Schumann’s Kreisleriana and Jidai as played by Abelardo Galang II

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This is dedicated to the man who I consider my great friend, my awesome confidant, a phenomenal mentor, and a fine role model in my life. The one and only Maestro Abelardo Galang II. Sit back and relax, as you listen to his rendition of Robert Schumann’s Kreisleriana and a Japanese folk song, Jidai, which were from his album “Schumann-Chopin Abelardo Galang II Piano” released between July and August 2004.

Moreover, as you can tell from the pictures I have put on here, they were all from my travels in Budapest, Prague, London, Salzburg, Toronto, Munich, Amsterdam, Carwitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and, of course, Berlin.

Here is a rundown of how this is all tracked.

Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
Kreisleriana Opus 16
00:00 Äußerst bewegt
03:11 Sehr innig
13:24 Sehr aufgeregt
18:18 Sehr langsam I
22:07 Sehr lebhaft
25:17 Sehr langsam II
29:26 Sehr rasch
31:48 Schnell und spielend

35:42 Jidai Japanese Folk Ballad

Finally, here is a rundown of the people behind the music.

Pianist: Abelardo Galang II
Sound Engineer/Technician: Hans Brandeis
Recording Location: Berlin, Germany
Recording Dates: July-August 2004
Photographer and Editor: Me (Antoni Matteo Garcia)

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