A Color-Clash Rowdyruff x Powerpuff Musing Essay

Greetings, all ye Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles fans and shippers, it is your old pal Antoni here with another written entry.

You all knew this was coming and, for that, I am very excited to express my thoughts on this particular set of RuffPuff couples that I love so much.


Once upon another time, I would have been a straight-up color-clash Rowdyruff x Powerpuff shipper and I would have been proud of it. Additionally, I would have easily considered the color-coded RuffPuff couples, i.e. Boomubbles, Butchercup and especially Blossick, to be the most overrated, over-loved, overpraised, and over-amassed set of pairings ever to the point of clogging the PPG fandom. Ergo, I would have gone out of my way and stated the color-coded pairings are bland, flavorless, dull, and really boring.

As for the color-crack ships, I would have simply tolerated them all, called it a day, and that was it. Granted, there is a little bit more interest found in Blossutch, Brickubbles, and Boomercup, and these are the set of couples that do need a lot more love. However, my feelings for the color-crack couples would have been limited to me saying that they are fine and that is all.

Don’t get me wrong. I cherish Boomubbles so much because of how naturally Boomer and Bubbles click as a couple. I really love the interesting interactions Blossutch has in terms of Butch’s and Blossom’s differences and how they play off of each other in a fun way. However, at the end of the day, I have to give it to Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles aka The Color-Clash RuffPuff Couples for showing much more exciting dynamics, a lot more soul, and so much stability in any relationship. Whether it is Blossoomer’s brand of genuineness, empathy, and sacrifice, Brickercup’s exciting flair, pizzazz, and synergy in spite of the occasional rockiness, and Butchubbles being living proof that one should not judge a book by its cover, it is clear as night and day that the color-clash RuffPuff pairings seem to guarantee a lot more flavor, dimension, feeling, and interest as opposed to the blandness and one-notedness found in the color-coded RuffPuff pairings.

So, after years of assessing, rethinking, and keeping my mind, heart, and soul open to new coupling possibilities, I can safely attest that Blossick annoys me for how overrated it is and Butchercup leaves me drained, thus making me fall out of love with these two “pairings” alongside Mitch Mitchelson x Princess Morbucks for being the pairings I used to like but nowadays find them to be godawful. At least, Boomubbles is not as bad as the former two, which is why I can say that this is my OTP of the color-coded category. Moreover, I can even state that while I think Brickubbles and Boomercup are very cute and sweet, it is Blossutch that manages to trump both of them, hence this particular pairing is my OTP of the color-crack category. Finally, even though I love, cherish, and admire Brickercup to the nth degree, Blossoomer has found itself atop the gold medal standard of the color-clash couples and Butchubbles has stood firmly and shoulder-to-shoulder alongside the other two color-clash couples as my OTPs for life.

Eventually, we shall find out why this is so. However, before all of that, I would love to call attention to some of my favorite specialists of the color-clash shippings and elaborate what makes me especially drawn to their works.

The Color-Clash Fan Artists Whose Works I Cherish The Most

Throughout my one-year tenure of being a DeviantArtist, I have gotten myself acquainted with some of the finest artists to chiefly specialize in the Color-Clash RuffPuff Pairings. Those fine people are BrickercupMasterX3, Pastel—Star, KatyGorl, PrincessCallyie, Citsitra-Blue, xahCHUx, xmysticaldreamsx, PowerpuffObsessed, crystal-sn0w, resotii, QuietLullabies, MissEmmyJay, ColorfulWonders, YokoAnimeProductions, GoldRoseAngel, and Scarlettbreaking. Special acknowledgment has to go to PurfectPrincessGirl for her equally fine pieces of Brickercup, Blossoomer, and Butchubbles fan art and KazunaPikachu and StretchNSnort for being the very people to help me appreciate Blossoomer so much more than I do all thanks to their works.

My most beloved sister from another mother, Paula aka BrickercupMasterX3, certainly has a beauty that she injects to her works coupled with the adamance she has over Butchubbles, Blossoomer, and, of course, according to her namesake, Brickercup. Just by looking at how much love she is able to put into her main OTP in her fanart to the memes to some of the fanfictions are enough for me to keep rooting for her as a fellow artist. Looking beyond all that, she has also gotten me to be completely invested with Mitch x Bunny or Bunnitch and their brand of sympathy, lovability, and loyalty towards each other, and we are both major Kenshin x Kaoru OTP shippers. Moreover, I consider her to be a kindred spirit and a great friend because we have a love for pairings that are either outside the box or the ones that ring true to the genuine connection of the characters. Ergo, we have our fair share of OTP ships that we will never abandon and that we will stay loyal to regardless of what fanbase it is.

