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The PPG/RRB Shipping Chart was originally created by QuietLullabies.
Well, I am in the marvelous city of Madrid, Spain, where I will be celebrating my 26th birthday. Yes, I know, another year older, another year wiser. So, to celebrate my upcoming birthday here’s my take on the whole PPG/RRB shipping meme chart.
I have been seeing fellow artists’ takes on these pairings. Some were interesting, some were a bit one-sided, and some were actually well-thought out and I enjoyed reading their opinions on the Rowdyruffs and Powerpuffs they like or not like to pair up with. So, without ado, here’s my take on the PPG/RRB shippings.
Boomer/Bubbles or Boomubbles- In my opinion, this has to be the most plausible and overall best of not only the color-coded RRB/PPG pairings but also RRB/PPG pairings in general. These two seem like they are destined to be for each other and are akin to the star-crossed lovers that I have seen in the media and literature, i.e. Romeo and Juliet. I am very sure that these two would start leaving behind any animosity if the Rowdyruff Boys became good guys, joined forces with the Powerpuff Girls and will be the first to show loads of forgiveness and compassion, while they are still young children. Eventually, Boomer and Bubbles would start becoming the closest of friends and comrades, thus building a healthy and genuine relationship between the two. Once they reach their tweens and teens, they would develop even deeper feelings for each other and will actually go on more dates, aside from the usual crime-fighting they have to do. Plus, in my headcanon, they would end up being the first to marry in their late teens to their early 20s and have children with Boomer being the loving, well-meaning father and Bubbles being the supportive, compassionate mother, in spite of the fact that they are the youngest of their respective sibling groups. It’s no surprise why I love the Blues when they are together. It’s because of not only their appeal of being adorable, sweet, and/or lovely but it also has this fairytale-like feel in their relationship, where after every trial, every challenge, and every hardship, Boomer and Bubbles still have each others’ backs and will seem to be the couple that will stay faithful to each other until the end of time.
The Reds and the Greens were rather interesting to pair up because not only do I like Blossick and Butchercup, even though they can be a tad bit overrated, but I also enjoy Brickercup and Blossutch as much as the former. Moreover, the Reds and the Greens don’t really have that fairy tale, lovey-dovey, sentimental vibe that the Blues have, thus showing how tough being in a relationship is, yet at the same time it is reassuring, as principles of respect, responsibility, compassion, allegiance, and trust need to be put in to practice, not only with each other but also for the good of their team. So, here’s my take on these pairings, even though I made it kind of clear in my OT4 drawing of Bricksomutchercup. I still keep my word that Brick, Butch, Blossom, and Buttercup are the strongest OT4 in my opinion, hence that’s why I dub them to be my Four Favorite Bruisers of All Time because of their unwaveringly strong personalities and overall determination. Plus, I imagine the Reds and the Greens living together under one roof, with the Blues living in another house. So, here are my explanations, anyway.
Brick/Blossom or Blossick- I put this as my first choice because they seem to be the ones who follow suit when it comes to Boomer and Bubbles being together. As they grow up and form a six-person superhero team, I can see them still obtaining responsibilities of being leaders as well as the eldest children with Brick and his large-and-in-charge warlord personality who ensures a fair fight, great combat skills from all of his teammates, and a grand victory for every mission they do and Blossom and her tendency to be the team mom who ensures strategy to be present in battle and the overall safety of not only her beloved but also her comrades. I can see their romance as not being that of a fairy tale but one that is really challenging, as walls need to be broken down, trust has to be formed, and respect and allegiance need to be put to practice. Sure, they would initially have difficulty trusting and respecting each other. However, as time goes by, they would start to see each other for who they are. Brick would see that Blossom is not always Little Miss Perfect and Blossom would see that Brick has some insecurities, which are more often than not hidden in this proud personality. Together, these two can take what primal doubts and insecurities they have and take them in stride, thus helping each other reach their full potential not only physically but psychologically as well. As young adults in their twenties, they and the Greens would even have a double wedding after their youngest siblings’ matrimony and as parents, I can imagine Blossom being the stern, well-meaning, and supportive mom and Brick being the strong, tough, and really loving dad. I really love this pairing because it does show how being in a relationship is not always easy but when two people have patience, trust, respect, allegiance, and understanding anything is possible.
