The Brickubbles Flashbacks: Rekindling and Renewal drawn by me

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This Brickubbles Month submission, as spearheaded by my dear friend BrickercupMasterX3, is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist by the name of StrayF0rk whose birthday was celebrated yesterday. So, StrayF0rk, I hope you had a pleasant birthday and I wish you a lot of amazing things as a fellow artist.
This second part of The Brickubbles High School Flashback was certainly long in the making. It took a lot of conceptualizing and figuratively banging my head how Brick’s and Bubbles’ journey in adolescence was going to end. So, here’s the final part of their time in High School. The pairings involved here are Brick x Bubbles (Brickubbles), Boomer x Bubbles (Boomubbles), Brick x Buttercup (Brickercup), Butch x Blossom (Blossutch), and Mitch x Bunny (Bunnitch). This flashback still takes place in the summer of 2009, though spanning from July to August.
There comes a time where relationships are either repaired or newly beginning. A repaired relationship is great, especially when you know that both life partners can start fresh and keep going with their lives together. A new relationship after experiencing the pangs of a breakup is just as great, as the past is left behind and what needs to be considered is the future. How does everything wrap up well in such a nice package? Submitted for the approval of The Brickubbles Flashbacks, I call this story Rekindling and Renewal. Brick, Bubbles, you have the floor.
Brick and Bubbles: Thanks, Antoni.
Brick: Hey, Bubs, remember that rabbit girl stuffed doll I gave to you when we were at the amusement park down at the pier?
Bubbles: Yeah, I gave it to Brittany as a hand-me-down. She and Birdie love to share it too. Plus, that doll kind of reminded me of the imaginary friend Blossom, Buttercup, and I had to create to fight off Patches.
Brick: Who’s Patches?
Bubbles: Oh, he was Mike’s ex-imaginary friend. Poor Mike got blamed for all of the mishaps when it was actually Patches who caused mayhem. It was up to me and my sisters to think up our own imaginary friend to combat him.
Brick: Wow! How are Mike and Robin these days?
Bubbles: They’re doing really well. Mike’s a child psychologist and Robin’s an English Literature teacher working on their PhDs. Boomie and I paid them a visit and we even spent some time with their three children, Sarah, Cayden, and Michelle. They are such darlings.
Brick: Glad to hear. Like I said, I cannot even believe we dated each other. How did Boomer feel about it?
Bubbles: He put that all behind him
Brick: That’s good. Because the last thing I could’ve done was hurt him so bad.
Bubbles: Yeah.
(Flashback to July 2009 begins. The then seventeen-year-old Brick and the then fifteen-year-old Bubbles are at the amusement park down at the pier.)
Brick: Here we are, Bubs. We got the whole day to ourselves.
Bubbles: That’s for sure, Brick. I don’t even know what ride we should go on first. And that makes me even more excited!
Brick: Well what are we waiting for let’s go!
(Montage of Brick and Bubbles in the amusement park rides, akin to Beastboy’s and Terra’s amusement park date from the original Teen Titans, begins. Brick and Bubbles are first seen on a rollercoaster called The Sharpshooter. Brick is clearly enjoying the thrill of the ride while Bubbles is rather terrified, to say the least. After that, they are riding on bumper cars laughing. Following that is photo taking time at the photo booth where Brick and Bubbles are making silly faces and choose the best photos including the one that is shown. Brick participates in a game where throws a baseball at five metal bottles and all three tries have ended up being successful to the point where he gets a rabbit girl stuffed doll, which looks like the Powerpuff Girls’ imaginary friend from the episode Imaginary Fiend. Bubbles hugs Brick tightly and he blushes. They walk arm in arm to the Ferris wheel, where they watch the sunset together.)
Bubbles: It was such a great day, wasn’t it Brick?
Brick: Sure was, Bubs. Who knew it’s been a week since we went out as you know…
Bubbles: Boyfriend and girlfriend?
Brick (somberly): Yeah.
Bubbles: Is everything okay?
Brick: Yeah, everything’s cool. I think I’m kinda hungry after all the rides we went to.
Bubbles: Me too.
Brick: I know an awesome burger joint where we can have dinner. They don’t just serve beef burgers, but also chicken, turkey, and even fish burgers. What do you say to that?
Bubbles: I think I would love that.
(Cut to the boardwalk, specifically at the restaurant Fish McFood, the same place where Brick, Butch, and Boomer were causing a ruckus and getting their burgers from the episode Boy Toys. The place as of 2009 looked a lot more stylized in comparison to the 1998 design, especially evidenced in the restaurant logo, as it has flashing lights. Inside the restaurant, Brick is munching down on a quarter pounder with cheddar cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, onions, lettuce, tomato, sriracha and mayo sauce, and gherkins, while Bubbles is munching down on a salmon burger with avocado, onions, Romaine lettuce, and aioli. They even share a bowl of cajun fries, which they also managed to munch down.)
Brick: This place brings back a lot of memories. I can’t believe my brothers and I were such monstrous little crapheads back then wrecking the place.
