The Asian Critic Chick – 5 Adult Swim Shows You Should Be Watching Besides Rick and Morty

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What up, bitches???  5 months… fuck me.  Reason: 116-page screenplay.  Restaurant manager at a place where the boss is usually very busy… making her own lunch.  Godfuckingdangit.  The real title is actually “5 ASSes That the ACC Likes and Can Go On for Hours About”  But since I don’t want to sound like a narcissistic ass and because the Rick and Mortians need some guidance without their god now (my cousin Mistah Computah Sciencey Dood included), I decided to call it something that sounds more helpful than anything else.  But honestly, it’s just me spouting off about shit I like over and over again, and it’s the only opportunity I’ve had to talk about two shows that I love to death– Sealab 2021 and Home Movies.  That’s probably the only reason why I made this– so it would give me an excuse to talk about them.  Already got called out for not including Robot Chicken and Superjail.  Well… to me Robot Chicken is not exactly a show.  It’s just a compilation of randomness.  And Superjail… sorry, but I just don’t fucking get it.  It’s just surreal and gross to me.  I’m a GIRL, for Chrissakes.

Pros: Learned that by adjusting the pitch in an audio slice, you can make the same fart sound lower, hence sounding like a different fart. (Watch for Assy McGee farting into Sanchez’s mouth.)  Cons: Longer editing time than usual, hard to find the right clips since cheap animation makes every clip look the same, too much shit to do in between, frustrating me almost to the point of tears.  I dream of the day when I can just sit at a computer and edit my shit, and that’s the ONLY job I have.  Yes, many thoughts during this project.  Many thoughts.  What next?  Might review Crazy Rich Asians or act like a therapy patient for my next one.  Laters, Darth Vaders.


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