Butch/Buttercup or Butchercup- Ah, yes. One of the Takahashi couples to end all Takahashi couples because of their volcanically belligerent sexual tension. They would be the couple who would argue and shout one moment and be cuddly and make love to each other in the next. As I stated before, Ranma and Akane would end up paling in comparison to Butch’s and Buttercup’s brand of belligerent sexual tension. As the toughest and most volatile fighters, with Butch being the big muscle and Buttercup being the fiery bruiser, they have no time for anything saccharine, lovey-dovey nor sentimental. Moreover, much like their older siblings, Brick and Blossom, they are living proof that being in a relationship is no walk in the park at all. Part of that has to do with the extremely hard and competitive shells these two bear, but when they lay down their defenses they find some common ground, as they settle down with each other. Sure, as children, they would have their own brand of friendship based on shouting matches and being really competitive. As they grow, they would still have that competitive nature, yet actually, help each other grow physically and psychologically, with Butch feeling comfortable with Buttercup’s rough and tumble nature and Buttercup soothing Butch’s wild nature in her own special way. Additionally, they would put their fighting skills to exceptional use when it comes to giving monsters and criminals a huge beating, thus proving their value as the muscle in this six-person superhero team. As stated before, in their twenties, they would even have a double wedding with the Reds. As parents, I would imagine Butch as the strong dad their children would look up to and Buttercup as the equally strong mom their children would adore. So, I am not going to mince words about Butchercup. This pairing is really entertaining for how volcanic their personalities can be yet how endearing they can be to each other when they drop their defenses.
Brick/Buttercup or Brickercup- This is just as awesome because of the chemistry these two have. When one thinks about it, Brick’s authoritative and overall big personality could actually mesh well with Buttercup’s moody, feisty, and energetic personality. I actually find this pairing just as plausible because this is also one based on respect and loads of perseverance. Brick would be the type of guy who would acknowledge Buttercup’s skill as a fighter and, therefore, think that she is pretty cool to hang out with. Buttercup would be the one to treat Brick with more respect than her sister because he does understand her and she would always enjoy a good challenge from Brick because of his hardass attitude. Sure, there are the obligatory shouting matches that would occur, but they could at least see each others’ worth as people and find lots of common ground. I would even imagine Blossom sharing Brick with Buttercup, given how close they are, and she would be totally cool with it, not only in terms of keeping Brick’s large-and-in-charge personality in check but to also help each other let out some steam and laugh about certain silly things in the end. Furthermore, Buttercup would even enjoy how Brick would discipline Butch, as she and Blossom would enjoy seeing these two fight each other with such fierceness in their eyes, though Blossom would try to keep the peace. When all is said and done, I also enjoy Brickercup because of how Brick’s and Buttercup’s strong and demanding personalities clash and mesh well with each other in a way that’s not only entertaining but also believable.
Butch/Blossom or Blossutch- Yet another mixed color pairing I am a major fan of. When one combines Butch’s brawny, beastly, tough yet adorable personality with Blossom’s intelligence, diplomacy, bravery, and overall beauty, one gets a pairing that’s also as endearing as all get-out. This relationship is not only based on respect and allegiance but also of patience and endurance. Sure, as kids, Blossom would initially have a hard time keeping Butch’s wild boy nature in check. However, with much patience, these two could see each other for what they are worth with Butch seeing Blossom as this angelic, articulate, and smart person who is just as strong as a fighter as him, Brick, and Buttercup and Blossom seeing Butch as someone who needs to step out of Brick’s shadow more often to be his own person and as someone whose awesome physical strength can be put to amazing use in their team. I can even see these two finding inner peace, as Blossom would see that Butch is not as psychotic and wild as she initially thought and Butch would see that Blossom is not so much of a nag. They would very much see the best in each other and I can imagine them having such great sparring matches plus having some tender moments. Butch would even respect Blossom more because of her kindness, patience, and overall loving personality and Blossom would respect Butch not only as a fighter but as a person too, thus creating a healthy relationship to go on with these two. Like I said, this pairing is just as awesome because of the whole wild guy and cultured girl slash Beauty and the Beast appeal akin to Tarzan and Jane and Enkidu and Shahmat. Moreover, I can see an overall balance occurring between these two.
Cute, Innocent Pairings:
So, apparently, Boomer is the most shippable Rowdyruff Boy ever, and why shouldn’t he be. In my headcanon, I see him being the first of the Rowdyruff Boys to give up their petty hatred of the Powerpuff Girls and give up being nasty altogether, while still being very young. Sure, Brick and Butch, would be initially hesitant but Boomer will definitely be the one to jump at the chance to help out the Powerpuff Girls in everything they do, hence that’s why I not only love to pair him up with Bubbles but also with Blossom and Buttercup. Therefore, I would consider this to be OT4 number two.