Bubbles: I know, but that was then. You guys just didn’t have a great role model until Miss Bellum came. And look at you. You’re the most popular, handsome, well-rounded guy in Townsville High, Butch is the superathlete alongside Buttercup, and, well, Boomer, he’s the most talented and most loved guy in school.
Brick: Wow. Thanks, Bubs, you really know how to make me feel more positive about myself.
Bubbles: Hey, that’s what I do. And of course, you’re my boyfriend after all.
Brick: Yeah.
Brick: Bubbles.
Bubbles: Yes, Brick.
Brick: Can I just be really frank with you?
Bubbles: Brick, honey, you can tell me anything. Like you said, we’ve been dating for a week now. I don’t think there’s anything that’s gonna stop us.
Brick: Yeah, about that. It’s just that I’m starting to have second thoughts. You know, about us being a couple.
Bubbles: Well, what’s wrong?
Brick: It’s just that I can’t really see ourselves as a legitimate item. Don’t get me wrong I had fun at our date and you had lots of fun too, but something was just eating at me you know. Maybe we just have different opinions about who our ideal life partner is and if we can stay committed to that said person.
Bubbles: I guess so.
Brick: I guess we were just not meant to be together, especially after what we went through.
Bubbles: No.
Brick: But you know, I’m sure Boomer would like to have you back in his life. I can’t begin to tell you how miserable he’s been as of late.
Bubbles: Oh, goodness.
Brick: Poor guy. He couldn’t get out of his room and he practically spent a lot of his time composing new songs, writing these really sad poems, inviting Mitch, Mike, Floyd, Lloyd, Harry, and Elmer to the music room so that they can have their jam sessions and test out new beats, and all that stuff. I don’t know the last time he ever cleaned his room. You should see it for yourself it’s a mess.
Bubbles: Now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t help but feel bad for him. Breaking up with Boomie was definitely my greatest mistake.
Brick: Sure, it was a big mistake. But what’s important is that you learned from it. And yeah, Butch and I do pick on Boom lots of times and we fight each other. When all is said and done, we really love and care for each other. We’re family you know, Bubs. Also here’s something that I think you might wanna know.
(Bubbles leans closer.)
Brick: Butch and I, well as corny and cheesy as it sounds, we were rooting for you two to end up together. We always believed that you and Boom can end up as the greatest item ever. Bloss and I realized we could never work out as an item because we would just keep banging our heads at each other. And it would be too much. Butch and BC, well, let’s just say that I’m glad those two broke up before things got too ugly. Surprisingly tactful for a couple of angry hotheads in green. So, just give Boom another chance. He truly deserves it from you. As for me, I don’t know who I’m gonna end up with now.
Bubbles: Certainly not Princess Morbucks.
Brick: I would never touch that shrill, bratty daddy’s girl with a ten-foot-pole. Need I remind you that Mitch was more than happy to have split up with her. Now he’s starting to feel okay with Bunny considering all the cellphone conversations going on in her room. Perhaps she’ll end up being there. I know it.
Bubbles: Well, we could still stay friends.
Brick: For sure, Bubs. You’ve always been that little sister from another mother. And I’m more than grateful that you’ve been in my life ever since we were kids. I’ll never stop rooting for you and you know that.
Bubbles: Thanks so much, Brick. I’m also sorry for dragging you into this little drama I call my dumbest decision ever.
Brick: Bubs, no need to stress about it. I already forgive you. And I’m sure Boom will end up forgiving you too.
Bubbles: Thanks for everything, Brick.
Brick: No. Thank you for everything, Bubs.
(Brick stands up to give Bubbles a peck on the cheek, pays the waiter, and departs the restaurant. He then goes outside to text someone on his red Team Xtreme cellphone. The message says, “Hey, BC, you got a moment?” and he flies off.)
(Bubbles is still in the restaurant and texts Boomer on her baby blue Team Xtreme cellphone. The message reads, “I’m sorry, Boomie.” A waiter comes over to collect the empty plates and fry bowl.)
Waiter: You feelin’ okay, sweetie?
Bubbles: Uh, yeah.
Waiter: I can tell you went through a lot today.
Bubbles: Yeah. Look I need to jet okay. Thanks a lot.
Waiter: Hey, it’s okay. Hope you enjoyed your meal.
Bubbles: Yes, I did. Thanks.
(Bubbles departs with her stuffed rabbit girl doll by going out the door and flying back to Team Xtreme Headquarters. There, she goes to Boomer’s room. She knocks on his door and tries to open said door. It is unlocked, as she enters to see scattered song lyrics, poems, and Boomer laying down on the floor.)
Bubbles: Oh, my God, Boomie. Are you all right? I left you a text message and I was hoping you would respond and-
(Boomer stands up and hugs Bubbles really tightly. Bubbles then wraps her arms around him.)
Bubbles: Oh, Boomie. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.
Boomer: It’s all right, Bubbles. I was always waiting for you to come back.
Bubbles: By the way, I decided to give this to you.
(Bubbles gives the stuffed rabbit girl doll to Boomer.)
