Eagleland Manga Reviews: Cutey Honey

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Man, between getting the video on youtube, sharing to twitter and facebook, getting a blog post onto TGWTG, and now posting here, videos take a lot more work. Well, I’m sure it will pay off.

This one was really bad. Worst thing I have reviewed so far. I never realized on video freak outs were so hard to right.

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  1. Most stuff in the 70s were pretty perverted. Heck, even the whole entertainment was pretty filthy like if you saw any movie in the 70s. Like if you saw any 70s movie, you will mostly see a lot of females cleavages and some females wearing slutty outfits.

  2. TheAsianCriticChick | April 23, 2014 at 8:27 pm |

    Welcome to my world, dude. Been a member of TGWTG for a while and they’re a tough crowd. It’s a lot of work and TNS has definitely been more helpful than anyone else. But just keep posting and you might get somewhere.

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