Xtreme Sector V Universe Part 1

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Greetings, all ye fans Powerpuff Girls and Codename: Kids Next Door, it is I your old pal Antoni here with another written entry.

As someone who has been growing up with Cartoon Network ever since I was four or five years old, it should come off as no surprise that The Powerpuff Girls and Codename: Kids Next Door are my personal favorite Cartoon Network superhero comedy action shows starring unconventional casts of characters. In The Powerpuff Girls’ case, it has three five-year-old superpowered young ladies who can kick lots of butts while still looking cute and lovely. In Codename: Kids Next Door, it has five tech-savvy pre-teens who use their skills in combat, artillery, and teamwork to combat adult tyranny while having a lot of fun doing so. From seven years old up until now, these were and will always be my staple Cartoon Network shows next to Teen Titans 2003, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Samurai Jack to look forward to not only for the sake of kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying each action-packed and fun moment that goes on with these shows but I can also marvel at how tight the writing was, how the voice actors embody each of their most iconic roles, and how these shows manage to balance action, comedy, and drama so effectively all thanks to the brilliant minds found respectively in Craig McCracken and Tom Warburton.

Now, you are also wondering, what do these two shows have in common for me? If you have been reading my posts based on my favorite six-person teams in animation, especially when I gave a lot of special mention to the six-person superhero teams, you will automatically realize that I absolutely adore the teamed-up Rowdyruff Boys and Powerpuff Girls and Sector V plus Katie the Island Girl. Sure, these are mostly headcanon-based but I always figured that when it comes to superhero teams, six is the lucky number that shows stability, great interpersonal dynamics, and mad teamwork skills that could give even the Justice League, the Avengers, and the X-Men a run for their money. Besides, having a ragtag bunch of kids below the age of 12 saving the world from evil shows that children can be very resilient and can put their mind into anything they want to accomplish.

Moreover, thanks to such awesome artists such as Bleedman, PurfectPrincessGirl, and PrincessCallyie, just to name a few, I have pretty much gotten myself into the hype that is multiple-universe building in which different characters from different fandoms co-exist in one universe. This has also gotten me to beg this particular question. What if all of the main members of Team Xtreme and Sector V co-existed in one universe? The concept might be ludicrous to some people given how each show is formatted and written. However, with a lot of imagination, creativity, and curiosity, it could be fun and awesome to have different characters finding out what makes them similar and different and just exist in a sort of weird yet wonderful harmony.

As you can tell from the title above, I am mainly taking a look at the main six members of Team Xtreme, Sector V, and their main allies. What will follow is a mini-profile for each team in terms of how they were in the show’s run at the time until this very day and even, my most favorite, my most beloved OTPs from each team. Additionally, I have also updated some of the birthdays I have for each team member as well as their ages, and do not fret, for the next written entry will be saved for my other favorite thing to write about, which is the list of fan-children that I and some of my good friends have come up with.

With that said, let us get cracking, ladies and gentlemen.

Team Xtreme (Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles)

Saving Townsville and the world since 1998, we have Team Xtreme which is a result of The Rowdyruff Boys and The Powerpuff Girls joining forces after the boys not only befriended the girls and realizing that they can work magnificently together as a superhero team but also the fact that Brick, Butch, and Boomer lovingly accepted Miss Sara Bellum as their own mother and eventually having Mr. Green join the family fray as their most beloved father. Ever since then, Brick, Butch, and Boomer have grown up to be the upstanding, charismatic, strong, handsome gentlemen that they are today and Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles have grown up to be the dynamic, brilliant, gorgeous, and athletic ladies that they are.

They are not going to retire the superhero business anytime soon, seeing that it is their job and their livelihood, and their children are also doing fine of a job ensuring that they use their powers for good, therefore keeping Townsville and the world safe from all forms of harm. Moreover, the children are having the torches being passed on to them, thus making sure that their parents’ exciting legacy will live on in Townsville’s hearts.

