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Mischief (AKA The Cinematic Metalhead) is a former female critic for Team Night Saturn and she reviewed Movies, Blu-Rays as well as Rock Music and TV. She joined Team Night Saturn in May 2014.


Mischief began making videos in September 2012 after becoming a fan of (TGWTG) in late 2010/early 2011. Her name was originally Mischief Loki Reviews to coincide with her favourite character Loki from the Marvel Universe, but changed the name after the first review to just Mischief, she sometimes still goes by the nickname Loki. In September 2013 after meeting Doug Walker (AKA The Nostalgia Critic) at a convention in the United Kingdom, Mischief created Blu-Ray Talk, a secondary show that looks at the Blu-Ray medium analysing the movie and taking a look at the special features that come with the Blu-Ray. And in May 2014 Mischief created The Cinematic Hipster, a new persona that looks at Music, Movies, TV in relation to Pop-Culture and Hipster Culture.

However after only five episodes, The Cinematic Hipster was put on hold for The Cinematic Metalhead, a new show and identity that looks at the latest Rock and Metal releases and occasionally movies that have connections with Rock music.

Mischief Reviews

Mischief Reviews began in 2012, it is a standard reviewing show looking at Movies and so far has only one Top 10. The first review was The Hangover, the show runs from September until June before having a break (To coincide with the summer holidays).

Blu-Ray Talk

Blu-Ray Talk began in 2013 and serves to analyse and review the Blu-Ray medium, only three episodes were made in late 2013 due to financial issues and began regularly in 2014 when the proper software was purchased to make the show. The first review was Disney's Wreck-It Ralph

The Cinematic Hipster

The Cinematic Hipster began around May 2014 shortly after Eurovision 2014, the first review was of French Eurovision entry Twin Twin, the show has since covered music with plans for poetry, art, tv shows, fashion and cartoons to be included within the show. The show is currently on hiatus and it is unknown if it will be incorporated with Mischief Reviews or scrapped altogether.

The Cinematic Metalhead

The Cinemtic Hipster however didn't seem to last as in August 2014 The Cinematic Metalhead was introduced on a new YouTube channel of the same name. She began with a regeneration and a review of The Negative One by Slipknot.

Her Retirement from Reviews

At the end of 2014 she unfortuately decided to quit the reviewer community, deleted all her reviewing videos alltogether and also left Team Night Saturn in favor of doing Let's Plays. She's calling herself Ripley Gamer now and you can find her Let's Play Channel here.


  • Her main influences are Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic), Lindsay Ellis (Nostalgia Chick) and Mathew Buck (Film Brain).
  • Studies English & Creative Writing at the University of South Wales.
  • Is from Cornwall, England.
  • Says her proudest achievement is making the Top 20 Bad Movie Beatdowns.
  • Has met Doug Walker, Mathew Buck, Bennett The Sage, Welshy and The Only MikeJ of TGWTG.
  • Favourite movie is Prometheus.
  • Tagline: "I review what I want."
  • Has reviewed five movies that have been featured on Bad Movie Beatdown.
  • Has reviewed two Blu-Rays that have been featured on Brows Held High.