It should be no surprise that I love xahCHUx’s works whether I watch her fan-animated videos on YouTube or take a gander at her color-clash couples art on DA. Sarah always brings a lot of detail, vividness, color, and cleanliness to her character designs, thus making each and every one of her works shine brilliantly in my eyes. Her stand out works on YouTube are her fan-animated music videos of “Gives You Hell” by The All-American Rejects starring Brick and Buttercup, which manages to leave me with a huge smile on my face especially when Butch x Bubbles and Boomer x Blossom get involved near the end, and the ever-tearjerking, ever-poignant fan-animated music video rendition of “My Immortal” by Evanescence’s Amy Lee starring Boomer x Blossom, which managed to leave me bawling on more than one occasion. It certainly says something that Sarah has helped me root for two of my most favorite color-clash couples of all time and those are Blossoomer and Brickercup, especially the former. I continue to be so thankful for her inspiration by courtesy of her works on YouTube and on DA and especially for my appreciation for both the color-clash and the color-crack pairings be fully realized.

When it comes to character headcanons, I cannot begin to thank Citsitra-Blue enough for her inspiration and the fine amount of detail she puts into how the color-clash RRB x PPG pairings are as couples. I religiously look through her couples headcanons and her Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer kids comics to the point where I am immediately immersed in their respective stories, which makes things a lot of fun in the long run.

KatyGorl is my unsung heroine when it comes to firmly affirming my love of the color-clash couples. Sure, I may be a hardcore Brickercup shipper, but through a couple of fateful art trades involving some of her Blossoomer and Butchubbles children, I managed to proudly call myself a Blossoomer and Butchubbles OTP shipper all while staying true to Blossutch and Boomubbles as my other OTPs for life. I especially got myself involved in her Blossoomer next-gen month last December which was quite the blast, as I managed to truly open my eyes and heart to welcome Blossoomer in my Team Xtreme headcanon. This even got to the point where I thought up of two more Blossoomer and Butchubbles sons to balance the eight Blossutch and eight Boomubbles children in my Team Xtreme universe. I even added two more Brickercup sons to even the score. Therefore, Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles each have sixteen children, with Buttercup having all sixteen children with Brick, Blossom having eight children with Boomer and eight more with Butch, and Bubbles having eight children with Butch and eight children with Boomer. Going back to the matter at hand, I appreciate how lovely her art pieces are and I am very thankful to have partaken in those fateful art trades. For if I did not, I would have regretted not sealing the deal with Blossoomer and Butchubbles as my OTPs, thus completing my love for the color-clash couples.

PrincessCallyie may be more well-known for her Jack Spicer x Princess Morbucks or Prinack fanart, considering that Prinack is her main OTP, but I also happen to fancy her color-clash RuffPuff fanart, especially that of Brickercup. Sure, I have enjoyed her two pieces Butchubbles fan art, especially the one when Butch was about to touch Bubbles’ buttocks, and her lovely piece of Blossoomer fan art, which made my heart swell for this particular couple, but it is Brickercup that takes center stage. I love those artworks as much as I love her Prinack fan art and that is saying something. She really knows how to make Brickercup work in their own fun way and I am also a fan of her color-clash kids namely Cherri the Blossoomer who is such a sweetheart, Cocoa the Butchubbles daughter who is absolutely lovely, and, of course, Cayenne the Brickercup daughter who manages to steal the show all thanks to her spunky and rowdy nature.

ColorfulWonders, crystal-sn0w, resotii, Pastel—Star, GoldRoseAngel, and YokoAnimeProductions are fine examples of artists who are proud, adamant shippers of Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles and know how to make adorable pieces of fanart starring these three couples. I especially have to give mad props to YokoAnimeProductions for her Blossoomer and fan children, Blizz and Blitz, and her Brickercup fan children, Brock and Brass, for being a lot of fun to witness given their awesome personalities. I also have to give mad props to crystal-sn0w, resotii, and ColorfulWonders for producing such adorable pieces of color-clash couple fan art and for finding the fun and delight with shipping Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles as awesome couples.

