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Greetings, all ye Rowdyruff Boys and Powerpuff Girls fans, shippers, and aficionados, it is I, Antoni, with another written entry.

I am very sure that a lot of my already experienced readers are totally aware of how passionate I am about the RRB x PPG pairings I love the most and the ones I like the least, which, in turn, is a lot of fun to do, especially when creative, inspirational ideas come flowing in left and right for the pairings that I especially cherish where my Team Xtreme headcanon is concerned. Nonetheless, I hope you all take some time to enjoy this manifesto of what I think about the color-coded, color-clash, and color-crack Rowdyruff x Powerpuff couples.

With that said, let the expositing begin.

The Color-Coded Pairings (Boomubbles, Blossick, and Butchercup): The Blandest, Most Boring, and Most Overrated Set of Pairings Ever! Bar None!

This is the particular set of pairings which manages to leave me feeling bored, uninspired, drained, indifferent, and uninterested. It also does not help matters that there are some shippers who either give puerile reasons for shipping the color-coded pairings as the be all and end all set of couples or give some of the most pretentious explanations that I find myself laughing my butt off while rolling my eyes in mild to major disinterest. Ergo, color-coded couple shippers of the world, come at me because I have this to say. I do not give two damns about all of the color-coded couples except for Boomubbles which is awesome in the best case scenario and plain fluffy to the point of diabetes in the worst case scenario. These days as a 27-year-old, they literally do nothing for me, as these couples have left me feeling bored to death. At least, the fan art can be nice to look at, especially if those artists have very skilled hands, but these days I am more than through with reading any fanfic centering around Butchercup, Blossick, and Boomubbles, especially the former two because Blossick and Butchercup annoy me to no end.

The only pairing that has managed to salvage it for me is none other than Boomubbles aka Boomer x Bubbles aka the Blues because of how sweet, endearing, and healthy their relationship can be. Sure, Boomubbles’ brand of sweetness and lovability is on the fluffy side but when all is said and done I would rather root for the Blues to be the star-crossed lovers that they are.

As for Blossick and Butchercup, I do not have to reiterate just how fed up I am with both the Reds and the Greens as couples. Don’t get me wrong, I can enjoy good Blossick and Butchercup fan art but the whole appeal of these two as couples baffles me to no end. I still cannot fathom why on earth Blossick is the most popular color-coded RuffPuff pairing to the point of being the poster children of a strong relationship between a Ruff and a Puff when Boomubbles could have taken that title and when there are better pairings for both Brick and Blossom. Moreover, do not get me started on how bloated their egos tend to be. Two huge egos rubbing against each other and ending up in a relationship is not the way to go and the Reds can do a Hell lot better.

This is the same case I feel for Butchercup. As I stated before, I will not fault anyone who knows how to make Butch and Buttercup work as a couple whether in the form of fan art of fanfiction. However, what I can see from the stubborn, hard-headed, loud, overly competitive Greens is that they would not end up functioning as a proper couple because of how much emotional constipation is present between the toughest fighters. At best, they would function much better as good friends and nothing more.

Overall, I would have completely discarded this overrated set of RuffPuff Pairings. This has nothing to do with the fact that they look and act too similar but it has something to do with how overloaded the RRB x PPG shipping fanbase tends to be with works pertaining to Boomubbles, Blossick, and Butchercup, especially the overratedness found in Blossick. If it were not for Boomubbles’ brand of lovability and sweetness, I would have discarded all of the color-coded ships to the deepest of oblivion and just let all of the couples settle for being friends. At least that is a nice resolution that I have for both Butch x Buttercup and Brick x Blossom. In Butchercup’s case, I would rather let these two enjoy kicking villain butt while having a great time being the best of friends having a laugh and playfully bugging each other. As for Blossick, I am more content keeping Brick and Blossom as good friends who at least have each other’s back and their friendship would just be too precious to spoil with romance. Finally, Boomubbles is good to stay no more and no less. I have seen enough color-coded RuffPuff couple fan art and read enough color-coded RuffPuff couple fanfics to say that I have shipped them and seen them as couples once and I will never do the same thing ever again.

The Color-Crack Pairings (Blossutch, Brickubbles, and Boomercup): An Enjoyable Set of Pairings but Not Enough For Me to go Screaming Euphorically to the Heavens

This is the set of pairings that I enjoy and that leaves me with a rather fuzzy, breezy, and kind of euphoric inside of me. It also helps matters that Blossutch reigns supreme over Brickubbles and Boomercup combined for reasons you would have already know but for those who are new to this, here are the basics of why I love me a whole lot of Blossutch.

I can easily consider Butch x Blossom aka Blossutch aka The Watermelon Couple to be the best color-crack RuffPuff couple of all time. The appeal of a strong, roguish yet charmingly brutish bad boy pairing up with the classy, savvy, elegant bookworm is a tale as old as time with mixed results. However, I have learned to look beyond this trope and see something a whole lot more than a sum of its parts. Considering how Butch and Blossom are gifted with immense skills what with Butch and his super strength, animalistic endurance, and tough instincts and with Blossom and her prodigious intelligence, moral compass, unparalleled athleticism, elegance, accuracy, and grace, they can prove themselves to be formidable opponents to anyone who would be so foolish to test them. Aside from that, I can see how much genuineness there is with Blossom being so brave to tame Butch’s wild man nature and Butch seeing that Blossom is neither just another pretty face nor a damsel in distress but one of the most well-rounded, courageous, and, on a clichéd note, the most beautiful girl he ever met. The diplomacy, synergy, and interest found in Blossutch are enough for me to hold this couple close to my heart, soul, and mind and cherish how much I love their dynamics.

Brickubbles and Boomercup are cute, sweet, and very innocent pairings with me preferring the former over the latter.

