The History of Brickercup drawn and written by me

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This piece of Brick x Buttercup aka Brickercup fanart is dedicated to Ian Fairchild aka LuciferTheShort, Didi Williams aka deedee2014, Penelope aka Pens-Art, Brittney Harmon aka chacha987, Jess aka Looneygurl96, Hana aka flowerpower138, Luísa Samoro aka LooSamoro, and katelyn aka carlycastaneda who celebrated their birthdays several days ago, Daniel Arévalo aka 1987arevalo, Charles T. Williams Jr. aka CTW36, Nadia aka cynderfunk aka StrawberryPon, and darklove1029 who celebrated their birthdays two days ago, khyfie and Joseph Hernandez aka JosephSnap101 who celebrated their birthdays yesterday, and Helen aka SylvesterMcCoyFan, Ardee aka NeoSlashott, and LazyCafe who are celebrating their birthdays today. So, I hope you all had and have such wonderful and awesome birthdays and I wish you a lot of love, joy, happiness, abundance, and prosperity in your lives as artists and as people. Wie wir auf deutsch sagen, ich hoffe ihr hattet und habt solche wunderbare und tolle Geburtstage und ich wünsche euch viel Liebe, Freude, Glück, Reichtum und Wohlstand in euren Leben als Künstler und als Menschen. Como decimos en español, espero que hayaís y habeis cumpleaños maravillosos y grandes y os deso mucho amor, alegría, felicidad, abundancia y prosperidad en vuestras vidas como artistas y como personas. This is also dedicated to all of the hardcore Brickercup shippers out there. So, sit back, relax, and soak in that Brickercup greatness.

I can definitely attest that Brickercup is the greatest color-clash RuffPuff pairing ever with Blossoomer coming marginally close to that title. Oh, do not worry, Blossoomer and Butchubbles, your time will eventually come just one at a time. As to be expected, words cannot describe how much time and effort I have been putting to this particular Brickercup timeline, as I could not have done this without a whole lot of inspiration, planning, and just having fun with this concept. With that said, let us delve into how Brick and Buttercup came to be as a couple from their beginnings as childhood friends to the first hints of puppy love to gaining more closeness as teenagers to marriage to their current status as adults. Let us get cracking.

Kindergarten (October 24, 1998)

Six-year-old Brick and five-year-old Buttercup effectively clicked as friends given how he was highly impressed with Buttercup’s speed punches to the midsection during their first altercation. It was from that moment that he not only found a great friend but also a soulmate. Unlike Blossom who would end up having arguments with Brick based on their egos and their know-it-all attitudes, Bubbles who may be nice, kind, and sweet but has always seen her as a younger sister from another, and Bunny who also had her sweet moments and was and will always be a younger sister from another, Buttercup had her brand of toughness, endurance, and strength that made her stand out in Brick’s eyes. Brick liked the fact that Buttercup was not like other girls who tried so desperately to be pretty, shallow or vain for a guy and was a strong, determined, fearless, rambunctious, and mischievous young lady who was unafraid to speak her mind.

Brick and Buttercup not only had a firm friendship with each other but Butch joined along with them. It also helped matters that Mitch clicked exceptionally with Brick and Butch, seeing that he was Buttercup’s best friend for life. Sure, Butch and Buttercup argued, shouted, and grumbled at each other countless times, but whenever she was around Brick, she did not have those problems with Butch and was definitely not agitated in the slightest. In fact, she kind of admired his whole method of taking charge of his brothers and the overall superhero team as the leader and showing that he is the boss, his insurmountable physical strength, and his roguish brand of charisma. This got to the point where some kids teased their relationship of being a couple, but they eventually stopped after Brick and Buttercup gave them the evil eye.

One ritual they did as young children was their so-called tattoo battle one week before going trick or treating. The tattoos they got were not real, but they were made with colored markers and coloring pens. Brick always loved to draw dragons on his arm because he believed that they were powerful and, much like Brick, can breathe fire. Buttercup always associated herself with snakes because some of them had poisonous venom. At times, they would wrap up by giving each other a good arm-wrestling match and, ultimately, they would have a good laugh with each other. They could not ask each other for a better friend.

Little did they know, it was only the beginning of a flourishing relationship.

Grade School (Summer 2003)

Just a few months before starting the fifth grade, eleven-year-old Brick and ten-year-old Buttercup had a nice stroll in the Townsville Park, where their relationship seemed to end up becoming more than just really great friends.

Given her stubbornness and her tough girl reputation, Buttercup found it really awkward that she was walking with some boy who she saw as nothing more than a great friend. At times she pondered that she was only kidding herself if she were to state that she was head-over-heels for Brick. She knew that she did not want to be obvious towards him, lest she feels like a fool in front of everyone.

Brick, being both street-smart and book smart, understood how difficult it was for Buttercup to constantly hide from her true emotions. Moreover, he was the first one to admit to her that he really liked her. He went out of his way to say that Buttercup was not like any other girl he met and she was unique. She did not have to be a girly-girl or a super genius or even wealthy because she was Buttercup, the girl who could beat up grown-up burglars with her bare hands, the girl who was unafraid to state her opinion, and the girl who was strong enough to stand on her own two feet.

Buttercup was not so sure what to make of this, as she gave off her signature scowl while she was blushing at Brick’s words. Sure, it took time for her defenses to drop, but, eventually, she gave in and she accepted his words, though on one condition. So long as no one made fun of them being together, they can be content with each other. Moreover, they swore to each other to not see anyone else and to stick together like glue.

