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James Kaloko is the chillest reviewer on TeamNightSaturn. He is the 2nd official music reviewer on the site and also he is mostly popular for some of his joking material that he uses on his reviews.


James Kaloko started his own YouTube channel in the year 2012. He mostly started making "Ranting" videos on specific artist or song. But that didn't work out for him too much and his material wasn't good at all. But in December of 2013, he founded this music reviewer named "ToddInTheShadows" and he was very interested of what he was doing, Then he realized that Todd was in a group named "ThatGuyWithTheGlasses" and he founded other cool reviewers like "The Nostalgia Critic" & "Rap Critic". He really enjoyed and appreciated what those 3 guys were doing. Then one day, he took inspiration from watching their videos and wanted to make his own cool reviews like them. So his first official review was "The Monster" by Eminem & Rihanna. That review didn't really give him too much success and nobody was really invested in the video. But when 2013 was almost over, he was struggling on how he was going to get noticed. So he checked out some less popular reviewers on YouTube and found some good reviewers like "WorstMusicOfTheYear", "ShowWithNoName", and "MalaCritico". But none them at the time was getting too much success either. Then one day in January, he realized that his favorite underrated reviewer "MalaCritico" was in a reviewing website named "TeamNightSaturn". So he started interacting with MalaCritico and asked him, how could he join "TeamNightSaturn" as well? So he told him to ask the creator of the site "JackSkyBlue" to let him join in. Then one day later, Jack replied back and said "Yes" to his question. So he was offially the 5th member of "TeamNightSaturn".

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