I could give credit to Brickubbles in terms of how well they play off of each other and there could be a 50/50 chance of them being an item if I were to be reincarnated. At least, I can take comfort knowing that Brick can be there for Bubbles for giving off good advice like every good older brother-in-law and Bubbles can be there to give Brick the respect he deserves and soften his heart by using her brand of kindness. Ergo, Brickubbles would work as a lovely pairing set in a High School scenario at best and one-night stand at worst. Regardless of this scenario and concept, I cannot stop gushing at just how cute Brickubbles is as a pairing considering how many times Brick would go out of his way to protect Bubbles from harm and how many times Bubbles would that kind, cheery person to make Brick as happy as can be.

As for Boomercup, it is adorable, funny, and sweet but other than it is a couple that is not going to work as a long-term relationship. At best, they could work out as best friends who are there for each other and support each other through thick and thin and that is all. Moreover, I can still enjoy the fun dynamics that Boomercup has to offer with Boomer being the huge softie to Buttercup’s rambunctious brawler beauty and she would be the one to wear the pants in the relationship.

Overall, I can go out of my way and say that this set of pairings is better than the color-coded pairings considering that this is my second most favorite set of pairings if only for how adorable Brickubbles is, how fun Boomercup is, and how amazing Blossutch is. As I stated before, Blossutch manages to trump both Brickubbles and Boomercup as my OTP and my most favorite couple from this pairing category because of how dynamic, interesting, and flexible Butch and Blossom can be not only as a couple but also as individuals. Moreover, Blossutch is also an example of a couple that needs a lot more love than it deserves.

The Color-Clash Pairings (Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles): The Greatest, Most Flexible, and Most Flavorful Set of Couples Known to Man To The Point Where I am unafraid of Singing their well-deserved Praises

Yes, people, I have said this once and I will say this again. Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles aka The Color-Clash Couples have been giving me so much inspiration, creative urges, and enlightenment not only in my life as a DeviantArtist but also as someone who has tuned in to the show ever since I was seven years old. Screw the color-code couples except for Boomubbles to some extent and the color-crack couples except for Blossutch might as well make way, for the color-clash couples are the real deal-sealer when it comes to hitting the RRB x PPG OTP jackpot! Ergo, even though I love Boomubbles’ sweetness and Blossutch’s wonderful synergy, it is Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles I will continue to keep rooting for the most.

Blossoomer aka Boomer x Blossom has solidified itself not only as the best color-clash couple of all time but also the best overall RRB x PPG couple of all time. If I did not have Blossutch and Boomubbles as the be all and end all couples for Blossom and Boomer, Blossoomer would have taken over the reins from day one and I would have been completely euphoric to accept Blossoomer as my OTP for life. My main reason for loving Blossoomer is the emphasis on genuineness, empathy, loyalty, self-sacrifice, and kindness that is omnipresent in both Boomer and Blossom. They would be the couple who would help each other through thick and thin and they would never have any ulterior motives nor betray each other. Moreover, if Blossoomer were to have a flavor, it would be blue raspberry and red strawberry cotton candy smoothie, as I can taste the tartness of the berries and the sweetness of the cotton candy coming together in one pleasant, palate-cleansing aftertaste. Ergo, Blossoomer is the gold-medal standard of being in a relationship based not only on empathy and kindness but also on unconditional love, unwavering support, and peerless loyalty, which are the components that Blossoomer is a couple I love that is based on high quality, as it has a lot of heart and soul to back this pairing up so magnificently.

In terms of quantity, I have been shipping Brickercup far longer than Blossoomer and Butchubbles combined to the point where I thought this would be the best color-clash couple ever. After Blossoomer knocked the title off of Brickercup’s feet, I could still enjoy Brickercup for its big, bold, spicy flavors and the wonderful interaction Brick the Bludgeoner and Buttercup the Toughest Fighter engage with each other. Brickercup is a classic example of showing that no relationship is perfect and that there will be moments where rockiness can occur. However, if one were to look past the turbulence, one can see how well Brick and Buttercup function as people and, of course, as two tough fighters who show no signs of flinching. The perseverance Brick and Buttercup can demonstrate would be enough to give any other couple a run for their money because of how effectively they stick together and how they would be capable of giving every obstacle the boot and ensure that whatever happens either good or bad, they can have each other by their side until the end of time.

As I stated before, Butchubbles is the couple that has surprised me on more ways than one because I would never expect it to make it to the OTP level, and it succeeded my expectations with flying colors. Unlike the emotional drain found in Butchercup and the occasional syrupy sweetness found in Boomubbles, Butch x Bubbles aka Butchubbles shows how effectively Butch and Bubbles can work off of each other. This also comes in the form in another trope as old as time where the strong, tough, rough, impulsive bad boy is paired up with the sweet, loving, ingenue girl-next-door with an edge, which is seen in anime couples such as Seiji x Midori from “Midori Days” and Arashi x Miwako from “Paradise Kiss”. As I learned to look beyond the appeal of this trope, I can see that Butchubbles is all about lending someone their unconditional protection, unwavering loyalty, and boundless love and support to each other, especially when Butch would have to use his brute strength in order to defend Bubbles from any and every monster who dares to defile her and when Bubbles would show Butch that her “Bubblevicious” side is not a pretty side to see and she can use that to show him that she can be as strong as he is, thus, on an irreverent note, turning him on in more ways than one.

Overall, the color-clash couples are not only the best set of RRB x PPG pairings but they are the ones I can literally get behind for more inspiration and a whole lot more creativity. From Blossoomer’s unconditional love to Brickercup’s boldness and pizzazz to Butchubbles’ lovability, I will always cherish them until the day I die.

I hope you all enjoyed this and please let me know your opinions or your preferred pairings in the comments below. Take care and I will see you all in the next submission.

Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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