This superhero team has an exceptional ensemble with Brick’s proud and confident leadership, Butch’s brute strength and fierceness, Boomer’s complete athleticism combining super strength, unwavering endurance, lightning speed, and a great sense of humor, Blossom’s overall savviness, Buttercup’s unwavering endurance, and Bubbles’ peerless physical flexibility and pacifist nature gelling this team together until the end of time.

Brick “The Bludgeoner” Green
Age: 28
Birthday: March 12, 1991
Position in Team Xtreme: The Determined Leader
Special Powers: Pyrokinesis and Fire Manipulation
Six Words to Best Describe Brick: Determined, Large-and-in-Charge, Confident, Street Smart, Protective, Intrepid
Status: Married to Buttercup since 2011.

Butch “The Baron of Berserk” Green
Age: 28
Birthday: March 12, 1991
Position in Team Xtreme: The Brutish Muscle and The Second-in-Command
Special Powers: Tornado Punch and Creating a Force Field
Six Words to Best Describe Butch: Brutish, Impulsive, Rough, Wild, Super Strong, Fierce
Status: Married to Bubbles and Blossom since 2011.

Boomer “The Fleet Athlete” Green
Age: 28
Birthday: March 12, 1991
Position in Team Xtreme: The Comic Relief and The Lovable Dumb Muscle
Special Powers: Creating Items Out of Raw Energy and Creating Lightning Bolts
Six Words to Best Describe Boomer: Athletic, Loyal, Good-Humored, Super Strong, Super Fast, Noble
Status: Married to Blossom and Bubbles since 2011.

Blossom “The Commander and The Leader” Utonium-Green
Age: 27
Birthday: September 19, 1992
Position in Team Xtreme: The Tactful Brainy Beauty
Special Powers: Cryokinesis and Ice Manipulation
Six Words to Best Describe Blossom: Diplomatic, Savvy, Articulate, Poised, Cognizant, Perceptive
Status: Married to Boomer and Butch since 2011.

Buttercup “The Toughest Fighter” Utonium-Green
Age: 27
Birthday: September 19, 1992
Position in Team Xtreme: The Athletic Brawler Beauty
Special Powers: Earth Manipulation and Telekinesis
Six Words to Best Describe Buttercup: Rambunctious, Independent, Opinionated, Outspoken, Tough, Stubborn
Status: Married to Brick since 2011.

Bubbles “The Joy and The Laughter” Utonium-Green
Age: 27
Birthday: September 19, 1992
Position in Team Xtreme: The Euphoric Pacifist
Special Powers: Water Manipulation and Supersonic Screams
Six Words to Best Describe Bubbles: Peace-Loving, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Loving, Kind, Physically Flexible
Status: Married to Butch and Boomer since 2011.

Team Xtreme Allies: The Stupendous Six (Mitch, Harry, Mike, Robin, Julie, and Bunny)

Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles are not alone in keeping Townsville and Citysville safe from crime and evil, for they have help from the Powerpuff Girls’ sister Bunny and their closest childhood friends in the forms of Mitch, Harry, Mike, Robin, and Julie Smith. Together, these six form a ragtag team of heroes who may not have huge superpowers with the exception of Bunny but make up for it in unity, loyalty, and sheer toughness. It also helped matters that growing up with Team Xtreme has made them become the formidable fighters they are back when they were young all the way up to this very day.

Sure, they may have different day jobs what with Mitch and Harry being mechanics, Mike being a novelist, Robin being a child psychologist, Julie being a creative designer, and Bunny working as a teaching assistant in Pokey Oaks Kindergarten but whenever trouble calls, they will definitely be on the way to band together and help Team Xtreme get the job done. This even gets to the point where their children would love to aspire to be like them and be just as strong as superheroes as they are.

Just because they are allies to the superheroes does not mean they cannot work exceptionally well together. Combining Mitch’s toughness and roughness, Harry’s super strength and strong athleticism, Mike’s exceptional combat prowess, Robin’s intelligence and savviness, Julie’s loving nature, and Bunny’s sweetness combined with her amazing powers is a surefire way to make this team formidable than it already is.

