Eagleland Manga Reviews: Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

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This one is awesome. I worked hard to bring across why the manga is worth reading, without spoiling it. Its something you gotta read for yourself.

I make a lot of comparisons to Watchmen, but it really isn’t a perfect comparison. Watchmen redefined the sensibilities of comics for a long time. Lucifer…. has its fans. I make the comparison because lucifer and watchmen breakdown the tropes of the genre into something far more entertaining as a result. But, lucifer keeps the tone light and happy (for the most part).

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  1. Hey, sounds pretty good. Might pick it up one of these days.
    Yeah, sorry I couldn’t record on time. I really did want to – again, the whole e-mail incident, and just, yeah, sorry ’bout that…

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