Boomer/Blossom or Blossoomer- Out of all the mixed colored pairings this is the one I find to be genuine, sweet, charming, and leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. When one combines Boomer’s simple, misunderstood nature to Blossom’s articulate savviness and moral diplomacy, especially when it involves giving someone a second chance, one gets a relationship that is healthy on so many levels. I can comprehend why people love this pairing so much, as it is the whole appeal of having the dimwitted yet amusing Boomer pair up with the diplomatic and intelligent Blossom. Eventually and through Blossom’s help and love, Boomer would come out of his shell and actually treat all of the girls with respect and kindness, letting go of his callous nature and starting anew. She would even inspire him to stand up to his elder brothers to stop pushing him around, thus building up his self-esteem. Following this, he would even show them that they are one team with great powers as well as a great responsibility to the City of Townsville. Plus, StarRainerGirl’s aka xahCHUx’s fan-animated video of this pairing set to Evanescence’s My Immortal is one of the most tear-jerking yet well-made pieces of video work I have ever seen, as I did shed a tear on more than one occasion. Overall, Blossoomer is definitely a pairing I root for both romantically and platonically. These two would indubitably support each other through thick and thin and would come out of any situation as stronger, more flexible, and more open-minded individuals.
Boomer/Buttercup or Boomercup- This pairing is a combination of adorable and rollickingly hilarious, as it is the pairing between a gentle, submissive young lad and a daring, outspoken young lady. I can understand why people like to pair them up, as they are the ones that stick out with Boomer being the submissive butt-monkey of the Rowdyruff Boys and Buttercup being the stubborn tomboy of the Powerpuff Girls. Sure, there would be a good relationship between the two with Boomer shedding whatever defenses Buttercup has in her and Buttercup further building up Boomer’s self-esteem with her own brand of tough love. While I do find this pairing to be cute and entertaining, Boomercup’s relationship leans towards being platonic rather than being lovers. Still, I am very sure that someone who has already shed whatever anger and resentment he has in his system like Boomer would also admire someone as unwavering, strong-minded, and tough like Buttercup. Even more so, I can see these two protect each other against all evils and odds, and having fun with each other in terms of play fighting and just enjoying each other’s company. So, Boomercup may not be something I would like to see our hard on the outside, soft on the inside Rowdyruff and our toughest fighter of a Powerpuff be involved in something romantically, but it’s a pairing that is entertaining on its own merits.
Pairing either Brick or Butch with Bubbles has always been the case of them being more suited to a platonic-level relationship. Yes, I know it’s the Boomubbles fan in me speaking, because why not, they are already my number one OTP for life, but I don’t see Bubbles to be the type of girl to be romantically-involved with either Brick or Butch. In fact, I would combine these three to be a pretty solid BroT3 with Brick and Butch being the strong muscle dudes protecting Bubbles. Thus, ensuring her overall safety and fighting against any mugger, murderer, monster or sleazeball who dare take advantage of their youngest teammate for her sake.
Butch/Bubbles or Butchubbles- Though I do comprehend the concept and appeal of a big, strong bad boy being paired up with an angelic, cute good girl, I mostly see this as super platonic. I am sure that with Bubbles’ brand of kindness, mercy, and compassion, she would be able to reach through Butch’s soft side and therefore be civil and friendly to each other in a rough and tumble big brother and cute, petite, sweet little sister kind of way. I am sure they would help each other with Butch bringing out Bubbles’ hardcore side more often and Bubbles ensuring that Butch does not always need to hide behind such a super hard shell to show that he’s the big, strong dude of the group.
Brick/Bubbles or Brickubbles- Again, I consider this more as a pairing between the strong-minded, emotionally charged, and at times commanding big brother and the adorable, kind-hearted, yet inwardly hardcore little sister. I know there is an appeal of Brick being this big and tough guy protecting the youthful ingenue in the form of Bubbles, but to me, I never saw them as lovers. I just see them being akin to siblings who have each others’ backs and would bring out the best in each other too.
So, that’s all for my assessment on each of these pairings. Now, I bet you are wondering, why didn’t I mark any of these with a blue question mark or the red x-mark. It’s just because there’s not a pairing I loathe nor feel doubtful for, as each of them can work one way or the other. But, hey, it’s just my opinion. I know that you guys all have pairings you love and if you like them, more power to you. And even if you don’t, it’s totally fine, as we all have our different tastes.
Thanks so much for reading this post and taking a gander at my filled-up PPG/RRB pairing chart. I certainly had a lot of fun expressing my opinions on each of these pairings, as I was able to find a certain amount of potential for each of them. I would also like to give a huge shout out to the likes of The PongPang Art, Princess Callyie, PurfectPrincessGirl, xahCHUx, pysicho1000, polarbear1234, fashionbella, jailbaitCAT, MissEmmyJay, BrickercupMasterX3, cynderfunk, and many other awesome artists who specialize in RRBxPPG shipping in one way or the other. You all have been such an inspiration in terms of me doing this list and for that, you all deserve all the salutes and kudos for your fine pieces of work.
Wow. Tonight’s the final night of being 25 for me. I still can’t believe it. But life goes on and I always have to keep my head. So, until then, as we say in Spain, Hasta la próxima.
The Rowdyruff Boys (Brick, Butch, and Boomer) and the Powerpuff Girls (Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles) all belong to Craig McCracken.

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