Color Clash Couples: Sexiness, Charm, and Beauty drawn by me

This piece of Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer fan art is dedicated to the great Craig McCracken aka CMcC who celebrated his birthday last week, Charlie aka Teeniedoodles and Kina aka MiraculousQueen22 who celebrated their birthdays three days ago, Fusion-Bioformer and ArtfulInk who celebrated their birthdays two days ago, Hestia1, AngelLily, MarcosBnPinto, and riukime who celebrated their birthdays yesterday, and LilyBlossom24 and Bianca aka BiPinkBunny who are celebrating their birthdays today. So, I hope you all had and have such magnificent, brilliant, and grand birthday celebrations and I wish you a lot of love, joy, happiness, strength, beauty, prosperity, and abundance in your lives as artists and as people. Como se dice en español, espero que hayaís tenido y tienen celebraciónes de cumpleaños magnificas, brillantes y grandes y os deseo mucho amor, alegría, felicidad, fuerza, belleza, prosperidad y abundancia en vuestras vidas como artistas y como personas.

This is also dedicated to the amazing Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer shippers out there. So, sit back, relax, and soak in that Brickercup hotness, sexiness, and spiciness, that Butchubbles adorability, lovability, and charm, and that Blossoomer sweetness, loveliness, and beauty.

Before I start this post, I would like to address that Boomer had a haircut. Let us just chalk it up to his hair constantly getting in the way in battle, therefore making his teammates help him trim his hair to be back to what it used to look like when he was rather young. Bubbles was the one who trimmed his hair and knew the exact details of how his old hairstyle looked like, being the artist that she is. With that said, let us get on to the main program.

Once upon another time, if I were still a young lad or a young teenager, I probably would have been a straight-up Color-Clash RuffPuff shipper, dropped the Color-Coded RuffPuff pairings, and found the Color-Crack RuffPuff pairings altogether. That is because, now as a 26 going on 27-year-old guy, I am able to fully open my mind to not only Brickercup’s brand of spicy intimacy but also Butchubbles’ brand of cuteness and Blossoomer’s brand of genuineness.

Furthermore, I know some of you, dear viewers, will feel blasé when I say this but I will gladly reiterate. If I did not ship Blossom with Butch and Bubbles with Boomer, thus sealing Butch x Blossom or Blossutch and Boomer x Bubbles or Boomubbles as my ultimate endgame OTPs in the color-crack and color-coded RuffPuff pairing categories, I would have gladly settled with Butch x Bubbles or Butchubbles and Boomer x Blossom or Blossoomer as my OTPs for life, therefore hitting the jackpot with all of the color-clash RuffPuff pairings. I have some of my beloved sisters from another mother to thank so much from the deepest depths of my heart, mind, and soul for making me cherish and for inspiring me to be a loyal shipper of the color-clash RuffPuff couples so much and they are BrickercupMasterX3, xahCHUx, KatyGorl, and Citsitra-Blue among many others.

On top of that, Brickercup and Blossoomer are having quite the tug-of-war when it comes to obtaining the gold medal of my favorite Color-Clash RuffPuff couples of all time since I really love the both of them on an extremely high level with Butchubbles trailing behind at least for how adorable it is.

I also promised some of you viewers that I was also going to talk about the basic headcanons I have in store for Butchubbles and Blossoomer with more detailed ones coming in the form of individual timelines for them from being childhood sweethearts to dating as teenagers to being married to having children. For the sake of this submission, I am keeping to my AU headcanon where Brick and Buttercup have not only been married for eight years with eight children, but Butch and Bubbles, as well as Boomer and Blossom, have also been officially married for eight years with eight children, which means KatyGorl’s and Misse-the-cat’s six Brickercup, six Butchubbles, and six Blossoomer children from her universe and the two Brickercup sons, the two Butchubbles sons, and the two Blossoomer sons I have added to make the number of Blossutch and Boomubbles children balanced in my headcanon.

Since we already took at the basic headcanon I have for Brickercup in a previous submission, let us dig in to Butchubbles’ and Blossoomer’s sides of the story.