Bubbles: Brick won it at the amusement and I thought it would be nice if you could also have it because he told me how much you missed me. He does care for you, Boomie.
Boomer: Wow. Thanks, Bubs.
Bubbles: I am rather tired from today.
Boomer: So am I.
Bubbles: Perhaps, I should stay with you for a while.
Boomer: You can sleep with me. No problem at all.
Bubbles: Thanks so much, Boomie.
Bubbles (voiceover): Boomie and I finally went back together and it was the greatest thing we’ve done and we were also very happy.
(Boomer and Bubbles lay on the bed, hold each other tightly, then sleep. We then cut to Brick and Buttercup who are on the couch watching an action movie.)
Buttercup: So, let me get this straight, Brickster. You went out with my little sis and then decided you didn’t work out.
Brick: Yup. I think Bubs is already back with Boom, which is a relief.
Buttercup: True.
(Buttercup then snatches Brick’s cap.)
Brick: Hey, BC.
(Buttercup puts his cap on her head.)
Buttercup: So, whaddya think?
(Brick chuckles.)
Brick: Butterbabe, you look amazing.
Buttercup: Why thanks, Brickster. And you might as well get used to me doing that.
Brick: Oh, no worries, I’m really cool with that.
Brick (voiceover): I guess you could say that I found my soulmate through Buttercup and I had no regrets about it. She didn’t have to prove anything. She was herself and that’s what I continue to love about BC.
Bubbles (voiceover): A few weeks went by and Blossom even ended up going out with Butch. Let’s just say that Butch couldn’t be any happier to have someone like her in his life.
(Blossom is typing in her laptop when all of the sudden Butch is making silly faces at her.)
Blossom: Butch, quit it!
Butch: Whatever you say, Pinky.
(Butch continues to make silly faces at her.)
Blossom: Butch!
(Butch then goes behind Blossom and tickles her.)
Blossom: Butch (laughs) what are you (laughs) doing?
(Butch lifts Blossom off of her seat, as he continues tickling her and her laughter increases and they land on her bed. Blossom’s laughter dies down.)
Blossom: Butch, I wish you didn’t do that.
Butch: Bloss, sometimes you just gotta loosen up every once in a while. Besides, I always wanted to hear you laugh and I got my wish.
Blossom (blushing): Well, you certainly did.
Butch: And Bloss, can I tell you something?
Blossom: Go right ahead.
Butch: You know you’ve always been someone I looked up to because you’re not just beautiful but you’re brave, strong, smart, and an awesome person overall. And that’s what I always loved about you.
Blossom: Butch, I don’t know what to say.
Butch: Plus, you’ve always been better than Brick and BC combined because you don’t see me as just this psycho or what have you. You see me as a person and I could learn a lot from you.
Blossom: Oh, Butch. You know out of all the guys I have gotten know, you were definitely that one person who helped me loosen up and I should thank you for that. I never had an opportunity to just be myself with anyone until now. Come here, Butch.
(Butch and Blossom hug each other and even plant a kiss.)
Brick (voiceover): Heck, even Mitch got over his breakup-
Bubbles (voiceover) and went out of his way to go out with Bunny.
Mitch: It sure is a pretty night ain’t it Bun.
Bunny: It really is. Look at how the stars shine.
Mitch: They shine for us.
Bunny: And us alone.
(Bunny places her head on Mitch’s shoulder.)
Brick (voiceover): The last two years of High School were surprisingly smooth for all of us. We managed to get everything together, we were all happy with the ones who ended up being our life partners, and we never went back to our old ways again.
Bubbles (voiceover): All the drama that happened in sophomore year was put behind all of us. Boomie and I even won the title of prom king and queen two years in a row, which was amazing.
(Cut to the present day and time.)
The now 26-year-old Brick: And Bubs and I continue to be great friends.
The now 24-year-old Bubbles: To this very day.
Brick and Bubbles: The end.
I declare this meeting of The Brickubbles Flashbacks closed. See you next time.
Like I said, there was a lot of planning and conceptualizing that had to be done to wrap up Brick’s and Bubbles’ High School saga and I have to say it went out with a bang. Plus, during the time I was writing the amusement park scene, I played this piece of music which was used for Beastboy’s and Terra’s date from the original Teen Titans episode Betrayal. I not only had this playing in my head, but I knew from the get-go that this was going to be something lovely for Brick’s and Bubbles amusement park date. Enjoy listening to this beautiful and emotional piece of music and I’m sure you will also have the same vision of Brick and Bubbles going out on their amusement park date as I did.

Moreover, the scene where Brick and Bubbles were in the Fish McFood restaurant was partially inspired by Trent’s and Daria’s breakup from the Daria episode Jane’s Addition, both in dialogue and in getting the sitting positions right. I will admit, it was pretty tough on the first try but I seemed to have gotten the hang of it.
Finally, I was really glad to have my gotten all of my OTPs together and even though you may not agree with me on who they were paired up with, I hope you ended up enjoying this piece of fanart and the story as a whole.
Tune into the next Brickubbles Flashback where our protagonists are in college. See you then.
Brick, Butch, Mitch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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