Four Blissful Powerpuffs and their Dear Husbands drawn by me

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This Powerpuff Girls OTPs fan art is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist, WildGirl91 who celebrated her birthday yesterday. So, Silvia, I hope you had a most pleasant birthday and as you say in Italian, tanti auguri a te e tutto la mia felicitá e gioia per te. Spero ti piaccia il mio regalo. I also wanna dedicate this to all of the Brickercup, Blossutch, Bunnitch, and Boomubbles shippers out there, as I put in a lot of effort and time to not only make this birthday gift for one of my fellow DeviantArtists but also for you wonderful people. You all know who you are and I hope you enjoy this too.
My dear viewers, if you did not already get the hint, I am a major shipper and fan of Brickercup (Brick x Buttercup), Blossutch (Butch x Blossom), Bunnitch (Mitch x Bunny), and Boomubbles (Boomer x Bubbles). These four are my most beloved OTPs of all time and I am here to show my undying passion for these four lovely couples. By the way, the ages for these couples are as follows.
Brickercup (Brick x Buttercup)
Brick Green, aged 26
Buttercup Utonium-Green, aged 25
Blossutch (Butch x Blossom)
Butch Green, aged 26
Blossom Utonium-Green, aged 25
Bunnitch (Mitch x Bunny)
Mitch Mitchelson, aged 26
Bunny Utonium-Mitchelson, aged 24
Boomubbles (Boomer x Bubbles)
Boomer Green, aged 26
Bubbles Utonium-Green, aged 24
With that said, let’s proceed.
Brickercup (Brick x Buttercup)
There is always something amazingly plausible and cool about this particular mixed-colored pairing. One is the fact that Brick’s large-and-in-charge personality can mesh really well with Buttercup’s feisty, mischievous, and snarky attitude, which is something I find really endearing about Brickercup. The other is how someone like Brick can be able to be the roguish charmer that he is and soothe Buttercup’s temper tantrums in his own way by being cool and not giving himself into shouting matches, even though they can occur between these two though it’s just their form of tough love.
As fighters, they would definitely complement each other. Brick can teach Buttercup new, intense, and interesting moves while Buttercup would be easily fascinated by Brick’s combat prowess, strength, and the command he has over his movements, thus making him a most admirable fighter in her eyes. Therefore, she would learn a lot from him.
Let’s also not forget that when Brick’s ego gets the best of him, Buttercup would always be the one to shrink it down to size by being the direct person that she is and calling him out on his crap.
Through everything they do as a couple, there will never, ever be a dull moment, as everything they do will be filled to the brim with excitement, figurative fireworks, and oodles of passion that these two have not only for combat but for looking out for each other with all of their beings. Speaking of combat, they would definitely form the tightest duo especially when it comes to fighting off criminals, thus making them such a great asset.
Outside of crime-fighting, they would be doing such fun activities like Dance Dance Revolution, doing sports, and many other physical activities, thus getting a kick out of each other with this electrifying synergy.
When it comes to having a family, Brick would be the strong, cool dad and Buttercup would be the tough mom who ensures that her kids are safe and well-disciplined.
Blossutch (Butch x Blossom)
I cannot begin to describe how utterly fascinating this color crack pairing really is. On the surface, it’s the classic case of the strong bad boy pairing up with the smart bookworm of a good girl. Real life implications may show the consequences of such a relationship like this, but I can defend this pairing on what I find so plausible about it.
Butch is essentially this person with insurmountable strength, abundant fighting spirit, lots of determination, but also has the tendency to be easily ticked when one pushes his buttons and does not always have self-control where it is needed. On the other hand, Blossom is an articulate, intelligent, clever, diplomatic, and gorgeous seraph of a young woman who has enough patience and savviness to deal with someone as unpredictable and wild as Butch. What makes them complement each other is that Butch is strength and raw power incarnate while Blossom has strength, tact, and structure wrapped up in one gorgeous package.
Once they face each other, they would automatically acknowledge each others’ strengths and weaknesses and they would help each other become not only better fighters but also better overall people. Butch would indubitably fancy the pants off of Blossom’s combat prowess, strength, and impeccable reflexes but he would also call her out on using her head way too much when fighting is about instinct and having this primal urge to spot an opponent’s weakness. Blossom would absolutely acknowledge Butch’s raw animalistic instincts and brute strength thanks to being the muscle in this relationship, which would come in handy whenever she gets injured or ambushed, but she would also call him out on his lack of self-control.
This is where meditation is put to great use for both Butch and Blossom, as they would do this and yoga on a ritualistic basis, thus ensuring a healthy synergy and balance to occur in the body, in the mind, and in the soul. Through activities like meditation and yoga, Butch and Blossom would be able to not only gain a further awareness of their surroundings both external and internal, but they would also see another side to each other. Butch would be able to see a Blossom who is warm, sympathetic, nurturing, and kind and not just this uptight, highly-strung person. In turn, Blossom would see a Butch who is sympathetic, kind, protective, loyal, and strong in mind, body, and spirit and not just this bloodhound who is constantly itching for a fight.