Butch x Bubbles (Butchubbles)
As of 2019, 27-year-old Butch and 25-year-old Bubbles have been married for eight years with eight fun-loving, adorable yet tough children. Butchubbles is, therefore, christened as The Beastly, Brawny Toughie and the Bouncy, Sweet Cutie couple because of the fact that Butch and Bubbles play off of each other as total opposites with Butch’s tough, rough nature meshing really well with Bubbles’ ingenue with an edge personality.

Butch may be a tough, strong, wild fighter who has muscles of steel, an iron will, a resilient fighting spirit, and heaps of endurance, but he also a soft spot for animals, dark humor, and sculptures. He bears this cuddly, soft spot whenever he is with Bubbles and if anyone were to be so brazen to hurt, harass or humiliate Bubbles, Butch would unleash absolute Hell on the perpetrator and make that said perpetrator fall to his knees begging for mercy. When Butch is around Bubbles, he is akin to a very faithful pit bull who is fierce and bloodthirsty on the outside yet cuddly and sweet on the inside. He loves Bubbles for how forgiving, compassionate, emphatic, loving, and hilarious she is. He even loves how Bubbles goes into her hardcore mode when she is in battle, as that facet of her arouses him so much.

Bubbles has always admired Butch, his ruggedness, and his roguishness ever since she was a young girl. Everything and anything about Butch fascinates Bubbles ranging from his brute, animalistic strength to his tenderness when he is around her. Bubbles loves the fact that Butch is strong, handsome, has the well-shaped muscles of an Olympian god, has a dark sense of humor, loyal, protective, and is a complete animal lover, what with him being a dog, wolf, gorilla, lion, tiger, and bear person and Bubbles being more of a rabbit, hamster, gerbil, squirrel, and cat person. Although she loves the fact that Butch is always there to rescue her from peril and protect her from anyone who hurts her in any way, she could prove to Butch that she is just as courageous and strong as him and the rest of her Team Xtreme teammates. Moreover, she would even be the type of person to soothe Butch from all forms of agitation and anxiety by being brave enough to know what makes Butch tick and what keeps him calm on the inside and on the outside.

Butch’s and Bubbles’ dynamics as a couple would show so much versatility, interest, and will leave any hardcore Butchubbles shipper with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Butch would treat Bubbles to monster truck rallies, MMA matches, sports events, and death metal concerts, while Bubbles would treat Butch to art galleries, walks in the park, trips to the amusement park, taking care of the animals in the animal shelter, and home-cooked meals by courtesy of, of course, Bubbles. As combatants against various foes, there will be as much flexibility in the battlefield as in their relationship with Butch being all about raw power, animalistic brawn, and unending endurance and Bubbles being all about agility, grace, and pinpoint precision. Finally, Butch and Bubbles would basically be normalizing each other. Whenever Butch gets into his violent, psychotic episodes, Bubbles would be courageous enough to keep him calm and controlled so that he will not have to solve everything with muscle and fists alone. Whenever Bubbles gets hurt or insulted or belittled, Butch would not only protect her with all of his being but also make sure that Bubbles uses that hardcore side more often, as that makes her not only appealing to him but also makes her a lot more outspoken and daring in her own special way. All in all, Butch and Bubbles would really stick together in any situation, any place, and any time.

Boomer x Blossom (Blossoomer)
As of 2019, 27-year-old Boomer and 26-year-old Blossom have been married for eight years with eight brilliant, dynamic, and loving children. Blossoomer is coined as The Cotton Candy Couple because of the fact that blue and pink are the dominant colors applied when making this confectionary staple, thus coining the flavors as “blue raspberry” and “pink vanilla” or “pink bubble gum”. On a slightly more off-tangent note, blue and pink are also the colors of bisexuality with lavender being in the middle, as blue represents heterosexual attraction or even masculine attraction, pink represents homosexual attraction or even feminine attraction, and lavender in the middle represents an attraction to both genders. Overall, there is a lot of flexibility, charm, sweetness, and great interest to be found in Blossoomer, considering that it is a wonderful combination between a sympathetic, hilarious, handsome, and charmingly lovable dumb muscle and a gorgeous, articulate, stately, and elegant brainy beauty.

