The Asian Critic Chick – The Greatest F***ing South Park Episodes of All Time

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Aloha, motherfuckers.  This couldn’t have come out at a better time in my life.  5 years of reviewing and I was finally able to give this show the respect it deserves without calling too much attention to my attention-whorish self.  This list expresses everything that South Park is about– honesty, integrity, and good judgment.  This is easily one of my most focused videos to date while the rest of my stuff look like train wrecks.  Not terribly pleased with the bludgeoning length, but every second of that 46 minutes has purpose, down to Cartman’s “Heat of the Moment” at the end.  Though I don’t praise my own work often, I finally feel that I deserve it this time.  “No, ACC.  You don’t suck.” (That’s my version of praise.  Suck it, Seth MacFarlane, you self-praising douche.)

I regrettably had to cut Steven Stotch’s speech about free speech short so this could even be viewable at all.  But overall I believe that I was able to get my point across about South Park and their endless fight against censorship.  I even included a second-long clip of Muhammad getting slapped by Abraham Lincoln to prove my point.  Yes, I showed Muhammad.  South Park wasn’t afraid, so I’m not afraid either.  “Love is a battlefield!”

This video was meant to be THE ultimate moment for me as a critic.  It’s a representation of my growth and passion that has blossomed over time, which has empowered me to create this list that truly embodies what I stand for.

Now that this is over, I don’t know what else to do with my critic life.  My critic bucket list is almost completely checked off and only a few more points remain.  Is the ACC’s time almost up?

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