Loyalty also does play a huge part in this relationship. There is no doubt that Butch is very loyal to his brother Brick and it shows how close they are to each other. However, there are times that Brick’s abrasive nature can rub off on him in a way that makes him attach to his most favorite brother to the point of getting some of his bad habits, even though they feed off of each others’ strong will and love for battle. When putting Blossom in the mix, especially given their meditation sessions, he would have this undying loyalty to her akin to a dog and his master. Butch would respect and love her so much because of how patient and kind she is with him and how savvy and intrepid she is when putting up with someone as wild as him. They would protect each other both in battle and in everyday life. Butch would always be the one to ensure Blossom’s safety and make sure that her life is not on the line and Blossom would always be the one to protect Butch from his inner demons. Therefore, they would have this yin and yang balance that they bear with each other and have unparalleled synergy.
When it comes to having a family, Butch would be the strong, protective dad and Blossom would be the nurturing, loving mother.
Bunnitch (Mitch x Bunny)
Out of all the PPG/Normie pairings, I definitely love this one the most. There is something so appealing about having someone as rough-and-tumble like Mitch being paired up with someone as jovial and fun as Bunny.
Thanks to my participation in June’s Bunnitch month, as hosted by my most beloved friend and fellow DeviantArtist BrickercupMasterX3, I was able to see just how healthy and wonderful this couple truly is. There is the potential of having a long-lasting relationship, which in my headcanon says, they ended up being happily married.
As I stated before, I see Mitch and Bunny being crime fighters in Citysville as a vigilante duo. Moreover, Mitch in his guise as The Persecutor is an amalgamation of The Punisher and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Casey Jones rolled up into one hero and Bunny is essentially The Powerpuff Girls’ version of The Hulk. This duo of having Mitch’s combat skills and Bunny’s ability to transform into her Hulk form makes for a team who can be able to wipe crime off of the streets thanks to their awesome collaboration.
Being a superhuman, Bunny would definitely do the protecting whenever Mitch gets seriously injured. However, there would be moments where Mitch would be more than capable of protecting Bunny not only from her injuries but also from herself, in terms of controlling those urges to transform into her hulk form, even though he’s just a normal human being who through Brick’s, Butch’s, Blossom’s, and Buttercup’s tutelage have aided him as a fighter.
I know I already I said this when I made Mitch’s and Bunny’s children, but the way I see them as parents, I see Mitch being the cool dad and Bunny being the nurturing mom who ensures discipline and unconditional love.
Boomubbles (Boomer x Bubbles)
I consider this to be the healthiest and the overall best of the color-coded RRB/PPG pairings. On the surface, it is so adorable seeing the inwardly sympathetic Boomer being paired up with the adorable, cute Bubbles. Yes, they are the youngest but their innocence and purity show how much fortitude they have not only as a couple but also as a team.
In my headcanon, especially where Team Xtreme is concerned, these two are essentially the peacekeepers of the said six-person superhero team. They are the ones that ensure that whatever petty argument rises up in the team would be resolved through civil conversations and actions.
Boomer and Bubbles indubitably have the most stable of relationships starting out as childhood friends after resolving their initial rivalry in a placid manner and ended up being happily married after dating for many years. Their synergy is one to be reckoned with, as they would enjoy each others’ company and see a new side to each other. Boomer would see that Bubbles has a hardcore side which would make him both fascinated and terrified lest he upset her. Bubbles would definitely see that Boomer has a kind, nurturing side and not just this airhead front that he usually puts.
There are key factors which play a huge part in their relationship: loyalty, unconditional love, the ability to see beyond the flaws, and acknowledging each others’ similarities and differences. There is no doubt that Boomer and Bubbles would be great listeners to each other, thus ensuring healthy communication between life partners. Moreover, these two would never in their lives think about holding grudges against each other and would, therefore, have abundant moral, physical, and psychological support. Boomer would always be there to encourage Bubbles to be a strong fighter and Bubbles would always be there to encourage Boomer to not be afraid to express his feelings and stand up for himself. Through thick and thin, Boomer and Bubbles would have each others’ backs not only on the battlefield but also at home.
As parents, Boomer would be the caring, loving, doting dad and Bubbles would be the kind, nurturing mother who ensures positive Feng Shui in their household.
So, there you have it. My four beloved OTPs from The Powerpuff Girls. Now, do you lovely couples have anything to say to our dear WildGirl91 who celebrated her birthday yesterday?
Brick, Butch, Mitch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny: Sure, we have!
Brickercup (The first panel on the upper left-hand side)
Brick: Yo, Silvia!
Buttercup: We hope you had a wonderful birthday.
Blossutch (The second panel on the upper right-hand side)
Butch: You are an amazing artist.
Blossom: And we hope to see more great pieces of artwork from you.
Bunnitch (The third panel on the lower left-hand side)
Mitch: You totally rock, Silvia.
Bunny: And here’s a kiss from us to you. MWAH!
Boomubbles (The fourth panel on the lower right-hand side)
Boomer: We’re so happy that you’re here.
Bubbles: And as we say in Italian…
Boomer and Bubbles: Tantissimi auguri a te!
Thanks, guys. So, Silvia aka WildGirl91, I hope you enjoyed this piece of work and keep up the awesome you continue to do.
Well, that’s all for now. I would love to thank all of the amazing fan art specialists of Brickercup, Blossutch, Bunnitch, and Boomubbles for their inspiration, creative pieces of work, and everything that they have accomplished so far. Every single one of you is awesome in your own special way and I am thoroughly blessed to have you all in my life not only as an artist but also as a person. Take care and have an amazing summer.
Brick, Butch, Mitch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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