Mitchell “Mitch” Mitchelson
Age: 28
Birthday: March 29, 1991
Position in The Stupendous Six: The Tough Leader
Special Abilities: Heightened Combat Prowess and Expert in Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai
Six Words to Best Describe Mitch: Tough, Rough, Strong-Minded, Focused, Outspoken, Fiercely Protective
Status: Married to Bunny since 2011.

Harry Pitt
Age: 28
Birthday: April 14, 1991
Position in The Stupendous Six: The Roguishly Handsome Muscle
Special Abilities: Expert in Wrestling and Pankration and Super Strength
Six Words to Best Describe Harry: Super Strong, Rowdy, Fun-Loving, Jovial, Amicable, Loyal
Status: Married to Julie since 2011.

Michael “Mike” Believe
Age: 28
Birthday: May 21, 1991
Position in The Stupendous Six: The Noble Pacifist
Special Abilities: Expert in Karate, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do and Quick Reflexes
Six Words to Best Describe Mike: Diplomatic, Peace-Loving, Diligent, Smart, Lovable, Genuine
Status: Married to Robin since 2011.

Robin Snyder-Believe
Age: 27
Birthday: October 26, 1992
Position in The Stupendous Six: The Amicable Tactician
Special Abilities: Experienced Gymnast and Expert Markswoman
Six Words to Best Describe Robin: Upright, Steadfast, Supportive, Compassionate, Merciful, Understanding
Status: Married to Mike since 2011.

Julie Bean-Pitt
Age: 27
Birthday: November 12, 1992
Position in The Stupendous Six: The Lovable Comic Relief
Special Abilities: Expert Cheerleader and Expert Designer
Six Words to Best Describe Julie: Good-Humored, Warm, Kind, Honest, Amicable, Creative, Sociable
Status: Married to Harry since 2011.

Bunny Utonium-Mitchelson
Age: 26
Birthday: April 26, 1993
Position in The Stupendous Six: The Enthusiastic Brawler
Special Abilities: Transforming into her Hulk form and Relentless Endurance
Six Words to Best Describe Bunny: Generous, Jovial, Sweet, Diplomatic, Appreciative, Friendly
Status: Married to Mitch since 2011.

Sector V (Nigel “Numbuh 1”, Wallabee “Numbuh 4”, Hoagie “Numbuh 2”, Abby “Numbuh 5”, Katie “Numbuh 6”, and Kuki “Numbuh 3”)

Taking adult tyranny by the groins since 2001 are the members of Sector V. Though all five members have shown so much fortitude as a unit and have managed to make kids all over the world do whatever they like, one member came in order to give her undying support and loyalty to make them the greatest team of heroic rebels the world has ever seen. That girl was Katie the pink-clad girl Nigel saw when he was under Chester’s trap. Nigel was pleasantly surprised to know that she was in the flesh until she stated that she came all the way from Hawaii to apply for a position as a KND Sector V operative because she thought this opportunity would widen her horizons. Kuki was very excited to have another girl on their team, especially that she found her cool, smart, pretty, and athletic. Abby was fascinated with her combat prowess and overall physical capabilities. Hoagie found her to be a very awesome person considering she was not like the other girls and it also helped that she was one of the prettiest girls he ever met. Finally, Wallabee was head-over-heels in love with her and every mission involved would have him go out of his way to protect his precious “island flower” and he did not have to be ashamed to show his softer side around her.

Even though they are currently in their late twenties and are parents, they make sure that their children take the mantle of being the new Sector V operatives. If they see any child in trouble because of bullying or any other oppressive circumstance, they would go out of their way to protect any child from that. It is also no surprise that their children have been inheriting their parents’ superb technological skills and Nigel, Wallabee, Hoagie, Abby, Katie, and Kuki could not have been any prouder of their children.

This team of vigilantes still manage to keep their rambunctiousness intact even up until adulthood. Having Nigel’s savviness and determination, Wallabee’s toughness and roughness, Hoagie’s hilarity and lovability, Abby’s coolness and focus, Katie’s athleticism and physical flexibility, and Kuki’s warmth and lovability combine into one thrilling package was and will always be the defining factor that has brought the members of Sector V together.

