their knees begging for mercy. However, underneath that tower of muscle and power is a gentle soul who is loyal, protective, kind, and loving not only to his Powhatan warrior brother, Kocoum, but also to his best friend, Tarzan, and his eternally beloved, Basuli. Namontack sees Basuli as not only his equal in terms of his muscles, fighting skills, and toughness, but also for how sympathetic he can be. He loves Basuli for his independent spirit, his directness, his bravery, and the way he thinks.

Basuli is a man of courage, resilience, independence, and determination. He is not one to let anyone deride him or undermine his opinions, as he is a steadfast soul. Moreover, one can tell that his muscular built, his athletic prowess and combat skills make him an ideal man for anyone who looks up to him. He has a marvelously close relationship with his brother, Tarzan, and an equally dynamic and loving relationship with Namontack, the man he considers to be his greater half and soulmate for life. Basuli deeply admires Namontack not only for his strength, his toughness in battle, and his steeliness but also for how tender, sweet, and sympathetic he can be with him.

Namontack and Basuli are the crystal clear definition of two handsome, strong muscle hunks in love. Their similarities would make them click so easily considering that they have a lot of things in common. They are strong fighters with a strict combat code, are extremely brave, and have equally strong personalities. Namontack’s toughness is a great complement to Basuli’s determination, seeing that their relationship is not of the syrupy kind, though they have their moments of sweetness when they are together. Given the fact that both Namontack and Basuli are the bearers of incredibly muscular physiques, they would be the type of guys who love to admire each others’ magnificent bodies. They would be flexing their biceps, triceps, quads, and pecs, touch each others’ muscles and would make hot, steamy love to each other. Namontack would always find Basuli amusing and utterly loving because of his strong personality and Basuli would be utterly charmed by Namontack’s brand of lovability.

Kocoum x Tarzan (KocoTar)

As of this year, 48-year-old Kocoum and 46-year-old Tarzan have been married for twenty years and adopted eight children who, in turn, are married with children of their own. For a couple of grandfathers, they continue to look exceptionally great for their ages. With that said, I dub this pairing as The Hot, Sexy, Wild Beefcake Couple because of how handsome both Kocoum and Tarzan are thanks to their muscular physiques and excellent combat prowess. Moreover, even though they are opposites, they attract each other so effectively.

Kocoum is a stern, strong, focused, determined, stoic man who will not let anyone knock him down. He constantly keeps his mind, body, and soul in check to ensure that he is in peak physical condition to take his enemies down. Sure, his enemies would easily fall to their knees if they were foolish enough to mess with Kocoum, but he does have a soft spot when he is with Tarzan. Kocoum loves anything and everything about Tarzan, such as how kind, compassionate, gracious, amusing, and charming he can be. He also loves the fact that Tarzan is a fierce, fearless, resourceful fighter, thus making him a great spouse in his life. There are even times that Tarzan makes Kocoum laugh when it comes to him being silly and he just loves how tender he can be with him.

Tarzan is a handsome, strong, tough, rough fighter of a man whose skills as a fighter are a great marriage of pure muscle, animalistic reflexes, and superb combat prowess. One should be extremely careful when crossing Tarzan’s path, as he has the muscles to make his foes tremble and the combat prowess of a true Olympian considering his skills in wrestling, boxing, and unleashing such powerful roars. However, if one were to look beyond his wild, animalistic side, he is actually a sweetheart, especially when he is around his most favorite brother, Basuli, his best friend, Namontack, and his darling husband, Kocoum. Tarzan loves how steadfast, focused, determined, fierce, and fearless Kocoum is both as a fighter and as a person. He even loves how tender, protective, attentive, and charming Kocoum can be when they are together.

If there is one thing that makes Kocoum and Tarzan stand out as a couple, it would have to be how well their opposite personalities attract each other. Think about it for a second. Kocoum’s stern nature is actually a nice complement to Tarzan’s extroverted personality and there will never be a dull moment between these two. They would be there for each other 24/7, protect each other from harm, and even have exciting nights of intimacy. Let us also not forget about their godly, Olympian physiques. After their battles, Kocoum and Tarzan would flex their muscles for each other, touch each others’ muscular bodies while complimenting each other on them, thus massaging the places where there is a lot of tension, and finally engage in steamy lovemaking. Kocoum would always find Tarzan sweet and charming while Tarzan would be completely charmed by how tender Kocoum can be towards him.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the headcanons I had in store for Namontack x Basuli and Kocoum x Tarzan. I not only want to thank the fabulous YANN-X for making my love for Disney Male Slash pairings come to full fruition through his awesome fan art and life but also to Hollie aka 04jh1911, Anjosguval, TheMinions13, and FinsFlipper for making my love for Disney Male Slash fully solidified. Until then, this is Antoni wishing you a most pleasant spring.

Namontack and Kocoum from Pocahontas (1995) belong to Disney.
Basuli and Tarzan from Tarzan (1999) and The Legend of Tarzan (2001) belong to Edgar Rice Burroughs and Disney.

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