Bricksomutchercup: OT4 for Life

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Since this is spring, there’s nothing lovelier nor more gorgeous nor more calming than to see my most beloved bruisers, Brick, Blossom, Butch, and Buttercup, looking nice and having a serene, lovey-dovey moment with each other in the forest. This piece of fanart is dedicated to all the shippers of Blossick, Butchercup, Brickercup, and Blossutch. Moreover, the character ages in this pic are Brick, 23, Blossom, 22, Butch, 23, and Buttercup, 22.
Having to draw my favorite OT4 of all time proved to be easier said than done. Nonetheless, I accepted the challenge I bestowed upon myself. Character positioning was one thing but the one I really had to perfect was all of the hand positionings. Heavens, talk about having to decipher who holds who and I thankfully found my way around it. As if it were not already obvious, Brick has arms around Blossom with his left hand extending to hold Buttercup’s hand. Blossom has her left hand on Brick’s left arm, as her right hand is touching Butch’s hand. Butch has his left arm around Blossom’s shoulder and his right arm around Buttercup’s waist. And finally, Buttercup has her right hand touching Brick’s left hand, which is covered by Blossom’s long hair and has her left hand on Butch’s left shoulder. So, there you have it, my OT4 for life.
As much as I really like to ship Brick/Blossom or Blossick and Butch/Buttercup or Butchercup, I find both Brick/Buttercup or Brickercup and Butch/Blossom or Blossutch to be equally as compatible, plausible, lovely, endearing, entertaining, and just plain awesome as the main color-coded shipping of the Reds and the Greens.
I am fully aware that Blossick is shipped to high heaven, but here’s my take on this pairing. In my opinion, it’s a relationship based on trust, respect, understanding, letting go of any prejudices, and breaking each others’ walls down. When one combines Brick’s street smarts with Blossom’s book smarts, it’s a team-up to be reckoned with. Sure, Blossom has to put up with Brick’s abrasive attitude and occasional anger issues, and he has to put up with her tendency to overanalyze and overthink things. However, they seem to find common ground and iron things out, hopefully for the best. Plus, Blossom is the paradigm of morality and perfection, while Brick is the paradigm of ensuring an authoritative nature without question and impulsivity. While they might seem like the undisputed commanders and leaders on the outside, they might have their own crippling flaws on the inside, thus showing they are not perfect. In spite of their imperfections, they very much have to take them in stride not only as the eldest children of their brood but also as leaders and role models and acknowledge each others’ flaws and insecurities so that they can help each other improve without the need to be condescending nor bear any animosity whatsoever. Thus showing a relationship that over time can flourish into something more. Even more so, while Brick tends to think with his fists with a good amount of tactics, Blossom thinks with her head when planning an attack. In terms of whatever ills they had with each other in the past, they would end up forgiving each other and starting anew letting go of all the anxieties of the old and striving towards a better future.
I am also completely aware that Butchercup is shipped to shipped to high heaven and here’s my take on it. Move over, Ranma and Akane! Get lost, Inuyasha and Kagome! Take a hike, Ataru and Lum! Because there’s a new Takahashi couple in town that will wipe the floor with their brand of belligerent sexual tension and overall volatility and that is Butch and Buttercup. I kind of see them as one of the Takahashi couples to end all Takahashi couples because of the fact that they are stubborn, hard-headed, volatile, and seem to be the type of people that will shout at each other one moment and make out in the next moment. It’s not like I have anything against these type of couples, with the exception of Inuyasha and Kagome, as I cannot stand how much dominance she thinks she has over him with the Beads of Subjugation, hence my deep-seated hatred for this pairing, it’s just that at times the Takahashi couple do tend to be entertaining but when their relationship status drags the plot along, it can be rather tedious to see the two characters as a plausible or healthy couple. You may be asking, why do I not like Inuyasha and Kagome as a couple, but like Butch and Buttercup together? Well, it all chalks down to Butch and Buttercup being the toughest and strongest fighters of their groups and, boy, do they do a lot of the fighting. So, being emotional or lovey-dovey or syrupy is completely out of the question, as I am sure that they are the type of people who have zero tolerance for anything saccharine. However, when they combine their combat prowess, it is definitely a team-up to be reckoned with, and their ritual as a couple would be pummeling criminals by day and making steamy love to each other by night. Inuyasha and Kagome, on the other hand, I could never get into this pairing because there are times that Kagome, in spite of her growing archery skills and her position as the main female protagonist, is often given the role of being the damsel in distress, and it’s usually up to Inuyasha to save her. While the usage of the Beads of Subjugation was meant as protection in the first half of Inuyasha, there were times in later episodes that they were used for petty punishment against Inuyasha, even if he did not deserve it. Thus, making Inuyasha’s and Kagome’s relationship kind of toxic, as Kagome comes off as domineering towards Inuyasha as the lapdog. At least with Butch and Buttercup, sure, they can get into each others’ skins, but at least they can have each others’ backs and get the job done.