Nigel “Numbuh 1” Uno
Age: 29
Birthday: August 22, 1990
Position in Sector V: The Savvy Leader
Special Abilities: Advanced Combat Tactics and Accurate Use of Strategy
Six Words to Best Describe Nigel: Intelligent, Perceptive, Determined, Levelheaded, Cognizant, Protective
Status: Married to Abby since 2011.

Wallabee “Numbuh 4” Beatles
Age: 29
Birthday: September 24, 1990
Position in Sector V: The Wild Muscle
Special Abilities: Heightened Combat Prowess and Super Strength
Six Words to Best Describe Wallabee: Impulsive, Fierce, Tough, Rough, Super Strong, Wild
Status: Married to Katie and Kuki since 2011.

Hoagie P. “Numbuh 2” Gilligan
Age: 29
Birthday: October 26, 1990
Position in Sector V: The Bouncy Comic Relief
Special Abilities: Qualified Mechanic and Technician
Six Words to Best Describe Hoagie: Good-Humored, Enthusiastic, Gregarious, Fun-Loving, Jovial, Goofy
Status: Married to Kuki and Katie since 2011.

Abigail “Numbuh 5” Lincoln-Uno
Age: 27
Birthday: June 21, 1992
Position in Sector V: The Cool Tactician
Special Abilities: Advanced Combat Prowess and Heightened Intelligence
Six Words to Best Describe Abigail: Cool, Calm, Collected, Savvy, Poised, Independent
Status: Married to Nigel since 2011.

Katie “Numbuh 6” Strong-Beatles
Age: 27
Birthday: July 22, 1992
Position in Sector V: The Well-Rounded Athlete
Special Abilities: Super Speed, Fast Reflexes, and Peerless Physical Flexibility
Six Words to Best Describe Katie: Courageous, Agile, Elegant, Perceptive, Kind, Diplomatic
Status: Married to Wallabee and Hoagie since 2011.

Kuki “Numbuh 3” Sanban-Gilligan
Age: 27
Birthday: August 23, 1992
Position in Sector V: The Optimistic Pacifist
Special Abilities: Peerless Physical Flexibility and Qualified Gymnast
Six Words to Best Describe Kuki: Euphoric, Peace-Loving, Jovial, Emphatic, Sensitive, Lovable
Status: Married to Hoagie and Wallabee since 2011.

Moonbase Operatives (Patton “Numbuh 60”, Ace “The Kid”, Bartie “Numbuh 35”, Rachael “Numbuh 362”, Francine “Numbuh 86”, and Virginia “Numbuh 23”)

The members of Sector V are not alone in taking down adult tyranny, for six of the Moonbase’s best operatives have been helping them get through every mission from the very beginning. It also helped matters that Ace the Kid, who usually preferred working alone, ended up joining the Moonbase operatives to the point where he ended up having a spot with them. Not one to be syrupy about this he ended up considering all of the Moonbase operatives to be akin to the family he never had and he continues to be blessed by how much great camaraderie is present.

Much like their Sector V counterparts, they are also parents to the new breed of KND operatives. Everything they taught their children has been put into great practice to the point where Patton, Ace, Bartie, Rachael, Francine, and Virginia can see so much of them in their children but also hope that they cut their own paths in life.

Their professionalism and rambunctiousness have made them the formidable team that they are today, for Patton’s militaristic standards, Ace’s focus, drive, and determination, Bartie’s tech savviness, Rachael’s intellect, Francine’s physical toughness, and Virginia’s diplomacy have kept them fighting strong all the way through.

Patton “Numbuh 60” Drilovsky
Age: 29
Birthday: June 23, 1990
Position in The Moonbase: The Intrepid Leader
Special Abilities: Expert Tactician and Experienced Militant
Six Words to Best Describe Patton: Large-and-in-Charge, Tough, Strong-Minded, Unwavering, Dutiful, Steadfast
Status: Married to Rachael since 2011.

