Why I Love The Color Clash RuffPuff Couples

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Greetings, all ye Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles shippers, fans, and admirers, it is I your old pal Antoni here with another manifesto.

Throughout my life of being a hardcore RRB x PPG shipper, especially since this dynamic comes into play in my Team Xtreme headcanon, I have abandoned the color code couple campaign with no regrets whilst keeping Boomubbles intact as my most favorite one of that especially overrated bunch and expanded my horizons to the color clash and color crack couples. While Blossutch stands tall as the best color crack couple with Brickubbles and Boomercup trailing behind as nothing more than cute, innocent pairings, the color clash couples, i.e. Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles, have reigned supreme as the best, greatest, and most epic set of RRB x PPG pairings ever to the point where I could easily call Brickercup as the OTP I ship the most in quantity, Blossoomer as the OTP I ship the most in quality, and Butchubbles as the OTP I ship that has delightfully surprised me in more ways than one.

So, I hope you wonderful readers allot some time to take a gander at this manifesto, as I explain what makes the color clash couples appealing in my eyes with not just them as an overall fine set of couples but also how each individual couple functions.

The Color Clash RuffPuff Couples Display Far More Interesting and More Flavorful Interpersonal Dynamics

There is not one moment where I feel bored when it comes to seeing how much flavor and interest occurs between the likes of Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles, considering how effectively their personalities can play off of each other. It also helps matters that in spite of their many differences, each couple can acknowledge how much they have in common.

Brick may be a large-and-in-charge, street smart, rugged, militaristic guy and Buttercup may be a rambunctious, feisty, outspoken, sassy young lady, but what these two have in common is that they are strong, tough, adamant souls who are always willing to pick a fight against any perpetrator. Brick’s experience as a combatant and Buttercup’s relentlessness are an amazing combination that shows a deep bond based on perseverance and determination. Therefore, Buttercup would learn new fighting moves from Brick and Brick would be amazed at how strong Buttercup can be because someone as large-and-in-charge, determined, and tough like Brick would never want to settle for another pretty, dainty face and an outspoken soul like Buttercup would never settle for another handsome face. Therefore, Brick and Buttercup are more than just soulmates destined to be together but they are also the couple who are capable of forming a relationship and remaining forever unbreakable.

Just because Butch is brutish, rough, tough, wild, super strong, and fierce and Bubbles is sweet, innocent, cheery, sociable, nurturing, and kind, does not mean they cannot have a certain symbiosis together. Their love for animals, sports, and surreal art could make them realize that there is a lot more to each other than meets the eye. One should never forget the many times a big, strong guy like Butch would go out of his way to protect Bubbles from all forms of harm being the fierce, raging bulldog that he is to his foes yet being tender and loyal to Bubbles. Meanwhile, Bubbles would use her ability to empathize, be attentive, be merciful, and be compassionate to understand what is troubling Butch so that he will not have to go back to his old demons ever again. Moreover, they can even find a lot of fun doing every and any type of physical activity with Bubbles cheering for Butch whenever he involves himself in football or wrestling.

Boomer and Blossom would easily have the deepest, most genuine, and most soulful relationship among the other couples considering how wonderfully Boomer’s sympathetic, lovable dumb muscle, good-humored personality can be a great complement to Blossom’s elegance, class, and eloquence. Boomer may be interested in weightlifting, wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts, track-and-field, and soccer and Blossom may be interested in science, politics, fashion design, world literature, Shaolin Kung Fu, and capoeira but what both of them have in common is their love for classical music, opera, Broadway musicals, fine art, various martial arts, learning about various cultures, and languages. When all is said and done, Boomer can help Blossom enjoy the simpler and finer things in life while Blossom can help Boomer become more open-minded of the world around him while being very supportive of every physical activity he gets himself into.

The possibilities for more interesting dynamics going on between the color clash couples will be endless, which leads me to my next point.

All of The Color Clash RuffPuff Couples Can Find The Best Qualities from Each Other

It is often said that a relationship needs both partners to root for each other through thick and thin, thus making it a long-term one. This is what the color clash RuffPuff represent in my eyes.

Unlike Blossick’s easy falling-apart due to their egos and Butchercup’s sham of a relationship due to their stubborn personalities, thus making the latter pairing a clear example of Karmic soulmates, the color clash couples do not have any form of chaos or violence occurring between each other. I could make the same argument for Blossutch and Boomubbles, but the likes of Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles demonstrate how they can see the best from each other in spades and even more. This creates more synergy, a stronger bond, and more positive vibes to occur between Boomer and Blossom, Brick and Buttercup, and Butch and Bubbles.

Brick’s and Buttercup’s case is simple because of how much Buttercup can look up to Brick as someone who has so much experience in combat while helping her polish her skills and how much Brick would be able to see beyond Buttercup’s feistiness and see someone who is courageous enough to let her opinions be heard loud and clear. As I stated before, these two will never settle for just another pretty face because there needs to be a lot more substance than what is solely on the surface. Moreover, Brick and Buttercup would see that both of them not only bear external beauty in the form of Brick’s chiseled, godly, muscular build and Buttercup’s Amazonian, raw beauty but also internal beauty in the form of Brick’s proud, militaristic, commanding yet protective personality and Buttercup’s rambunctious, outspoken, fearless personality coming together and making something worthwhile.