Boomer has always shown unrelentingly pure admiration for Blossom ever since he was a little lad. He loves how poised, elegant, well-kept, beautiful, loving, kind, diplomatic, compassionate, and intelligent she is. Boomer never sees Blossom as just another pretty face because he sees a young woman who is strong, independent, idealistic, inspiring, and an awesomely athletic fighter. All of Blossom’s wonderful facets are enough to make Boomer not only be so willing to protect her from harm but also appreciate all the things about Blossom that make her the person that she is with not just her best qualities but also her flaws. Boomer would also admire how hardworking, dedicated, and determined Blossom is as a person because she was, is, and will always be one of the many people who inspire him to be a great hero, a chivalrous gentleman, and a complete person.

Blossom finds Boomer’s authenticity, chivalrousness, kindness, courage, strength, and compassion to be his greatest qualities ever. There are several occasions where Blossom would drop her defenses to listen to Boomer and understand what is eating at him, what makes him tick, and what brings him boundless joy. In spite of his occasional roughness, she could still see a charming gentleman who is loving, protective, multitalented, and merciful with no ulterior motives whatsoever. It also helps that she loves it when Boomer keeps his muscular body toned and sculpted whether for battle or for his posedowns with Brick, Butch, Mitch, and Mike or for his own personal health and fitness. Blossom would never want to change a thing about Boomer, as she loves him just the way he is.

Indubitably, Boomer and Blossom would have the healthiest relationship out of all the color-clash RuffPuff pairings. They would start out as childhood sweethearts who admire each other for their positive qualities, have a long-lasting relationship as teenagers, get married, and grow old together. Both have a knack for art, world literature, sports, film, culture, music, biology, culinary arts, traveling the world, and languages. While Boomer is more of the type of gentleman to lean towards art, music, sports, film, poetry, and literature, Blossom is more of the type of lady to invest herself in science, mathematics, technology, politics, and education. They would end up being Townsville’s ambassadors for the arts, intercultural relations, and education. Aside from their passions and interests, Boomer and Blossom would help each other out as people. Whenever Boomer has moments of doubt, anxiety, loneliness, and insecurity, Blossom would always be there to remind him that he is never alone, that he has friends and family who care a great deal about him, and she herself cares about his well-being. Whenever Blossom has one of those moments where she gets too big for her boots, gets overwhelmed with work or experiences pressure when it comes to being a role model, Boomer would always be there to put her feet back on the ground, remind Blossom that she is great the way she is, and will ensure her that she has nothing to worry about and that she can do it. When all is said and done, Boomer and Blossom will always be there for each other acknowledging their weaknesses and turn them into strengths and appreciating each other for the positives that they have.

So, there you have it, Butchubbles and Blossoomer shippers, I kept my word. I hope you all enjoyed the basic headcanons I have for Butch x Bubbles and Boomer x Blossom. I would love to thank every single shipper of not only Brickercup, but also Butchubbles and Blossoomer for giving me a lot of inspiration and drive to be fully invested in these pairings. Moreover, if I were to rate all of the color-clash RuffPuff pairings plus Mitch x Bunny and Mike x Robin, they would be ranked like this.

In third place winning the bronze medal, Mike x Robin aka Robike for showing a lot of sweetness, genuineness, and adorability.

Tied in second place winning the silver medal, Mitch x Bunny aka Bunnitch and Butch x Bubbles for being the definition of an awesomely flexible pair of couples whose opposites truly attract and have amazing dynamics when they are together.

Our winners and receiving the gold medal are Brick x Buttercup aka Brickercup and Boomer x Blossom aka Blossoomer for showing excellent dynamics and a well-rounded relationship. It was really hard to pick which one was my best color-clash RuffPuff couple of all time, but I decided to settle with these two at number one because of the fact that Brickercup’s spicy intimacy and Blossoomer’s sweet genuineness are always welcome treats for me. So, I get two exciting flavors for the price of one.

Thanks for tuning in and I will see you all in the next submission. Take care, everybody!

Brick, Buttercup, Butch, Bubbles, Boomer, and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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