Scarlettbreaking, PowerpuffObsessed, xmysticaldreamsx, QuietLullabies, and MissEmmyJay are fine examples of multi-shippers who have a wonderfully soft spot for the color-clash couples, especially, for the most part, Blossoomer. Their works range from cute and sweet to lovely and vivid all thanks to their usage of bright colors and cute designs. And, yes, I myself am a multi-shipper. Why do you think I have Brickercup, Blossoomer, Blossutch, Butchubbles, and Boomubbles as my most beloved OTPs and have Brickubbles and Boomercup as my cute and innocent pairings for life? Going back to the matter at hand, I especially love it when Blossoomer is involved considering how sweet, genuine, and unpretentious this particular RuffPuff couple really is and these lovely ladies know how to evoke the genuineness and the sweetness found in something so precious as Blossoomer.

I cannot thank these wonderful artists enough for getting me so invested in all of the color-clash ships and I salute each and every one of them as brilliant artists who know how to evoke the flexibility, interest, and the various flavors found in Blossoomer’s sweetness, Brickercup’s spiciness, and Butchubbles’ sweet, spicy, savory kick.

Now, as promised, let us find out why I rank Blossoomer as my number one color-clash RuffPuff ship of all time with Brickercup going toe-to-toe with Blossoomer and Butchubbles just trailing behind the both of them.

Boomer x Blossom aka Blossoomer: The Berry-Flavored Cotton Candy Couple That is the Gold Standard of Being in a Relationship

I should admit that Blossoomer was the very pairing to find itself perched atop my most favorite color-clash RuffPuff pairings ever. Brickercup still has that title but Blossoomer’s brand of genuineness, lovability, and empathy manages to make me root for this lovable dumb muscle to end up with the brainy beauty. It also helps that Boomer is my most favorite Rowdyruff Boy and Blossom is my most favorite Powerpuff Girl, so they kind of seemed destined for each other, in a sense. Combining Boomer’s sympathetic, lovable dumb muscle and Blossom’s elegance, grace, and savviness is a genius idea considering how much they can be able to learn from each other and, most importantly, break each others’ walls down.

I can list a plethora of reasons why I cherish Blossoomer so much but they might as well be boiled down to a sense of true loyalty, insurmountable moral support, boundless empathy, unconditional love, perpetual compassion, and just being there for each other 24/7, rain or shine, bad times and good times, and everything else in between. Boomer and Blossom would definitely stick to each other like glue and they would help each other become better people, thus bearing so much healthy synergy towards each other. If that is not relationship goals right there, I do not know what is.

The amount of positive vibes I can spot within Blossoomer is completely off the charts and that is because they would know how to listen to each other, build each others’ confidence, root for each other, empathize with each other, and help each other reach their full potential in everything they do. There will be no amount of doubt, insecurity, anguish, and animosity that will stop them from being the great couple that they are. Whenever Boomer has difficulties with academics, his professional job as a superhero or primal doubts, Blossom would be the one person who will not hesitate to help him find his feet in anything that is challenging. If ever Blossom gets too big for her boots or finds herself in a state where the pressure of being a role model or a model student comes to cloud her goals and her vision, Boomer will always help Blossom to understand that she has this under her belt and she does not have to feel beaten down because she is beautiful in her own way and no one can take that away from her.

As a preface for my timeline for Blossoomer, I can easily imagine Boomer and Blossom being childhood sweethearts and their relationship would flourish into something more genuine, more loving, and more brilliant than anyone can ever imagine. They would even be the couple that would be the first to marry and have kids because of how much unconditional love and support they give to each other. At the end of the day, they would even be that couple who will end up growing old together.

In terms of interests, Boomer and Blossom would share so much in common in music especially indie music, opera, baroque, classical, and experimental music, film, theater, fine art, world literature, poetry, journalism, martial arts such as Kung Fu, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai, track-and-field, swimming, biology, chemistry, physics, and the humanities. Their love for the arts and sciences would know no bounds and they would always learn a thing or two in these chosen fields.

At times, I am still wondering why this took me so long to ship these two together as my OTP because there are so many facets to Blossoomer that are worth coming back to every single time. For that, I will always cherish the healthy relationship that Boomer and Blossom have. This is a pairing that is a clear-cut example of rooting for each other and seeing the best in each other to become better people. Ultimately, Blossoomer is a pairing I will sing my praises to 24/7 because of every positive facet that it represents.