Brickercup really fascinates me, as when one combines Brick’s hardass, authoritative nature with Buttercup’s feisty, fiercely independent, and strong-willed attitude, this would also be a pairing that is just as plausible because of how strong their personalities are. Moreover, in the Rowdyruff Boys’ debut episode, Buttercup was the first Powerpuff to get her hands on Brick, showering him with a barrage of punches, before being pummeled by Butch and Boomer. Oh sure, there will be the obligatory shouting, yelling, and cursing matches that will occur between Brick and Buttercup, but at least she can acknowledge that he understands her, stubbornness and all. In terms of combat, they will be closest sparring partners in every martial art they do, thus showing insurmountable respect and even love for each other. I can see them test each others’ strength and overall physical capabilities and they would definitely enjoy each others’ company, as Buttercup will certainly feel more attached to Brick’s hardass method of leadership, especially when it comes to disciplining Butch. Not only that, but they would also have each others’ backs in times of joy and strife, with Brick giving some really useful advice to Buttercup on not only how to better herself as a fighter but also as a person.
Blossutch also fascinates me so much because of how equally plausible this Beauty and the Beast-like pairing is. Butch is probably a lot of things to Blossom, the Tarzan to her Jane, the Enkidu to her Shahmat, the Beast/Prince Adam to her Belle, and this is basically a pairing where Butch is the big, strong muscle dude who might not be the brightest but at least he means well and Blossom is the gorgeous, diplomatic, yet bookish intellectual who can tolerate him to the best of her abilities. Blossom would be the very person who would actually enjoy sparring with Butch, not only because of how super strong he is but because there will be great synergy occurring between these two, and it’s one based on trust and the ability to hone one’s unique skills. Plus, Blossom’s brand of savviness, leadership, and understanding would also help Butch step out of Brick’s shadow and find inner peace with someone as wise, smart, and rather sexy as Blossom. I can see Blossom taming the beast within Butch to help him become more balanced with everything he does in his life. Moreover, I can see Butch enjoying Blossom’s company because of her kindness, empathy, willingness to listen, and overall warmth. For that, a healthy and benevolent relationship will occur between these two. Let’s also not forget about the sparring matches where Butch would immediately be impressed by Blossom’s strength and would also love to have her spar with him more often.
When it comes to all four of these guys, in the long run, I can certainly see the strength, courage, unwavering resolve, and determination they all have rushing in their blood, veins, and souls. Thus making them grand not only as my most beloved OT4 of all time but how each of them is in terms of being an individual. From Brick’s charming hardass nature with using his fists to Butch’s brawny and wild nature to Blossom’s savvy diplomacy to Buttercup’s feistiness and independence, each of them has something special to give to the table not only in terms of pairings but also in terms of who they are. Hence, that is why I love Brick, Butch, Blossom, and Buttercup or the Four Bruisers to bits.
Thanks for taking the time to not only having a gander at this piece of fanart but for also reading my post. Have a lovely day!
Brick, Blossom, Butch, and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken.

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