The Boomubbles Family drawn by me

The Boomubbles Family drawn by me
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This piece of Boomubbles fanart is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist by the name of H.D. aka AitchhDee who celebrated her birthday a couple of days ago. So, I hope you had a most pleasant and most exhilarating birthday and I wish you a lot of love, abundance, and happiness in your life as an artist. I would also love to dedicate this to all of my dearest fellow Boomubbles shippers. I hope you all enjoy this piece of work I had to accomplish.
Before you are a happy and healthy family cultivated by a long-lasting relationship between Team Xtreme’s blue-clad, blond-haired, athletic pacifists, Boomer Green and his wife Bubbles Utonium-Green. The apple does not fall too far from the tree, as their children are just as wonderfully sympathetic and vivacious as their parents. On Boomer’s side, one can see the eldest identical twin sons, Bailey on the left and Barley on the right, who are six years old, are using him as a human jungle gym, and are donning his hand-me-downs. On Bubbles’ side, one can see their middle daughter Brittany on the left, who is five years old, and their youngest daughter Birdie on the right, who is three years old. Moreover, much like their cousins, they are already gifted with flight, super strength, super speed, and many other superhuman abilities. Let us find out how these children came to be.
Through their long-lasting relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, which showed a lot of perseverance despite all odds, it was obvious something was about to happen. In their second year of college, it was announced that Bubbles ended up being pregnant with Boomer’s child, thus making him both astonished and joyous at the news. With this revelation, Boomer and Bubbles received their respective parents’ blessings, as they were married, even though Boomer was only all but twenty years old and Bubbles was eighteen years old. During Bubbles’ pregnancy, she always shocks going on in her womb, when it was revealed in the ultrasound that she was going to give birth to twin boys and the spasms she felt came from the fetus emitting shocks made out of raw energy, thus astonishing Boomer considering that that was one of his special powers and he was pretty to have heirs who inherited his power. Then on August 4, 2012, Bubbles gave birth to twins Bailey Philipp Green and Barley Raphael Green.
Bailey and Barley are the split images of their father especially evidenced from how he first looked when he was a six-year-old child. It also helped that his hand-me-downs made them look like complete mini-Boomers. Something extraordinary happened one evening when Bailey and Barley were in their cribs and out of nowhere little stars were formed using raw energy from their fingertips and they were spread all across their bedroom walls. Boomer and Bubbles could not believe their eyes when they entered their bedroom. It was from that moment that Boomer and Bubbles knew their sons would end up developing their abilities to create objects made from raw energy. Luckily for Bailey and Barley, Boomer is always there to teach them how to make different objects using raw energy from baseball bats to weights to different types of toys, which is an amazing experience from both father and sons. Equally as impeccable was their ability to read different books in various languages from their native English to Spanish to French to German to Japanese to Tagalog to Chinese to Portuguese, thus inheriting their parents’ ability to speak and translate in different languages. One special power they ended up bearing was the ability to make shockwave screams. Whenever they scream intensely, shocks of electricity would pour out of their mouths giving their foes a shock and a moment of deafness they will never escape from nor forget. Because both Boomer and Bubbles were still attending college, they would usually send the twins to their grandparents in order for them to spend some time with them. Moreover, they even bore their parents’ ability to sprint at top speed. Personality-wise both Bailey and Barley are jolly, lovable, and innocent souls. Bailey is the more hardcore one and he shows it when he is in his protective big brother mode, while Barley is the softer and more sensitive twin though he can be fired up whenever someone hurts his siblings and/or his family.
Three weeks before Christmas on December 4, 2013, Bubbles gave birth to a girl who was christened as Brittany Alexandra Green. Brittany is the split image of her mother to the point where she is a mini-Bubbles from the way her hair is done all the way up to her hand-me-downs, there is no doubt that she is her mother’s daughter. Speaking of being her mother’s daughter, it was said that when she emerged a supersonic cry was emitted nearly rendering the midwife as deaf. Luckily for Brittany, a pacifier was created by none other Professor Utonium in order to neutralize the huge volume in her voice whenever she starts screaming supersonically and it worked like a charm. Moreover, when Brittany was a year old, she could already read books in different languages, thus not only making her fluent in her native English but also Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Sanskrit, Persian, Malay, Welsh, German, Latin, Farsi, and Hebrew. It is not just sound-related powers Brittany bears but also the ability to create objects out of shockwaves as well as flying and running at such an impeccably speedy rate. Personality-wise she can be a bit on the loud side but when all is said and done, she is gentle, kind, caring, and an overall euphoric soul.
Come June 2, 2015, and Bubbles gave birth to another baby girl. This time she had heterochromia similar to Blaze and Belle, where her left eye is cobalt blue and her right eye is baby blue. The youngest daughter was christened as Berenice Dorinda Green who was also given the nickname Birdie, as her cooing was almost akin to the different types of birds. Appearance-wise, Birdie has her father’s second hairdo as well as her mother’s curved hairstyle. Aside from speaking the different languages of humans, Birdie can also speak the languages of different animals and not just birds but also snakes, leopards, cats, dogs, squirrels, lions, horses, bees, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and many other types of animals. Moreover, she can even manipulate water and create objects out of that said element. Outside of her powers, she is also a gifted artist just like her mother, being able to fingerpaint, sculpt items out of clay, and make paper maché effectively and effortlessly. She is the best of both worlds in terms of her personality, as she bears her mother’s warm and inviting nature and her father’s slightly rambunctious and loud soul, thus making Birdie a bit of a tomboy compared to her more feminine sister Brittany.
Unsurprisingly, Bailey, Barley, Brittany, and Birdie get along spectacularly, thus showing a great and healthy synergy in their relationship as siblings. Sure, the occasional bickering occurs, but other than that, any issue is solved peacefully, effectively, and without anyone getting hurt. Each of the siblings uses their powers of super speed, creating objects out of raw energy, supersonic screams, and the usual laser eye beams to the best of their abilities and in a wise, cautious fashion. Outside this sibling bond, all four of them manage to get along with all of their cousins to the point where all ten of them form a unit of their own, thus making their beloved parents and grandparents proud of them.
As parents, Boomer is essentially the loving, protective, strong father and Bubbles is the nurturing, caring mother. They always make sure that their children stay away from all types of danger and get along with each other very well. All four children aspire to be as strong and fast as their father and cultured, elegant and loving as their mother.
So, there you have it. Boomer, Bubbles, and their equally bubbly, lovely, and sweet brood. So, do you have anything to say to our dear friend, AitchhDee?
Boomer and Bubbles: Sure, we do.
Boomer: We hope you had an amazing birthday full of love and joy.
Bubbles: I’m sure there was a lot of support from your fans who helped you celebrate your special day as well as some delicious cake.
Bailey and Barley: Keep on making more awesome artworks.
Brittany: We love your creativity.
Birdie: And we love your dedication.
Thanks, guys, that was really sweet. See you next time.
Boomer and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.
Bailey, Barley, Brittany, and Birdie belong to me.

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