Kuranosuke’s, Hiten’s, and Miroku’s Lair of Love drawn by me

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Kuranosuke: Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I am Lord Kuranosuke Takeda.

Hiten: Hello, all of you wonderful people. It’s your captain of love Hiten reporting for duty.

Miroku: Salutations, to all of you magnificent women of the world. It is I, Miroku, at your service.

Kuranosuke: And welcome to what we would love to call…

Kuranosuke, Hiten, and Miroku: Our lair of love…

Hiten: Where we can be at your beck and call…

Miroku: To soothe you from all of your ills…

Kuranosuke: And show just how gentle and tender we can be.

Kuranosuke, Hiten, and Miroku: Just don’t tell our beloved wives that.

Kaguya, Toran, and Kikyou (offscreen): We heard that. You better not be giving the viewers any ideas of what you are all up to.

(Kuranosuke, Hiten, and Miroku chuckle nervously.)

Kuranosuke: Anyway, we do hope you can bask in our humble abode.

Hiten: Pleasure awaits you…

Miroku: And maybe even some excitement when you can marvel at our bodies.

Kaguya, Toran, and Kikyou (offscreen): As we said, do not give them any ideas.

Kuranosuke, Hiten, and Miroku: All right, my dears.

This piece of Kuranosuke Takeda, Hiten, and Miroku fan art is dedicated to CyberEngel whose birthday was celebrated a week ago. Spero che tu abbia festeggiato un compleanno benedetto, eccezionale e magnifico e ti auguro molto amore, abbondanza, beltá e felicitá nella tua vita como artista e persona. This is also dedicated to the wonderful people who ship Kuranosuke, Hiten, and Miroku as a fine trio of good friends or BroTP.

Here we have 39-year-old Kuranosuke Takeda, 38-year-old Hiten, and 37-year-old Miroku being the handsomely hunky, marvelously muscular, and sensually sexy gentlemen that they are. I think I speak for a lot of people when they say that these three men not only have a way with words but they also look amazing beckoning anyone to their call be it their precious respective wives in the forms of Kaguya, Toran, and Kikyou or you the viewers.

I hope you all enjoyed this piece of BroT3 awesomeness in the form of Kuranosuke, Hiten, and Miroku being the dashing gentlemen that they are and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, everybody.

Kuranosuke Takeda, Hiten, and Miroku from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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