Brick x Buttercup aka Brickercup: The Hot and Spicy Couple That Exudes Excellence in terms of Their Exciting Chemistry

I have been a consistent fan and shipper of Brickercup ever since I got myself immersed in their brand of awesomely belligerent sexual tension. Just because Blossoomer has taken over that title of being the best color-clash RuffPuff couple does not mean that Brickercup can still go toe-to-toe with that aforementioned pairing. In fact, I still love Brickercup for the legit reason that with this pairing the belligerent sexual tension between Brick and Buttercup is actually exciting, passionate, and full of heat and it is not aggravating in the slightest. I would even go out of my way and say that Brick and Buttercup seemed destined to be together in virtue of how much they have in common. When one combines Brick’s roguishness, street smarts, the occasional book smarts, resilience, determination, and steeliness with Buttercup’s rambunctiousness, toughness, independence, and feistiness, one gets a very fun dynamic going on between The Bludgeoner and The Toughest Fighter. Ergo, no moment will end up becoming a bore when these two enter the scene.

Aside from finding common ground, what makes Brickercup excellent in my eyes is their spicy chemistry, their roller-coaster of a relationship complete with twists and turns, and the overall effectiveness of how they are together. Nothing about them will end up as draining. As a matter of fact, everything they do together will have an air of excitement and flair. Whether it is fighting monsters, felons, and general villains, Brick and Buttercup would always have a ball doing these activities together while looking great doing so. Ergo, their synergy is one to be reckoned with because of its spicy flair.

What is also worth mentioning is how effectively they would help each other. If Brick gets too big for his boots or lets his ego show too much, Buttercup will be unafraid to call him out. If ever Buttercup hides her feelings or feels insecure with herself, Brick would always remind her that she is Buttercup and he loves her for being herself. Ultimately, Brickercup’s relationship goals are of the fiery kind to the point where they would grow old together while giving every single obstacle the boot.

As mentioned before in the Brickercup timeline, they start off as childhood friends, grow closer as tweens, affirm their relationship as teenagers, get married as young adults, and have a lot of children.

Brick and Buttercup would be very interested in sports and martial arts. These two would love basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, hockey, wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Weightlifting. Because of their passion for sports, they would easily be the most physical couple ever, which is saying something.

Overall, I am absolutely euphoric to be a hardcore Brickercup shipper and hold this particular pairing in such high esteem. I can easily brand Brickercup as belligerent sexual tension done right, combined with finding a lot of common ground, and finally sticking by each other through thick and thin. It goes to show that The Bludgeoner and The Toughest Fighter truly deserve each other for good and for all.

Butch x Bubbles aka Butchubbles: Sweetness, Balance, Empathy, and Dimension Achieved in Normalizing Each Other

I was initially hesitant of shipping Butch and Bubbles as a couple because I thought they would not end up clicking. However, the number of fanfics I read and the amount of fan art I checked out convinced me to open my mind and initially accept them as a cute and innocent pairing bordering on OTP. Thanks to a certain KatyGorl in another one of our art trades, I have openly accepted Butchubbles as my OTP for life. It is an extremely solid color-clash ship because of how the elements of Yin and Yang come into play and how well their opposite personalities can mesh really well and not just end up as complete fluff. I can firmly acknowledge that there is so much substance to be found in Butchubbles. Combining Butch as beastly brawn and Bubbles as the ingenue with an edge is one that makes me all the more fascinated.

The whole trope of a tough, strong, rough-around-the-edges bad boy being in a relationship with a sweet, innocent, girl-next-door with an edge is a tale as old as time and one that sparks so much interest in many a reader or viewer. I have seen this done in “Beauty and the Beast”, whether it is the Disney animated movie, the Jean Cocteau live action movie or the original story by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, “Ben 10: Alien Force” with Kevin and Gwen taking center stage, “Paradise Kiss” with the punk rocker Arashi being the boyfriend of the perky Miwako, and, of course, “Midori Days” where the fighter delinquent Seiji Sawamura pairs up with the sweet Midori Kasugano. The way I see it, Butch and Bubbles follow this pattern almost to a T that is quite uncanny. Nonetheless, it is really fascinating to notice how well they bounce off of each other.