Ace “The Kid” González
Age: 29
Birthday: July 2, 1990
Position in the Moonbase: The Focused Tactician
Special Abilities: Accredited Pilot and Mechanic
Six Words to Best Describe Ace: Aloof, Cool, Focused, Determined, Ambitious, Collected
Status: Married to Francine since 2011.

Bartie “Numbuh 35” Stork
Age: 29
Birthday: July 30, 1990
Position in the Moonbase: The Amiable Technician
Special Abilities: Accredited Technician, Mechanic, and Engineer
Six Words to Best Describe Bartie: Sociable, Intelligent, Savvy, Creative, Bright, Driven
Status: Married to Virginia since 2011.

Rachael T. “Numbuh 362” McKenzie-Drilovsky
Age: 28
Birthday: July 29, 1991
Position in the Moonbase: The Determined Brain
Special Abilities: Military Tactician and Heightened Combat Skills
Six Words to Best Describe Rachael: Ambitious, Driven, Intelligent, Responsible, Diplomatic, Stern
Status: Married to Patton since 2011.

Francine “Numbuh 86” Fulbright-González
Age: 28
Birthday: August 23, 1991
Position in the Moonbase: The Feisty Brawler
Special Abilities: Expert in Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Boxing
Six Words to Best Describe Francine: Feisty, Rambunctious, Hot-Tempered, Tough, Rough, Fierce
Status: Married to Ace since 2011.

Virginia “Numbuh 23” Sims-Stork
Age: 28
Birthday: September 9, 1991
Position in the Moonbase: The Sociable Diplomat
Special Abilities: Expert Gymnast and Markswoman
Six Words to Best Describe Virginia: Attentive, Friendly, Enthusiastic, Down-to-Earth, Rambunctious, Supportive
Status: Married to Bartie since 2011.

Power OTPs Assemble!

  • Patton “Numbuh 60” x Rachael “Numbuh 362” (Moonbase Operatives)
  • Ace “The Kid” x Francine “Numbuh 86” (Moonbase Operatives)
  • Bartie “Numbuh 35” x Virginia “Numbuh 23 (Moonbase Operatives)
  • Nigel “Numbuh 1” x Abigail “Numbuh 5” (Sector V)
  • Wallabee “Numbuh 4” x Katie “Numbuh 6” and Wallabee “Numbuh 4” x Kuki “Numbuh 3” (Sector V)
  • Hoagie “Numbuh 2” x Kuki “Numbuh 3” and Hoagie “Numbuh 2” x Katie “Numbuh 6” (Sector V)
  • Brick x Buttercup (Team Xtreme)
  • Butch x Bubbles and Butch x Blossom (Team Xtreme)
  • Boomer x Blossom and Boomer x Bubbles (Team Xtreme)
  • Mitch x Bunny (The Stupendous Six)
  • Harry x Julie (The Stupendous Six)
  • Mike x Robin (The Stupendous Six)
How the Team Xtreme/Sector V Crossover would Work Out

In terms of general world-building, I could only imagine how epically scaled everything would be, especially considering how six superpowered beings can join forces with six super savvy vigilantes. Both teams would work exceptionally well when it comes to defeating every villain, as they would combine the superhuman strength of the superheroes with the super intelligence of the KND operatives, thus showing an amazing marriage of brute force and ingenious tact.

I cannot also forget that these super-smart vigilantes and super-strong superheroes have human qualities that make them all the more relatable to the audience. I figure that there would be amazing friendships forged from childhood all the way up to adulthood ranging from the epic bromances found in Patton, Ace, Bartie, Nigel, Wallabee, Hoagie, Brick, Butch, Boomer, Mitch, Harry, and Mike to the awesome sisterhood found in Rachael, Francine, Virginia, Abigail, Katie, Kuki, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, Robin, Julie, and Bunny.

Their school life back in the mid-2000s, especially during the formative years of High School, would have all of the characters attend the same school and go through a lot of obstacles and madness a lot of teenagers go through while balancing their duties as heroes with homework, relationships, and maintaining their careers. However, when all is said and done, they at least have each other to understand each other and support each other through trying times.

