A Letter and a Photo from a New Friend drawn by me

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This is my second Brickubbles month submission as spearheaded by my dear friend, BrickercupMasterX3. I know I was supposed to submit this on Friday, but I had other things to accomplish like be present in a film shoot, watch Gounod’s Faust at the Deutsche Oper Berlin starring Valentin Dytiuk as Faust, Nicole Car as Marguerite, and Almas Svilpa as Mephistopheles, and make a vlog-style review of that opera the following day thus releasing it onto YouTube. So, to Paula, I am really, really sorry for the delay, but life happens and priorities have to be taken into consideration. I hope you can forgive me for the super, super long delay. I can assure you that I was working and planning really hard on this piece of work. Don’t worry though I will definitely submit the next piece of Brickubbles fanart later today before I make my review of Ponchielli’s La Gioconda at the Deutsche Oper Berlin starring Daniela Barcellona as Laura Adorno and George Gagnidze as Barnaba.

As my peace offering, I give you my YouTube channel, where you can find my vlog-style reviews of operas, concerts, albums, musicals, ballet, cartoons, anime, and movies. You can watch all the videos you want if you really like and enjoy them. You will not be disappointed. I have also put in a lot of effort on my reviews, so do enjoy.


This piece of Brickubbles fanart takes place after the first submission. And lo and behold, we also have Brickercup present here, oh, pure, boundless joy. So, we have a triple whammy here, a lovely, sweet BroTP in the form of the awesomely macho big brother-in-law Brick and inwardly hardcore little sister-in-law Bubbles, a fine BroTP or in this case SisTP in the form of the toughest fighter of an older sister Buttercup and the joy and the laughter of the youngest sister Bubbles, and the most awesome and my most personal favorite mixed-colored pairing OTP for life in the form of the large-and-in-charge, strong, handsome Brick and his sassy, feisty, tough wife Buttercup. Let’s get on with the show.

Narrator: The City of Townsville! Team Xtreme Headquarters! And after last night’s shocking moment, it’s high time for the awesome men and women of Team Xtreme to start this shiny, new day.

(Boomer’s and Bubbles’ room. Bubbles is the first to wake up, as Boomer is still sleeping. She passes by the training room where Butch is bench pressing and Blossom is doing push-ups, their usual morning routine. After that, she passes by Brick who is wearing an apron with the inscription “Chef in da House” all in capital letters and who is also cooking breakfast for his teammates consisting of eggs, whole wheat toast, avocado slices, Canadian bacon, and roasted bell peppers and Buttercup who is setting the table while in her training outfit, as she used the training room before Butch and Blossom.)

Brick: Good morning, darling kid sister-in-law. Did you sleep well?

Bubbles: Uh-huh.

Brick: Well, breakfast will be ready in about 15 minutes. So, do me a solid and call Butch, Blossom, and Boomer to the dining hall.

Buttercup: By the way, Bubs. You got a letter from that girl you saved last night.

Bubbles: Oh, you mean Jessica?

Buttercup: Yeah, it’s on the counter. I placed it there for you before you woke up.

(Bubbles goes to the counter and sees a fuschia envelope in which the back side says “To Bubbles Utonium-Green” and the front side says “From Jessica King”. She then opens the letter and reads it.)

Jessica (voiceover): Dear Bubbles. Thanks for saving me from those bad guys. You are my hero and I wanna be like you when I grow up. Love, Jessica.

(After reading the letter, Bubbles then sees a picture of Jessica, Mr. King, and Mrs. Smiling radiantly. Tears of joy are almost about to flow from Bubbles’ eyes. Brick and Buttercup approach her and comfort her.)

Brick: Like I said, Bubs, I am really proud of you. You not only saved someone as nice and kind as Jessica from being attacked by those bastards but you also made a really great friend through her.

Buttercup: As your sister, I always believed in you, Bubs. You really outdid yourself last night and I couldn’t be any happier for you. You risked your life to save another. And now that you made a great, new friend like Jess, I can’t wait to also meet her. She seems like a great kid.

Bubbles: Yeah, she truly is.

(Brick, Buttercup, and Bubbles group hug.)

This was definitely in the making, as I wanted a bit of closure from the whole Jessica King case, and I was rather satisfied with the results. Like I said, it took time, heart, lots of thinking, effort, plausibility, and lots of love to continue this little story from where the first submission left off and I’m sure this will touch many hearts if it manages to do so. If it does, great and even if it does not, I’m sure it will get a reacting from someone.

Well, Paula, you enjoyed this belated submission. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the delay, but you know life happens and I hope you can forgive. I’m sure this submission and my YouTube channel will definitely suffice as my peace offering and take care and lots of love.

By the way, the surname Green is meant for the Rowdyruff Boys as their permanent surname instead of Jojo, as Mr. Green and Mrs. Sara Bellum-Green are their adoptive parents after the whole Him and Mojo Jojo debacle in Custody Battle, at least where my headcanon is concerned. Long story short, the Rowdyruffs were officially adopted by Miss Bellum while they were still six years old, thus making the Powerpuffs specifically Blossom and Buttercup five years old and Bubbles four years old back then, after she found them in the streets. The surname Green came along when Mr. Green of Substitute Creature married Miss Bellum and became the boys’ father. Mr. Green and Mrs. Sara Bellum-Green could not be any happier for their sons.

Brick, Buttercup, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

Jessica King, Mr. King, and Mrs. King belong to me.

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