Butch and Bubbles as a couple is not just a question of what they can see on the outside but also what they can see on the inside. Yes, Butch is super strong, muscular, tough, rough, and has a godly physique that can make any mortal man tremble at the sight of his muscles while Bubbles is petite, graceful, flexible, is an excellent gymnast, and has the figure of a dancer, which make them absolutely attractive as a couple. However, what they can see through each other is nothing short of phenomenal. Butch can see that Bubbles can use her peerless flexibility and skills as a gymnast and Capoeira user to unleash her hardcore, “Bubblevicious” side and look magnificent doing so, thus turning him on and acknowledging just how flawlessly Bubbles can stand on her own two feet by showing how tough, strong, and capable she can be. Meanwhile, Bubbles can see that Butch not only uses his super strength and animal instincts to protect Bubbles from all forms of harm but she can also see that he can be quite a softie whenever he is around her, thus making him a wonderfully loyal, kind, merciful, and attentive gentleman whose ways may be unorthodox but he has good intentions. Therefore, Butch’s heart, mind, and soul can be soothed by Bubbles’ brand of compassion, kindness, and mercy while Bubbles can feel at ease and security with Butch’s brand of protectiveness, strength, and loyalty even though he does tend to get pervy around her.

Boomer and Blossom as an amazing couple is the definition of learning to appreciate each other on a deep, emotional, and psychological level. Boomer has the muscular built of any Greek and/or Roman god, the super strength of a Heracles, the combat prowess of a Theseus, the handsome countenance of an Apollo, the artistic talents of an Orpheus, and the heroism of a Perseus while Blossom has the svelte figure of a Greek and/or Roman goddess, the wisdom of Athena, the stateliness of a Hera, the nurturing nature of a Demeter, the beauty of an Aphrodite, and the femininity of a Persephone, which not only make them attractive as a couple but also phenomenal considering how well their traits can flawlessly merge. However, with these glowing traits, there are also flaws that both Boomer and Blossom not only bear but make them all the more human. Boomer gets so tired of being pushed around, getting belittled on, and feeling that everything he sees is fake and Blossom has the tendency to have a huge ego while using that said ego to mask her crippling flaws, anxieties of wanting to be the best role model to everyone around her, fears of failure, her gnawing uncertainties, and the constant need to put herself up a pedestal. From these flaws, both Boomer and Blossom can help each other become better people and that is a great promise they can make to each other. Boomer can help Blossom become a lot more humble and help her feel more liberated from her anxieties, thus minimizing her constant need to put herself up a pedestal, and Blossom can help Boomer stand up for himself more, can easily encourage him to do the right thing, and use her diplomacy to show huge amounts of compassion to Boomer. Moreover, Boomer can use his super strength and complete athleticism to protect Blossom from all forms of harm and Blossom can use her intelligence, diplomacy, kindness, and mercy to help Boomer with not only academic affairs but to make him see another way of looking at the world around him, thus making him extremely capable of solving his own problems.

There is so much good to be found in the color clash RuffPuff couples that this leads me to my final point.

The Color Clash RuffPuff Couples Can Last and Can Show Heaps of Endurance for Long Periods of Time

This is the point I am indubitably driving home with and I, along with many of my color clash shipper friends/siblings from other mothers, have legitimate reasons for doing so.

Blossick’s and Butchercup’s relationships can be easily reduced to shambles without anything to salvage them. Brickubbles’ and Boomercup’s relationships are cute but bear no guarantee of lasting long. Finally, as much as I love the absolute Dickens out of Blossutch’s gorgeous synergy and Boomubbles’ massive amounts of lovability and sweetness, I can never go wrong with Brickercup, Blossoomer, and Butchubbles for being such epic couples and demonstrating the resilient length of how great their relationships can be. Each of these couples has its own brand of perseverance, strength, resilience, and unconditional love that if I were to make something lengthy on each of them, I would be here all day. Regardless, here is the short version of what I mean for Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer being the long-lasting couples that they are.

Brick x Buttercup is a clear-cut example of how toughness, resilience, perseverance, and determination are the key components of maintaining a long-lasting relationship. Each and every obstacle Brick and Buttercup encounter would be accomplished by looking at them straight in the eye, staying focused, and showing no signs of flinching whatsoever. To say that Brick and Buttercup will give every obstacle the boot is a mere understatement. They will keep those obstacles in a headlock and beat them into submission. That is just how great Brickercup is as a long-lasting and exceptional couple consisting of two eternally burning souls.

Butch x Bubbles may be complete opposites of each other, but even with their opposite personalities, they can always find something new and interesting in each other, which is a must for any long-lasting relationship. All of the surprises they have for each other can bring them much closer as a couple and make them see that they are a whole lot more than what meets the eye or even the surface. Moreover, they can use their dynamics to find something genuine and pure from each other, thus making them have a sense of undeniable happiness and undying loyalty towards each other.

Boomer x Blossom is a relationship that is based on purity, genuineness, compassion, humility, understanding, and acknowledging each others’ strong points while improving on their weak points to become better people. Blossoomer’s synergy screams that these two will easily end up growing old yet spry together and that is a promise they can never ever break. Blossoomer is not just beautiful, pure, and heavenly in the most desirable way, but this couple is extremely commendable for how much Boomer and Blossom can be there for each other in both good and bad times, in sickness and in health, and in moments of turbulence, sadness, doubt, and joy.


There you have it, Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer shippers. My main reasons for loving the color clash couples, why I will never for the life of me let any if not all of them go, and why I will always keep them close to my heart, my mind, and my soul.

Discussion and debate are always welcome in the comments section down below and tune in for another submission. Take care, everybody.

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