Si Tu Quisieras drawn by me

“Si tu quisieras yo daria mi vida
solo por un beso de ti
si tu quisieras gritaria al mundo
que te amo
y que solo pienso en ti
Que te amo,
que te amo,
que te amo
y que solo pienso en ti
si tu quisieras le darias a mi alma
con tu amor la fe que ya perdi
le haces falta,
me haces falta,
le haces falta
a mi corazon y te pido
que vuelvas que me perdones
te juro ya no te hare sufrir
vivo arrepentido pero si tu quisieras
pero si tu quisieras
yo te haria feliz.”
– Los Temerarios, the intro song to the Mexican telenovela Salomé
English translation:
“If you want I would give you my life
only for a kiss from you
if you want I would scream to the world
that I love you
and that I only think of you.
That I love you
that I love you
that I love you
and that I only think of you.
If you want you would give me my soul
with your love the faith that has been lost
you need it
you need me
you need it
in my heart and I ask of you
that you return that you forgive me
I swear to you that I will not let you suffer
I live repentantly but if you want
but if you want
I will make you happy.”
I would love to dedicate this picture, which is in collaboration with BrickercupMasterX3’s Bunnitch month, to a fellow DeviantArtist, Jeremy G. aka TXToonGuy1037 who is celebrating his birthday. So, Jeremy, I hope you had a wonderful birthday, keep on doing what you are doing, and stay awesome.
Is there anything more serene, calming, and romantic like a sunset on the beach? Well, for Mitch and Bunny, there’s nothing more serene than moments like this. They’re both lucky and happy to have each other in their lives. So, why not take a moment to look at the sunset and marvel at its untainted majesty after a long day.
I also thought that the opening to a Mexican telenovela I caught as a child, Si tu quisieras (If you want) from Salomé starring Edith González, would be a perfect fit to this piece of Bunnitch fan art. Without further ado, here’s the song and I hope you enjoy listening to it while looking at this piece of fanart.
That’s all for now. As we say in Spanish, hasta la próxima. Y Jeremy te deseo un cumpleaños muy feliz.
Mitch Mitchelson and Bunny Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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