Butchubbles is a clear example of two soulmates coming together to better each other regardless of any circumstance. Butch’s brand of toughness, roughness, super strength, and animalistic instinct would be the traits that help Bubbles become a stronger fighter and, therefore, make her hardcore side all the more alluring to a guy like Butch. Bubbles’ compassion, sense of empathy, kindness, and sweetness would ease Butch’s need to have his fists fly, thus taming him in a most delightful way, and he would be really blessed to have someone as gracious, kind, and multitalented as Bubbles.

If I were to make a Butchubbles-focused timeline, it would basically start off as a crush from both Butch and Bubbles. Eventually, it would grow into a mutual relationship where Butch and Bubbles get more intimate with each other and enjoying each others’ company so much so that their lives would be so full of joy and positivity, in spite and because of their differences. They would even end up happily married with children and eventually grow old together.

Although Butch would be the type of guy who is interested in a lot of sports and martial arts, such as basketball, wrestling, Muay Thai, soccer, football, and weightlifting, and Bubbles would be interested in theater, art, music, and making sculptures, both of them would find something in common for their love of animals, monster truck rallies, and amusement park rides. One could only imagine how Butch’s softer side would show whenever he is with Bubbles and many other fluffy animals and how Bubbles’ more hardcore side would show whenever Butch takes her to a monster truck rally or a horror movie.

Overall, the fact that Butchubbles found itself accelerating from a platonic pairing to a cute, innocent pairing to an OTP shipping is nothing short of a miracle. Then again, when inspiration came around the corner in the form of fanart and fanfics, I clutched it and learned to accept it with open arms.

What Would Have Become of My Main Team Xtreme Next Generation OCs?

For those of you who have followed me, you would already know that I have sixteen Brickercup children, eight Blossoomer children, eight Butchubbles children, eight Blossutch children, and eight Boomubbles children considering the fact that Brickercup, Blossoomer, Butchubbles, Blossutch, and Boomubbles are my RuffPuff OTPs for life. However, that alone begs the question, what would have happened if I ended up becoming a straight-up color-clash RuffPuff shipper?

There is no doubt that I would still gladly keep KatyGorl’s color-clash children in my Team Xtreme universe. However, I would have also had my color-clash children to co-exist with hers. I would have had at least four and at most eight for each color-clash pairing, thus computing a total of twelve at the least and sixteen at most. This is also no wonder why I had to balance the number of Blossoomer, Butchubbles, Blossutch, and Boomubbles children to make both Blossom and Bubbles have sixteen children in total, with the first set of eight children belonging respectively to Boomer and Butch as the fathers and the next set of eight children belonging respectively to Butch and Boomer as, of course, the fathers.

Though, as I stated before, if I had been a straight-up color clash shipper, I would have let Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles each have between twelve to sixteen children, which would have been quite fascinating.

Final Words

In conclusion, even though I am a hardcore Brickercup, Blossutch, and Boomubbles shipper, I can still stay extremely loyal to Brickercup while also acknowledging how much more substance is found in Blossoomer and Butchubbles because of the amount of positivity and good vibes that can be found in these couples. Besides, I would have been extremely compelled at day one to have been a straight-up color-clash shipper and be proud of it. Hands down.

There was no doubt that I found the best couple from the color-coded category in the form of Boomubbles and the best couple from the color-crack category in the form of Blossutch. However, at the end of the day, Brickercup, Blossoomer, and Butchubbles are and will always be hands down the best set of Rowdyruff x Powerpuff couples of all time to the point where I tell myself that I did not end up shipping Blossutch and Boomubbles as my endgame OTP pairings for Blossom and Bubbles, I would have been completely content with having Blossoomer and Butchubbles as my OTPs for life. I am so happy to surround myself with artists who specialize in these couples, as these wonderful people have inspired me to have found something amazing in each of these pairings. The genuineness, strength in loyalty, and unpretentiousness of Blossoomer, the spiciness and excitement of Brickercup, and the lovely dynamics of Butchubbles are sufficient reasons why I will never abandon the color-clash RuffPuff ships.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this written entry. Discussion and debate are always welcome in the comments section, as long as they are civil. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you all in the next submission. Take care, everybody.

Boomer, Blossom, Brick, Buttercup, Butch, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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