Middle School (August 29, 2005)

Entering the seventh grade meant the world for both thirteen-year-old Brick and twelve-year-old Buttercup, given how many physical activities were going to be present for both of them in Townsville Middle School. More specifically, they were both basketball fans, though Brick was also into rugby, football, and soccer while Buttercup was also into volleyball, soccer, and baseball.

It was also at this point in their relationship that they started to become very comfortable towards each other, going beyond mere puppy love. Buttercup did not have to hide her feelings anymore and could be more open with Brick, though she still keeps her hard outer shell intact, and Brick continued to branch out into more fields of interest such as the sciences, languages, and history. Together, they were inseparable.

One instance of their closeness was in basketball practice just two weeks before the new school year. As Buttercup tried and failed to shoot some hoops, Brick helped her focus on the hoop and by taking in his tips and tricks, she finally made a marvelous slam dunk. After that mark of success, they continued on with their playing.

It was one of the best ways to wrap up their summer break.

High School (October 3, 2009)

Brick’s and Buttercup’s relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend reached its peak in the eleventh grade when Brick was seventeen years old and Buttercup was sixteen years old.

It also helped matters that they were in similar clubs, mostly involving sports. While Brick found himself in the Politics Club, Student Council, the Spanish Club, the Jazz Music Club, the Rock Music Club, the Swimming Team, the Water Polo Team, the Basketball Team, the Soccer Team, the Hockey Team, the Track Team, the Tae Kwon Do Team, the Karate Team, the Judo Team, and the Physics Club, thus making him one of the most popular boys in school, Buttercup found herself chiefly in several if not all of the sports teams plus the Biology Club. However, it was at the combat sports teams that Brick and Buttercup shone the most.

Brick may have been the MVP of the basketball, soccer, football, karate, judo, and Tae Kwon Do teams, but he heavily involved himself in wrestling. The same case with Buttercup who may have been the MVP of the volleyball, soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, and track teams but was also a black belt in Kyokushin.

Competitors would have been so foolish to try and to champion over both Brick and Buttercup in their respective combat sports of wrestling and Kyokushin. For that, Brick and Buttercup were unbeatable to the point of winning several gold medals from every match. They were even featured on Townsville High Magazine’s front page for the number of wins they received in wrestling and Kyokushin and were hailed by their coaches as the heroes of their teams.

This went on until May 2011, where Brick graduated as a valedictorian alongside Blossom, which marked the first time in history that Townsville High had two valedictorians, alongside receiving other awards such as best athlete in water polo, wrestling, football, soccer, basketball, tae kwon do, karate, hockey, track-and-field, and judo, the best student in physics, chemistry, mathematics, English, Spanish, history, politics, IT, and music, the best jazz musician, and the most loyal student council member. Meanwhile, Buttercup graduated with honors, garnered the best athlete award in swimming, soccer, water polo, football, Kyokushin, judo, Tae Kwon Do, volleyball, basketball, baseball, football, and soccer, and the best student in physics, English, and mathematics.

Marriage (May 19, 2011)

Before graduating High School Brick and Buttercup got really intimate with each other during the summer and fall breaks. This got to the point where it was discovered that Buttercup was pregnant with sextuplets. Sure, they did not want to drop out of high school, as they finished their exams and did all of the finishing requirements just in time for them to be married on May 19, 2011. Brick was all but nineteen years old and Buttercup was only eighteen years old when they ended up tying the knot in Townsville Church.

It seemed predestined that these two would end up having a long-lasting relationship with each other, considering all of the time they spent together, and it seemed really shocking that it would come down to this. However, Brick and Buttercup embraced the challenge with open arms, as they were not only going to balance college life with life as husband and wife but also life as parents.

Finally, on June 3, 2011, Buttercup gave birth to sextuplets named, Bradford Tyrone “Brad” Green, Bruce Warren Green, Bailee Christina “BC Jr.” Green, Beatrice Elizabeth “Bea” Green, Brett Rupert Green, and Bridget Melissa Green. It was within the first three months before college that they were able to show so much love and nurture to their first six children. It may have been only the beginning but it was certainly a blessing, even with all of the balancing acts they had to do with college courses, maternity leaves, and assignments, they were still able to finish college rather well, as Brick got his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Physics and Fitness and Buttercup got hers in Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition.

Their Lives Today (2019)

To this day, Brick and Buttercup continue to be the strong, active, dynamic, and rambunctious couple that they are, with Brick being the tough, strong, large-and-in-charge, determined husband and father and Buttercup being the tough, rambunctious, fiery, determined wife and mother.

Their children are seven going on eight-year-old sextuplets Brad, Bruce, Bailee, Bea, Brett, and Bridget, six going on seven-year-old triplets Baxter Travis Green, Blaster Torvald Green, and Brina Samantha Green, four going five-year-old Blaze Christopher Green, three going on four-year-old Brent Timothy Green, two going on three-year-old sororal twins Brooke Denise Green and Brianna Dorothy Green, two-year-old twins Bane Lawrence Green and Bethany Maureen Green, and one-year-old Bona Valerie Green, and a good lot of them inherited their parents’ rambunctiousness, endurance, high energy, toughness, strength, and roughness, while balancing that with a sense of right and wrong. Brick and Buttercup could not have been more proud of their sixteen children.


So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the timeline history of Brickercup, a relationship that started with a firm friendship, flourished into something a lot more than mere puppy love, solidified itself as an exciting yet stable relationship, and bloomed into marriage. I hope all of you Brickercup shippers enjoyed this look back into the past and landing into the present. Take care and have a great spring.

Brick and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

Brad, Bruce, Bailee, Bea, Brett, and Bridget belong to KatyGorl.

Blaster, Baxter, Blaze, Brent, and Brooke belong to me.

Brina, Brianna, Bane, Bethany, and Bona belong to Misse-the-cat.

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