Patton, Ace, Bartie, Nigel, Wallabee, and Hoagie would end up being the High School batch that graduated back in 2009 with Nigel leading helm as the class valedictorian and Patton and Ace being the salutatorians. I could only imagine that this would be a particularly competitive batch considering how much Patton, Ace, and Nigel would work very hard to achieve top marks in their class and be the best role models they can be to every single student. Nevertheless, they would always count on each other to never give up and keep aiming for the higher prize being the ambitious young gentlemen that they were.

Brick, Butch, Boomer, Mitch, Harry, Mike, Rachael, Francine, and Virginia would end up being the High School batch that graduated back in 2010 with Rachael leading the helm as the class valedictorian and Brick and Mike being the ones that follow suit as the salutatorians. This batch would have the strongest bromances found in Brick’s, Butch’s, Boomer’s, Mitch’s, Harry’s, and Mike’s wonderfully fraternal friendship which Rachael, Francine, and Virginia would often tease about in a lighthearted manner. Sometimes they would get on each others’ nerves but they would always have each others’ backs. Ergo, their relationship towards each other would be extremely akin to really close siblings.

Abby, Katie, Kuki, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, Robin, Julie, and Bunny would end up being the High School batch that graduated back in 2011 with Blossom leading the helm as the class valedictorian and Abby, Katie, and Robin trailing behind as the class salutatorians. Talk about a friendship that is so akin to absolute sisterhood. These girls would be the tightest batch of friends to the point where they are truly inseparable and there would be little to no cattiness between them because of how much they trust each other. From Abby being akin to the cool big sister of the bunch to Bunny being the lovable, energetic little sister, these girls would definitely know the definition of an unbreakable bond.

On the main bromantic side involving Nigel, Wallabee, Hoagie, Brick, Butch, and Boomer, I can easily imagine these guys being really competitive with each other while still being the best of friends. Nigel and Brick would constantly clash with each other but would nevertheless find common ground and acknowledge each others’ strengths as fighters and would love to test each others’ strength and combat prowess. Wallabee and Butch would go out of their way to test each others’ physical strength and do so in a way that makes them admire how much work they would put in their muscular bodies as they grow bigger and stronger together while having a go at trying to beat each other in Muay Thai, wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Pankration, and weightlifting. Hoagie and Boomer would end up having the most amicable relationship in the form of being workout buddies, doing combat sports such as wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts, and telling each other jokes.

On the main sisterhood side involving Abby, Katie, Kuki, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles, these girls would definitely have a most long-lasting relationship and be the definition of being best friends forever. Abby and Buttercup would have a lot in common not only because of the fact that they are tomboys but because of how much Abby’s cool and collected fighting style can mesh well with Buttercup’s guttural and fierce one, thus balancing each other out as combatants and as people. Katie and Blossom would be the definition of being the best sparring partners ever, as these girls would not only test each others’ physical strength but also the application of tact and accuracy. Moreover, Katie and Blossom would end up being the best fashion buddies ever. Speaking of fashion buddies, Kuki and Bubbles would have so much in common to the point of proclaiming their friendship to each other while looking absolutely fabulous in everything they can dish out.

As adults, I do not even see them retiring the superhero gig altogether considering that it is their main jobs and livelihoods to the point of that being passed down to their children.


In conclusion, having the Team Xtreme and Sector V universes cross over would definitely be a lot of fun to witness how the interpersonal relationships will develop. The Powerpuff Girls and Codename: Kids Next Door were and will always be the two Cartoon Network shows that hold a special place in my heart and thanks to the power of headcanons I can enjoy the possibilities I have in store for both Team Xtreme and Sector V plus the next generation of superheroes.

I hope you all enjoyed this manifesto and I will see you all in the next submission. Take care, everybody.

Codename: Kids Next Door belongs to Tom Warburton and Cartoon Network.

The Rowdyruff Boys and The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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